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Chortles and Guffaws April 7, 2004

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    I think someone put loopy powder in the drinking water at work today.  We were all in a mood, and got the giggles a few times.  NP and I closed down the office at six thirty and headed over to our meeting.  I was sitting next to Tawny, and something got into us, I am still not sure what, but we got the giggles again and just couldn’t stop laughing.  NP had a glass of wine and I thought she was going to drop to sleep over her salad.  This worried me as she drove me to the meeting. The drug rep/doctor was rambling on about neurontin, and thankfully his program was not too long. 
    It was Doc K’s birthday today, so we all brought in candy to refill his stash he keeps in his office.  Margarita bought a lovely cake with raspberry filling and a card with five puppies on the front.  Dr. K made us all sign our name to one of the dogs.  I ended up with the Boston Terrier, which was fine by me, that’s one of my favorite breeds. 
    The meeting was also a kind of wedding shower for one of the girls at work.  She and I got to be pretty close while I was working there.  Margarita, Tawny, NP and I all chipped in and Margarita made them a “Honeymoon Survival Kit.”  It was really nice with champagne, crackers, champagne flutes, candles and a few other things.  Tawny and I got to snickering when we wondered if Margarita had remembered to buy some condoms for the basket. Ha! 
    This morning Hub and I went for a long walk, and I was wearing an old pair of shoes that always make my shins hurt.  I mentioned this to Hub when we got home, and he cerimoniously removed my shoes and threw them in the trash.  They were getting holes in the souls, anyway.  After our walk we went to the bread store, and stopped by the house.  Some men were just finishing up hanging the rods in the closets, so we went in and snapped a few pictures.  The dishwasher is in the house, though not hooked up, and they finally put weatherstripping on the doors.  The yard had been evened out for landscaping and the cement had been cleaned.  That’s about all that had changed since our last visit.  Oh, and the front door now has a peephole. 
    I’m off to see the wizard! 


Monday Evening April 5, 2004

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    I think I’ve seen it all.  Tonight we had a woman come in who refused to fill out her health history form because she was just there for “A very simple reason.”  She almost refused to let me weigh her, then I went ahead and asked her all the questions on the health history form anyway. Ha!  So I get her vitals, get the forms completely filled out and tell her NP will be in soon.  She asked what the doctor’s name is, and I tell her it’s NP, and she’s a Nurse Practioner.  Patient proclaims that she wants to see a doctor, not a nurse practioner.  I advise her she’ll have to come back  tomorrow, as the doc is not on duty after four p.m.  She leaves in a huff.  Wanna know why she came in?  Because her lips hurt.   Yeah.  Her lips hurt.  She needed to see a doctor for that?  Hell, go buy some vaseline and save yourself a hundred bucks.
    Another woman came in because she had cut her finger at a home improvement store.  It looked like a small blood blister.  There was an invisible something or other in there.  NP dug around with a needle and found nothing.  “But there is something in there!” the patient insisted.  She wanted NP to numb her up and find out what it was.  So NP did.  She cut the tiny scab open with a scalpel and dug deeper with the needle and found nothing.  The thing is, she had filed a complaint and the store was paying for all this.  She sniveled that she woke up last night with this severe pounding in her finger.  She thought last night was bad, wait til the anesthesia wears off tonight!
    The final straw was the waiting room I had to scour and disinfect after a 4 year old threw up all over everything.  The kiddie table and chairs, the floor, the furniture.  I think at four years old, a child is quite capable of saying “Mommy I need to be sick.”  That’s just me, I guess.  Maybe I expect too much.  I didn’t really mind having to clean the mess up, that’s part of my job.  What I minded was the stench that lingered. 
    The office computer guru came over this evening and installed our new scanner.  He gave us a few tips on the new system, and changed my password for me since I couldn’t for the life of me remember what mine was.  Didn’t really need a password, as I just hit enter and got into the system.  How’s that for security?  He fixed it, though, so we can’t get by with that anymore.
    Before work I pulled up grass in the rock garden around the pool.  I’m beginning to think I am sick or something, I have been going out and pulling up grass when I have nothing else to do.  I had already cleaned the pool, swept the porch, cleaned the pool filter.  At any rate, it looks much better and it’s one less thing to worry about before moving out of the house.

Monday Monday …. April 5, 2004

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Monday Musings

1.  How old were you when you first began keeping a journal?
     I started writing in a journal when I was ten or eleven.  I wrote silly poems, short stories or just practiced my handwriting.  There wasn’t much meat to it, but I have always loved to write.

2.  You have 12 hours to do whatever you want, no restrictions or limitations … what would you do? 
     First I’d hire a maid, and a carpet cleaning service for the day!  Then I’d go antique shopping for a few hours, then general bargain hunting. I’d have to go to a garden center, pick out some new gardening tools and plants and pots and… !!   I’d finish off in a craft store, stocking up on projects to keep me busy.

3.  There’s a magic pill on the market, it will rid you of a bad habit/trait.  What  habit/trait would you get rid of?
     The “I hate housework” trait.  I wish I were anal retentive about the cleanliness and orginization of my home.  I believe in the motto “A place for everything and everything in it’s place,” however, I don’t have enough places to have a place for everything!

4.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?  
     I think it would have to be eating Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  Mmmmm.  Even sugar free is great.  Even better would be eating it while I was in a bathtub full of hot bubbley water, listening to a favorite CD.

5.  Where is your favorite place to visit?
     Without a doubt, San Francisco.  I just love it there.  You’ve got the Pacific Ocean, mountains, tourist traps galore.  The people are interesting to watch, and the climate is pretty good year round.  I love walking around Fisherman’s Wharf and driving up into the mountains, so high you are above the clouds.  It’s surreal.  The smell of the Eucalyptis trees is marvelous, too!  When I was a small child we used to go there often, and I always remembered the place fondly.   A few years ago, I got the chance to go back, and I fell in love all over again.  Great place to visit!

April 4, 2004

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    I’ve had a few e-mails and comments asking about the countertops, carpet, etc.  I thought I’d share these with you  real quick.  See pics above.
    The countertops are black with light blue veins, imitation marble look alike.  ­čÖé
    The cheap flooring is gray/blue/tan.
    The carpeting is a bluish gray.

Rather Uneventful April 4, 2004

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    We slept in late this morning, probably because we were up until the wee hours in the morning.  It was nice to sleep in, though, I get to do it so rarely anymore. 
     The countertops are in at the new house.  They look awesome.  I was slightly afraid they would be too dark, but because the kitchen is bright and sunny, they don’t make it look overly dark.  They also have the vinyl floor down.  It’s OK.  I’ll be much happier once we (eventually) put in the wood flooring.  The porch light is up, as are the trio of lights on the back porch.  The A/C unit is there, and the electric company has the meter up. The house numbers are up, also.  We are number 7609.
    We went into a couple dollar store and the thrift store, just for something to do this afternoon.  I like going in thrift stores, you can find some great bargains if you are there at the right time.  I am looking for old, sturdy kitchen table chairs.  I’d like to get an eclectic bunch to set around the table we’ll have up in the loft.  I didn’t see any today.  I saw one months ago at a flea market, I am kicking myself now for not buying it.  It was only a dollar!  Someone had painted it with a huge sun and various southwestern colors, but paint is easily removed, and it was a sturdy chair.   I need to go out to that flea market again soon.  They hold it every weekend at the drive in.  (The drive in has seven movie screens, you pay one price and can watch as many movies as you can by driving to the other screens.)
    We need desperately to have a garage sale before we move.  We have so much junk that I’d rather not take with us to the new house.  Kids clothes, my clothes, baby stuff, toys, books.  I’ve thought about trying to sell some of the better items (Clothes I bought the kids that they never wore, still with tags, etc) on eBay┬« but I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle.  I suppose I could try one item and see how it goes.  Anyone have any experience selling on eBay┬«?  Tips would be greatly appreciated.  I figure if I put a grand price of a quarter on the baby/toddler clothes, I could get rid of them in a jiffy.  I don’t mind having the garage sale, it’s getting prepared for it that gives me the jitters.