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Monday Evening April 5, 2004

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    I think I’ve seen it all.  Tonight we had a woman come in who refused to fill out her health history form because she was just there for “A very simple reason.”  She almost refused to let me weigh her, then I went ahead and asked her all the questions on the health history form anyway. Ha!  So I get her vitals, get the forms completely filled out and tell her NP will be in soon.  She asked what the doctor’s name is, and I tell her it’s NP, and she’s a Nurse Practioner.  Patient proclaims that she wants to see a doctor, not a nurse practioner.  I advise her she’ll have to come back  tomorrow, as the doc is not on duty after four p.m.  She leaves in a huff.  Wanna know why she came in?  Because her lips hurt.   Yeah.  Her lips hurt.  She needed to see a doctor for that?  Hell, go buy some vaseline and save yourself a hundred bucks.
    Another woman came in because she had cut her finger at a home improvement store.  It looked like a small blood blister.  There was an invisible something or other in there.  NP dug around with a needle and found nothing.  “But there is something in there!” the patient insisted.  She wanted NP to numb her up and find out what it was.  So NP did.  She cut the tiny scab open with a scalpel and dug deeper with the needle and found nothing.  The thing is, she had filed a complaint and the store was paying for all this.  She sniveled that she woke up last night with this severe pounding in her finger.  She thought last night was bad, wait til the anesthesia wears off tonight!
    The final straw was the waiting room I had to scour and disinfect after a 4 year old threw up all over everything.  The kiddie table and chairs, the floor, the furniture.  I think at four years old, a child is quite capable of saying “Mommy I need to be sick.”  That’s just me, I guess.  Maybe I expect too much.  I didn’t really mind having to clean the mess up, that’s part of my job.  What I minded was the stench that lingered. 
    The office computer guru came over this evening and installed our new scanner.  He gave us a few tips on the new system, and changed my password for me since I couldn’t for the life of me remember what mine was.  Didn’t really need a password, as I just hit enter and got into the system.  How’s that for security?  He fixed it, though, so we can’t get by with that anymore.
    Before work I pulled up grass in the rock garden around the pool.  I’m beginning to think I am sick or something, I have been going out and pulling up grass when I have nothing else to do.  I had already cleaned the pool, swept the porch, cleaned the pool filter.  At any rate, it looks much better and it’s one less thing to worry about before moving out of the house.



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