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I Think My Tastebuds Just Had a Little Orgasm October 1, 2008

Posted by Rusty in Recipes.

I’m making this recipe for dinner, and oh my!  I think I could eat the whole kit and kaboodle all by my lonesome.  It is SO good!  It calls for 2-3 jalapenos, but don’t let that scare you.  It has hardly any heat to it.  I used three humongeous honkin’ jalapenos minus the seeds and membranes, and it only has the very slightest hint of jalapeno taste.  I love my food extremely spicy, but I promise, this is very mild.  I think next time I will leave the seeds and membranes on the peppers when I make the *cream sauce so it will have more heat to it.  You discard the peppers after infusing the milk with them, so there won’t be any surprises … like biting into a hunk of heat when you are not expecting it.  (Though I wouldn’t mind that one bit!)

*It’s not cream, it’s just milk, and I used 2% milk.



1. Lori - October 1, 2008

I lvoe spagetttie squash and jalapenos

2. Juliana - October 1, 2008


3. Kelly - October 1, 2008

hey you! I LOVE spaghetti squash…hell i love any kind of squashh……im gonna have to try this….


4. Tressa Bailey - October 1, 2008

*THE RUSTY SPIGOT*…..OMGOMGOMG!!!!!! I love it…it is perfectly irreverant just like you! I’d love some spaghetti but I have to forego those jalapenos….I love em but they don’t like me much.

5. Rosemary - October 2, 2008

mmmmmmmm that sounds yummy! I love the name here too!

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