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Chortles and Guffaws April 7, 2004

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    I think someone put loopy powder in the drinking water at work today.  We were all in a mood, and got the giggles a few times.  NP and I closed down the office at six thirty and headed over to our meeting.  I was sitting next to Tawny, and something got into us, I am still not sure what, but we got the giggles again and just couldn’t stop laughing.  NP had a glass of wine and I thought she was going to drop to sleep over her salad.  This worried me as she drove me to the meeting. The drug rep/doctor was rambling on about neurontin, and thankfully his program was not too long. 
    It was Doc K’s birthday today, so we all brought in candy to refill his stash he keeps in his office.  Margarita bought a lovely cake with raspberry filling and a card with five puppies on the front.  Dr. K made us all sign our name to one of the dogs.  I ended up with the Boston Terrier, which was fine by me, that’s one of my favorite breeds. 
    The meeting was also a kind of wedding shower for one of the girls at work.  She and I got to be pretty close while I was working there.  Margarita, Tawny, NP and I all chipped in and Margarita made them a “Honeymoon Survival Kit.”  It was really nice with champagne, crackers, champagne flutes, candles and a few other things.  Tawny and I got to snickering when we wondered if Margarita had remembered to buy some condoms for the basket. Ha! 
    This morning Hub and I went for a long walk, and I was wearing an old pair of shoes that always make my shins hurt.  I mentioned this to Hub when we got home, and he cerimoniously removed my shoes and threw them in the trash.  They were getting holes in the souls, anyway.  After our walk we went to the bread store, and stopped by the house.  Some men were just finishing up hanging the rods in the closets, so we went in and snapped a few pictures.  The dishwasher is in the house, though not hooked up, and they finally put weatherstripping on the doors.  The yard had been evened out for landscaping and the cement had been cleaned.  That’s about all that had changed since our last visit.  Oh, and the front door now has a peephole. 
    I’m off to see the wizard! 



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