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Sign Flippers and Other Nonsense … October 30, 2008

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Quite often on my way home from work there are “Sign Flippers” (For lack of a better title) on the corner where the mega-electronics store is located.  They hold large signs, usually in the shape of an arrow and they flip and spin and toss those bad boys to draw your attention.  Today’s sign read “Free Rent!” and the young man was dancing like he was auditioning for a part on “So You Think You Can Dance?”  It’s really quite amusing, but even more so if they are dressed up as a carrot or a gorilla or a slice of pizza or whatever other costume is available that day.  I’ve seen everything from ducks to panda bears to the aforementioned pizza slice.  I’d never seen a “Sign Flipper” before moving to Phoenix.  I’m wondering if they have ever caused an accident as they are so good at attracting attention to themselves.  Last week at the same corner there were two of them.  Dueling Sign Flippers, if you will.  One would do a “Trick” and the other would repeat it, then challenge the guy on the other corner with a different routine.
The Hub, gem that he is, went into the garage and found two brand new keyboards that we never used when we bought previous computers, so I am hooked up and back to entering data the traditional way instead of that darn point and click on-screen keyboard.  (I always opted to use my ergo- split keys – keyboard when I got a new computer.  I hope I can find another one, but for now this shiny new black one will do just fine.)
Call to pray – MitMarie had to go to the ER early this morning – she thinks it was a gall bladder attack, and promised to keep me posted.  I haven’t heard from her since she sent the email at 2 a.m. her time, and she didn’t answer her text message.  I’m thinking she may have had to have her gall bladder removed, if that’s what was ailing her.  So if you’re the praying kind, an energy sender, or have a higher power you talk to, send up a good word for her, will ya?  (Thanks!)
The “Girls Reunion” is well on the way to getting planned out.  We’re going to meet here at my house and hang around the pool and enjoy the “Phoenix Fall” next year.  I’m beginning to wonder if we’re ever going to have an Autumn this year.  We’re still hovering in the mid-nineties, and quite frankly, it’s time for a cool down!  This is getting ridiculous.  Supposedly (I’m not holding my breath …) we are going to have a “Major cold front” come through early next week.  We’ll have temps in the upper seventies.  It’s about time, but who knows if it will last more than a day or two?  Only time will tell.
I’m thinking of starting to address my Christmas cards this weekend.  I have to write the yearly newsletter, but that shouldn’t be much of a task.  We didn’t have a very eventful year other than the house being broken into.  I’m thinking “Hey.  Uneventful year.  We got robbed.  More next year” would probably suffice, but alas, I will have to break out the embellishments and make it sound like we at least have some sort of interesting news. 
There have been several home invasions in the past few days.  It’s a scary world we live in.  People dressing up like utility workmen and then robbing the homeowners, and across the valley on the east side an elderly couple were sound asleep in bed when three punks broke in, beat them senseless, locked them in their bedroom and then thoroughly pillaged the rest of the house for three hours.  The man, in his seventies, was bleeding profusely from the head during that time.  The woman wasn’t hurt as badly, but they both required medical attention.  Times are tough, I know, but nothing justifies the brutality those burglars used on the homeowners.  What comes around goes around.
It’s time to get dinner started. 
Have a ghoulish Halloween.
Quote of the Day:
May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright
Of soft and golden hue
Pierce through the future’s veil and show
What fate now holds for you.
~Author Unknown


Trouble October 28, 2008

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I am without a functioning keyboard the moment  I am typing this using the ”onscreen keypad.”  Talk about a pain in the patoot!!!  While I can read your updates, it is too annoying to have to type like this to comment.  Please know I am there reading, just unable to let you know.  Typing like this makes my hand go numb.  It also does not help that my mouse is old and decrepit and has arthritis of the ball!! [this computer currently has no balls!  I’m so sorry I couldn’t resist!!]   In no huge hurry to replace as  just am not online all that much. Might go out tonight … might wait 4 weekend.  Gee this only took 20 minutes to type.  If it had a verile ball it would be SO much faster and not such a chore.  Will return when I am up to speed,  [not too long.]  Miss me! 
PS I am sorry for mass mail, just wanted to let everyone know.

Not So Scary October 25, 2008

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We went out to FearFarm last night.  I’m sure it’s pretty frightening if you are between the ages of 2-10.  We found it very amusing, except the times when the characters screamed at the top of their lungs into your ears.  Bryce actually knew a few of the people who were working there as, uhm … scary characters.  There were four “Events” you could visit, and my friend “K” gave us “Fast Track” passes, so we could bypass the long, winding lines and go straight to the front of the lines.  People were not too pleased to see us cutting in line, but hey!  They could have bought fast track passes and done the same thing.

The Hub and I liked the “Asylum” event the best.  There was all kinds of old medical equipment which had been ceremoniously spattered with fake blood.  Hmmm. K works on a farm, maybe it was real animal blood??  Anyway, the characters in there were, all, well, insane, and quite entertaining.  There was one girl there who kept asking if we wanted to play, and Bryce said “I shouldn’t have taken that acid!” I thought he had said to her “You shouldn’t have taken that acid” so it was pretty funny.

In one of the corn mazes there was a …. Zombie, maybe?  He was beating on an old mobile home with a chain or a bat or something, and Bryce says “Now why do you want to hurt the trailer, what has it ever done to you?”  The zombie says back “It doesn’t keep me dry!  It doesn’t keep me warm!  There are all kinds of bugs …” 

We were walking over a bridge covered in fog when another character pops up along the side of the bridge, cackling at us.   He was wearing a suit, and Bryce says “OH! Niiiiice suit!  Did you get that at The Men’s Wearhouse?”  I had to comment that the color looked good on him, as it was purple!  Ha!

There were three characters chasing people with chainsaws, and some of the girls ran away screaming – it was very comical.  We were behind a group of high school girls in the first event we went through, and they were silly and giggly and made me happy I never had any daughters.  They were telling all the characters that they were “Rude.”  Quite frankly, I thought they were the rude ones.  One guy told them “It’s what I get paid to do.”  At one point they walked into a shed where a girl had been hanging out the window from her waist up and when the high school girls went in one of them made some snide remark about the character’s skirt.  The character then followed the rude girl and was hitting her or the ground near her, or maybe both, I couldn’t tell, it was dark in there, with a nerf bat or something.  When she turned back around to face us, she rolled her eyes at me and gave a long “Grrr.”  I wish she could have hit them harder, and I’m sure she was wishing the same thing!

Bryce made the whole thing more fun than it would have been because of all his comments to the people working there.  There was one point where two of the zombies were screaming at a girl.  One was saying “Go,”  the other was screaming “Stay.”  Bryce starting singing “Should I go or should I stay?” (The Clash) and the zombie that was screaming “Stay” starting singing along with Bryce.  Hilarious.

This morning I got an email from K telling me she was accosted in her driveway when she got home from FearFarm!  The guy was waving a gun in her face, and she said she kept pushing the gun away.  She said “News Flash – 67 year old woman chases off armed assailant.”  How she can keep a sense of humor is beyond me!  She said she wasn’t hurt, but his feelings probably were because an “Old Granny” chased him off.  She thinks in retrospect the gun may have been a toy, because it didn’t feel like it was made out of metal.  He was wearing a mask, and she said at first she thought it was someone from the farm trying to scare her.  She’s been working out there among the masked all month, so she said being around someone wearing a mask is more normal for her than being around someone who is not wearing a mask.  Bless her heart, she later told me she was “Getting back on the horse” tonight and was going to go out and work at the farm.  I wrote back and told her I was proud of her for getting back on the horse so quickly after such a terrible fall.  I did ask if she wants to come in for an appointment on Monday, she’s pretty out of whack from fighting him off. 

We’ve decided to stray from the norm this Thanksgiving (No segues here, obviously!) and instead of buying a huge turkey we’re going to buy two or three boneless turkey breasts instead.  I made one a few weeks ago and brined it before hand.  It was so delicious!  We hate picking the meat off the bone after every one is done eating, so this will solve that problem.  The brining made it so moist and juicy, I don’t think I will ever make another turkey without soaking it in brine first. 

Bryce wants apple pie and a pumpkin roll, but I think it’s just not Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie, so I’ll make one of those as well.  We won’t be doing a huge blow-out this year.  Turkey, homemade rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, a very small amount of yams, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce and a relish tray.  Truth be told, as long as there was turkey and the homemade rolls no one would complain.  Well.  They might say something about the missing deviled eggs, but the rest is, as they say … gravy.

I’m 80% done with the Christmas shopping.  Yay!  I need to get a few toys for the babies, pick up a gift for Blaine, and The Hub and I have to decide what we are buying for each other.  We just buy a combined gift we can both use and a few other smaller gifts/stocking stuffers.  I do still need to buy The Hub his birthday gifts, though. 

Quote of the Day:
A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises.  Ghosts were created when the first man awoke in the night. 
       ~J.M. Barrie

Tiddely Poms October 23, 2008

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We all know my history of trying to grow vegetables here in the desert.  For 11 years, two planting seasons each year, I’ve tried my hand at growing at least tomatoes.  Three or four tomato plants, usually, and the entire time I’ve been trying I’ve reaped maybe … five … tomatoes.  Five tomatoes in 11 (almost 12) years!  That’s pretty shameful, but I just haven’t found the right combination of location, watering and sunshine.  The sun and heat have burned them (fried green tomatoes on the vine!) almost every time.  When I lived in North Carolina (Or even Indiana and Louisiana) I always had an abundance of any vegetable I planted. Hell, I grew zucchini as large as a cave man’s club (I’ll have to dig that picture out and scan it) and we didn’t even like zucchini!!  

I had gorgeous flower gardens, too, the envy of the block.  I’m not saying that to be boastful, truly, I’m only saying it to make a point.  The desert is just not my most optimal growing location.  Others I have seen can and do manage lush veggie gardens, I just haven’t had that kind if luck here.  I can’t explain how much it breaks my hardened little heart.  Gardening has always been such a part of my life. 

I have been in contact with our local news station garden guru, and he advised me to put my tomato plants on the north side of the house for the best results.  My spring crop?  A grand total of (Wait for it) ….. zero.  Zilch.  Nada. 

That’s the absolute last thing I will say about my tomatoes this season, until the frost bites them in the hiney.  Pictures say a thousand words, so they say ….

I’m so happy there’s only one work day left this week.  We’ve got six patients tomorrow back to back, so we should be done by 11:30 or so.  Not that we have big weekend plans – the Fear Farm and grocery shopping.  Depending on what’s racing, maybe a trip out to the race track.  I’d like to go out and buy Blaine’s Christmas present, and maybe even The Hub’s while we’re out there. 

I’ve been trying to think of a few things I can send over for Brock and his fellow soldiers.  I’ve done the RiceKrispieTreats, I’ve done popcorn balls … but I’m at a loss as to what I can send next for them.  Chocolate covered pretzels would be good, but the chocolate will melt.  Cookies are too fragile.  Brownies will become dry and stale.  I need some good ideas for stuff to send to Afghanistan!  They can buy candy, so I don’t want to necessarily go that route.  Something homemade that travels well. 

Oh.  My. Gosh. 

I just thought of what I am going to make!!  ChexMix and “PuppyChow” or “MudPuppies” (Whichever you prefer to call it) that chocolate and peanut butter covered ChexMix.  My kids LOVE that stuff!  Bryce ran down the stairs screaming “I NEED TO CALL AUNT PUFFY” Monday night, and I was curious as to why it was so urgent.  He said “It’s almost Christmas … Mud Puppies!  She might forget!”

Quote of the Day:

If you want to make a song more hummy, add a few tiddely poms.
        ~Winnie the Pooh

Cookie Cutters October 21, 2008

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It’s that time of year again – time to plan the holidays, and bask in the wonderful family traditions.  We are, of course, planning our annual Christmas Eve Cookie Making Extravaganza.  I wanted to buy the kids some different cookie cutters this year.  We’ve had the same ole cutters since Blaine was a baby (He’s 24 now!) and though they’ve become quite creative in their decorating, I want to throw in a few new cookie cutters and see what they come up with this year.

So I did a search, specifically looking for gnome cookie cutters for Brock.  He loves gnomes, and we’ll be making cookies with him when he gets home for R&R from Afghanistan in January.  Lo and behold, American Tradition Cookie Cutters had one!  It’s way too cute, and I can’t wait to see how the kids decorate that one!  They have all kinds of cool cutters – Fleur de Lis, crowns, tools and even gowns and high heels!  It’s an awesome sight.  I’m having a hard time deciding which ones to purchase!  There are many categories – Southwestern, Spring, each holiday, Folk art, Animals, wedding, and even transportation!  It’s very reasonably priced, too!  Go check it out! ~~>Click Here<~~ Go on, you know you want to.  I’ll wait.

The Hub scored four tickets to the Down/Metallica concert tonight.  I didn’t feel like going, so Bryce, his girlfriend, The Hub and one of his friends are all going to go.  I just found out Blaine and Nicole will be there, too.  It’s a family affair!  I’m just not in the mood to sit in a loud concert.  I think I’ll stay in and take a bubble bath!

One of our patients sent me four tickets to Fear Farm, so we’ll be heading out to be scared to death by that this weekend.  It’s corn mazes and haunted houses and such.  I’ve never been to any of them here, but they are big money makers in this area.  The kids have been to a few of them.  Some they liked, some were “Dumb” and some were “Eh.  Okay.” 

Last week a DPS officer was killed while participating in a helicopter mountain rescue.  He was hit in the head by a helicopter rotor.  I happened to catch part of the funeral coverage in the news, and I swear, the saddest words on the planet are when the dispatcher says “This is the final call for Officer XYZ.”  Makes me cry every time.

Quote of the Day:
Tradition lives because young people come along who catch its romance and add new glories to it.
        ~Michael Novak















Old Post – RePosted October 18, 2008

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I found this in one of my old journals … I only changed one or two answers (Like … when were you in a car last, etc)  Should you happen to post this in your blog/journal, let me know, I’d love to see your answers.

Stolen From My Son


1. DO YOU SNORE? – If I have a cold


3. WHAT’S YOUR WORST FEAR? – Outliving my children

4. AS A KID, WERE YOU A LEGO MANIAC? – I don’t think Lego’s are that old …

5. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF “REALITY” TV?- Mostly, it bites.


7. WERE YOU A CUTE BABY? – So they say!

8. IS THE SINGLE LIFE FOR YOU? – I don’t think so, since I have been married almost 25 years.

10. DO YOU SING IN THE SHOWER? – No, but I sing in my car.


12. ANY SECRET TALENTS? – Of course, but if I told, they wouldn’t be secret any more!


14. IS JAY LENO FUNNY? – Looking.

15. CAN YOU SWIM? – Yes.

16. HAVE YOU SEEN THE MOVIE “DONNIE DARKO”? – Never even heard of it.





21. ARE YOU AN ONLY CHILD? – No, I have three brothers, one sister. (And a step brother and step sister.  I don’t count my mother’s step-children as  human beings, so they are not included here.  My Dad’s step kids are decent people, so I’ve heard.)

23. WHAT’S YOUR STAND ON HUNTING? – I crouch in the bushes, waiting on prey, I don’t stand there. LOL I’ve never been hunting.

24. IS MARRIAGE IN YOUR FUTURE? – Just the one I’m already in


26. WHAT ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO? -Potatoes, tomatoes, English Walnuts, green beans, onions and mostly Bananas.

28. IS ELVIS STILL ALIVE? – I think the last few years of his life he wasn’t alive.

29. DO YOU CRY AT WEDDINGS? – Not usually. Ask me when my kids get married. Edited to add – I don’t think I actually did cry at their weddings … maybe Hub will know?)


31. ARE BLONDES DUMB? No, bottle blondes are. LOL

32. WHERE DOES THE OTHER SOCK END UP? – When you die, you’ll meet up with all your socks in heaven.

33. WHAT TIME IS IT? – 9:53 (Which is weird … my son’s survey was just the opposite! 3:59!)

34. DO YOU HAVE A NICKNAME? – Bee, Figgy, Hun, MOMMMMMMMM, “K,” Kath

35. IS MCDONALD’S DISGUSTING? – I don’t think so
36. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE IN A CAR? – A  few hours ago.

37.DO YOU PREFER BATHS OR SHOWERS? – Baths, with lots of “Stink Pretty” and bubbles!

38. IS SANTA CLAUS REAL? – If you don’t believe, you don’t receive.


40. ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? I’m afraid of stubbing my toe in the dark, but generally, no, I am not afraid of the dark.

41. WHAT ARE YOU ADDICTED TO? How much time do you have?


43. CAN YOU CRACK YOUR NECK? – Doc does it for me.

44. HAVE YOU EVER RIDDEN IN AN AMBULANCE? Not as a patient. My son was the patient.


46. IS DRUG FREE THE WAY TO BE? – Illegal drugs suck.

47. ARE YOU A HEAVY SLEEPER? – Not really

48. WHAT COLOR ARE YOUR EYES? – Blue, green, sometimes gray.

50. DO YOU LIKE YOUR LIFE? – Can’t complain too much.

51. WHOSE IS BETTER? – How could anyone’s life be better than mine??

52. ARE YOU PSYCHIC? – Hey!  I knew this question would be here.  And I knew what my answer would be before I read it!


54. DO YOU PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS? – Used to play the clarinet, can pick out songs on a flute and a piano.



58. DO U SNORT WHEN U LAUGH? – LOL :::Snort:::: of course not.

59. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? – I believe in miracles.

60. ARE DOGS A MAN’S BEST FRIEND? – If they are, I have no friends!

61. YOU BELIEVE IN DIVORCE? – It’s a fact.


63. DO YOU MAKE A LOT OF MISTAKES? – I certainly try not to.

64. IS IT COLD OUTSIDE TODAY? – Not too terribly bad.

65. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? – Homemade Macaroni and cheese.

66. DO YOU WEAR NAIL POLISH? – On my toenails

67. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KISSED? – No! Never! Of course not!

68. WHAT’S THE MOST ANNOYING TV COMMERCIAL? – Any car commercial, cell phone commercial and countless others

69. DO YOU SHOP AT AMERICAN EAGLE? – Never been there.

70. FAVORITE BAND AT THE MOMENT? – I can’t pick just one

Bee Double E Double R You En. October 17, 2008

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Went in to work extra early today.  The earlier I go in, the earlier I can finish my work and leave!  I managed to finish up the billing, all the filing, and even cleaned my desk of all the “Crap” that accumulates there.  I now only have four pieces of mail that need my attention on my desk, plus two pieces of paperwork that Doc needs to look at.

I am not a shopaholic.  Remember that.

I have been wanting to stop in BigLots (In some places I think it’s called OddLots) for the past few weeks, simply because I haven’t been there in probably a year.  Usually when I get the urge, I listen, because I don’t get much joy out of shopping.  I do enjoy a good bargain though!  Anyway, I went in thinking I could find some odds and ends for Christmas stockings, some cheap kids toys to have on hand when the grandchildren are visiting, that kind of thing. 

There really weren’t any decent deals on toys.  BigLots used to be cheap closeout prices – it’s not quite as cheap to shop there any more.  I spent fifty dollars, but only got one stocking stuffer!  I did get the shower curtain liner Bryce has been asking for, and some “Skid-proof” bowls for the grands to use.  Sidewalk chalk, hair spray, and night light bulbs … flossers for The Hub, and … geeze.  OK, I picked up some cheap yarn!  Stop nagging me!  I’ve been wanting to make socks with a fuzzy, extra soft ribbing because I think it would look kinda cute and feel really toasty in the winter months.  They had Mohair yarn for $1.50!  How could I resist?  I bought enough to try to make a few pairs of socks entirely of the Mohair – I can’t wait to make a pair just so I can feel that incredible, fluffy softness against my tootsies!

My best deal of the day though had to be the SouthBeachDietBars I picked up.  I love those things – that’s pretty much what I survived on while I was on that murder jury.  They are close to four dollars ($3.78 to be exact) for a box of six, though, so once the trial was over I stopped buying them.  Today they had boxes of twenty four for four dollars!!  I bought two boxes, so they should last a good long time.  I’ll put most of them in the freezer to make sure they stay fresh.

Yesterday I got a box in the mail that included some gag gifts I bought to use as stocking stuffers.  There’s one in particular that is fairly raunchy – and I bought them for my boys to … uh … play with?  I got to giggling so hard about it I was nearly choking on my spit.  I am going to send one over to Brock, because this is just the sort of thing troops have a great deal of fun with.  I’m not going to reveal what the gag gift is, mainly because I don’t want to be thought of as having a very,very sick sense of humor.  But, it’s true.  I do. Ssh.  Don’t tell. It’s from being raised with three older brothers and having three sons myself. So now it’s out.  I’m a sick, twisted, demented puppy.  (Twista cone!)

Quote of the Day:

If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear. 
        ~Winnie the Pooh (Gawd, I love me some Winnie the Pooh!)

Grey Fluff October 16, 2008

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It’s been a month exactly since I got my hair cut, and quite frankly, it was driving me insane.  My hair is heavy and thick, and I have a low forehead, so my hair was constantly falling in my face, or in my eyes and I’d end up tucking it behind my ears, or sticking a headband on.  One of the reasons I cut my hair in the first place was because I was sick of sticking my hair behind my ears or putting on a headband!  So I went and got it cut today – shorter.


I feel like it’s been “One of those days” all freakin’ week at work this week.  Yesterday our QuickBooks stopped working (Gee – it was only a 2005 version – update software much?) so we had to buy a newer version.  I couldn’t do any invoices, payments or billing all day, and I was behind, anyway, so my stack of “To be invoiced” was growing.  By the time the program was done loading, updating and transferring data from the old version, it was time to go home.



I went in today and got all that work done straight away.  We didn’t have any patients, but Doc said he’d be in (I was going to tie him to the computer chair and have him work on charts) so I made a pot of tea, got down to business on my invoices/billing and waited for him to show up.  Come almost eleven, I left.  I was going to waste the morning sitting there waiting.  I didn’t have any more work to do (Well, I suppose I could have filed the insurance EOB’s but there were only 4 of them, so I don’t feel too bad.)


I tried knitting, but ended up dropping stitches, got frustrated, and put it away.  This is the fourth time I have ripped out the front of this sweater after knitting about ten inches.  If it continues to be such a pain, I’m going to rip out the back that I’ve all ready finished and make something else! 


Tuesday Bryce called me at work and told me we had locked the cat in our room.  Not too bad in itself, but Morgan is a hunter, and the bird was in our bedroom, as well.  I wrote once about Morgan knocking over Cujo’s cage and chasing him around the loft trying to nab herself a quick, tasty meal.  I asked Bryce if he could hear Cujo at all, and he said no.  (We lock our bedroom door since we got burgled back in April, so Bryce couldn’t let the cat out.)  Happily, when I got home and opened the bedroom door Morgie was there waiting to be let out and the bird was sitting on it’s little bird swing rocking back and forth.  I praised the cat – though I’m sure she just thought I was a whacko.  She meowed in her “Feed me, I’m starving” way and all was well in her world again.   



Quote of the Day:
“People who don’t think, probably don’t have brains; rather, they have grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake.”
~Winnie The Pooh

Is it Autumn Yet? October 4, 2008

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Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her


“I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug”.
She got up, unplugged my Computer, and threw out my wine.
She’s such a bitch.
Yessssssss!  I’m so happy the  weekend is upon us.  Hub and I got out fairly early and did the yard work, as we may be getting some rain later tonight and into tomorrow.  Of course, since we did the yard work it won’t rain.  I tried to undo that jinx by watering my plants.  Of course it will rain if my plants don’t need to be watered, right?  Right.
Fall has arrived in Phoenix, at least for the weekend.  It’s only in the eighties right now, and tomorrow’s high will be in the upper seventies.  I’m truly speaking out of turn, here, as next week we’ll be back in the mid to upper nineties, but a girl can dream, can’t she? 
It was so pleasant doing the yard work this morning.  It was overcast, the sun hidden behind the clouds and not beating down on us.  I used the weed whacker and promptly cut a hose from the watering system that waters the tree in the main front yard.  :::Eyeroll::: One more thing that now needs fixin’ – good thing I married Mr. Fix-it.  (Now, now.  I could fix it myself, I’m sure, and may end up doing so if The Hub doesn’t get to it soon.  All it needs is a little hose connector dealy.   But I don’t want The Hub to think I don’t need him anymore.)  After my bout with being destructive, The Hub took over and mowed and edged the yard while I de-weeded the rock garden beds and started sweeping up the grass clippings.  Don’t hate me because my life is so glamorous.
Tonight for dinner I’m making Sweet Potato and Banana Soup.  Should be interesting.  I’m all about trying new things.  We (Read: The Hub and I) get so incredibly bored eating the same things over and over.  Bryce will probably hate it, so there will be cornbread and cauliflower as sides.  He can fill up on that after his nose scrunches up into that “I don’t think I like this at all” look.  Sigh.  I never can seem to please everyone.  Though that spaghetti squash and jalapeno cream was a winner with us all.  I don’t think they’d like that seven nights a week, though.
Why is it that everything needs replacing all at the same time?  We need a new R.O. water system, our pool “Scum sucker” has more than likely bit the dust, so there’s a few hundred dollars we can kiss good-bye.  I really really want to get new plates and flatware, but I can’t seem to find exactly what I am looking for.  Don’t ask me what I am looking for.  I’ll know it when I see it.  We are just weird.  The bowls of the spoons have to be a certain way, and the tines on the fork can’t be too long or too short, and the knives … well.  Like I said.  Weird.  The plates and bowls – that’s a whole ‘nother diatribe I’ll save for another day.  We’ve been trying to find dishes we both like for the past few years.  We found one set we both liked, said we’d go back to buy it, and by the time we thought of it again, the set was discontinued.  Just our luck.
It’s time to go finish making the soup and sides.
Quote of the Day:
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I Think My Tastebuds Just Had a Little Orgasm October 1, 2008

Posted by Rusty in Recipes.

I’m making this recipe for dinner, and oh my!  I think I could eat the whole kit and kaboodle all by my lonesome.  It is SO good!  It calls for 2-3 jalapenos, but don’t let that scare you.  It has hardly any heat to it.  I used three humongeous honkin’ jalapenos minus the seeds and membranes, and it only has the very slightest hint of jalapeno taste.  I love my food extremely spicy, but I promise, this is very mild.  I think next time I will leave the seeds and membranes on the peppers when I make the *cream sauce so it will have more heat to it.  You discard the peppers after infusing the milk with them, so there won’t be any surprises … like biting into a hunk of heat when you are not expecting it.  (Though I wouldn’t mind that one bit!)

*It’s not cream, it’s just milk, and I used 2% milk.