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Grey Fluff October 16, 2008

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It’s been a month exactly since I got my hair cut, and quite frankly, it was driving me insane.  My hair is heavy and thick, and I have a low forehead, so my hair was constantly falling in my face, or in my eyes and I’d end up tucking it behind my ears, or sticking a headband on.  One of the reasons I cut my hair in the first place was because I was sick of sticking my hair behind my ears or putting on a headband!  So I went and got it cut today – shorter.


I feel like it’s been “One of those days” all freakin’ week at work this week.  Yesterday our QuickBooks stopped working (Gee – it was only a 2005 version – update software much?) so we had to buy a newer version.  I couldn’t do any invoices, payments or billing all day, and I was behind, anyway, so my stack of “To be invoiced” was growing.  By the time the program was done loading, updating and transferring data from the old version, it was time to go home.



I went in today and got all that work done straight away.  We didn’t have any patients, but Doc said he’d be in (I was going to tie him to the computer chair and have him work on charts) so I made a pot of tea, got down to business on my invoices/billing and waited for him to show up.  Come almost eleven, I left.  I was going to waste the morning sitting there waiting.  I didn’t have any more work to do (Well, I suppose I could have filed the insurance EOB’s but there were only 4 of them, so I don’t feel too bad.)


I tried knitting, but ended up dropping stitches, got frustrated, and put it away.  This is the fourth time I have ripped out the front of this sweater after knitting about ten inches.  If it continues to be such a pain, I’m going to rip out the back that I’ve all ready finished and make something else! 


Tuesday Bryce called me at work and told me we had locked the cat in our room.  Not too bad in itself, but Morgan is a hunter, and the bird was in our bedroom, as well.  I wrote once about Morgan knocking over Cujo’s cage and chasing him around the loft trying to nab herself a quick, tasty meal.  I asked Bryce if he could hear Cujo at all, and he said no.  (We lock our bedroom door since we got burgled back in April, so Bryce couldn’t let the cat out.)  Happily, when I got home and opened the bedroom door Morgie was there waiting to be let out and the bird was sitting on it’s little bird swing rocking back and forth.  I praised the cat – though I’m sure she just thought I was a whacko.  She meowed in her “Feed me, I’m starving” way and all was well in her world again.   



Quote of the Day:
“People who don’t think, probably don’t have brains; rather, they have grey fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake.”
~Winnie The Pooh



1. Kat - October 16, 2008

CUTE haircut!! I wish I had the nerve to cut mine short. Like you, it’s usually pushed behind my ears. It’s not a particularly good look, but I haven’t had short hair since I was about 12.

2. Kelly - October 16, 2008

love love lvoe the haircut~ wish i could get mine to do that…im stuck in the ponytail stage…ughhh

3. Sandra - October 17, 2008

Hi Kath, your hair looks really nice short, it really suits you. My hair has been cut shorter and shorter over the last few months and I feel it makes such a difference. I was always sticking my hair behind my ears because it was falling in my face. Now I can wash it, dry and style it in half the time too. Have a great weekend :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

4. tressa - October 17, 2008

I always have to be contrary….growing my hair out….Even my bangs…well maybe, I’m trying to get used to having a few visible lines on my face. I had a habit of scowling at particularly gruesome cases when I worked for the lawyers….Now I have lines on my forehead from it! Not too bad…but enough to give my age away. However lucky for me I don’t mind being my age. At any rate….your haircut looks really cute. I really like the lift on top…it looks so professional! I think it would look really cute pulled back off your face too for a different look. I love quick books….but we are using the 2005 version too. What are the big diffs between versions? I have some influence there, if the perks are good enough they may even let me update.

I’d love to have my desk look like yours does…..I don’t remember having a day I felt was finished yet! I brought a briefcase and a satchel full home today to work on over the weekend! Guess its job security.

5. Anne Allen - October 17, 2008

You have gorgeous hair. It looks so thick. Good cut Kath. Anne

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