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Rather Uneventful April 4, 2004

Posted by Rusty in Uncategorized.

    We slept in late this morning, probably because we were up until the wee hours in the morning.  It was nice to sleep in, though, I get to do it so rarely anymore. 
     The countertops are in at the new house.  They look awesome.  I was slightly afraid they would be too dark, but because the kitchen is bright and sunny, they don’t make it look overly dark.  They also have the vinyl floor down.  It’s OK.  I’ll be much happier once we (eventually) put in the wood flooring.  The porch light is up, as are the trio of lights on the back porch.  The A/C unit is there, and the electric company has the meter up. The house numbers are up, also.  We are number 7609.
    We went into a couple dollar store and the thrift store, just for something to do this afternoon.  I like going in thrift stores, you can find some great bargains if you are there at the right time.  I am looking for old, sturdy kitchen table chairs.  I’d like to get an eclectic bunch to set around the table we’ll have up in the loft.  I didn’t see any today.  I saw one months ago at a flea market, I am kicking myself now for not buying it.  It was only a dollar!  Someone had painted it with a huge sun and various southwestern colors, but paint is easily removed, and it was a sturdy chair.   I need to go out to that flea market again soon.  They hold it every weekend at the drive in.  (The drive in has seven movie screens, you pay one price and can watch as many movies as you can by driving to the other screens.)
    We need desperately to have a garage sale before we move.  We have so much junk that I’d rather not take with us to the new house.  Kids clothes, my clothes, baby stuff, toys, books.  I’ve thought about trying to sell some of the better items (Clothes I bought the kids that they never wore, still with tags, etc) on eBay® but I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle.  I suppose I could try one item and see how it goes.  Anyone have any experience selling on eBay®?  Tips would be greatly appreciated.  I figure if I put a grand price of a quarter on the baby/toddler clothes, I could get rid of them in a jiffy.  I don’t mind having the garage sale, it’s getting prepared for it that gives me the jitters.



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