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Monday Monday …. April 5, 2004

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Monday Musings

1.  How old were you when you first began keeping a journal?
     I started writing in a journal when I was ten or eleven.  I wrote silly poems, short stories or just practiced my handwriting.  There wasn’t much meat to it, but I have always loved to write.

2.  You have 12 hours to do whatever you want, no restrictions or limitations … what would you do? 
     First I’d hire a maid, and a carpet cleaning service for the day!  Then I’d go antique shopping for a few hours, then general bargain hunting. I’d have to go to a garden center, pick out some new gardening tools and plants and pots and… !!   I’d finish off in a craft store, stocking up on projects to keep me busy.

3.  There’s a magic pill on the market, it will rid you of a bad habit/trait.  What  habit/trait would you get rid of?
     The “I hate housework” trait.  I wish I were anal retentive about the cleanliness and orginization of my home.  I believe in the motto “A place for everything and everything in it’s place,” however, I don’t have enough places to have a place for everything!

4.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?  
     I think it would have to be eating Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.  Mmmmm.  Even sugar free is great.  Even better would be eating it while I was in a bathtub full of hot bubbley water, listening to a favorite CD.

5.  Where is your favorite place to visit?
     Without a doubt, San Francisco.  I just love it there.  You’ve got the Pacific Ocean, mountains, tourist traps galore.  The people are interesting to watch, and the climate is pretty good year round.  I love walking around Fisherman’s Wharf and driving up into the mountains, so high you are above the clouds.  It’s surreal.  The smell of the Eucalyptis trees is marvelous, too!  When I was a small child we used to go there often, and I always remembered the place fondly.   A few years ago, I got the chance to go back, and I fell in love all over again.  Great place to visit!



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