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Bee Double E Double R You En. October 17, 2008

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Went in to work extra early today.  The earlier I go in, the earlier I can finish my work and leave!  I managed to finish up the billing, all the filing, and even cleaned my desk of all the “Crap” that accumulates there.  I now only have four pieces of mail that need my attention on my desk, plus two pieces of paperwork that Doc needs to look at.

I am not a shopaholic.  Remember that.

I have been wanting to stop in BigLots (In some places I think it’s called OddLots) for the past few weeks, simply because I haven’t been there in probably a year.  Usually when I get the urge, I listen, because I don’t get much joy out of shopping.  I do enjoy a good bargain though!  Anyway, I went in thinking I could find some odds and ends for Christmas stockings, some cheap kids toys to have on hand when the grandchildren are visiting, that kind of thing. 

There really weren’t any decent deals on toys.  BigLots used to be cheap closeout prices – it’s not quite as cheap to shop there any more.  I spent fifty dollars, but only got one stocking stuffer!  I did get the shower curtain liner Bryce has been asking for, and some “Skid-proof” bowls for the grands to use.  Sidewalk chalk, hair spray, and night light bulbs … flossers for The Hub, and … geeze.  OK, I picked up some cheap yarn!  Stop nagging me!  I’ve been wanting to make socks with a fuzzy, extra soft ribbing because I think it would look kinda cute and feel really toasty in the winter months.  They had Mohair yarn for $1.50!  How could I resist?  I bought enough to try to make a few pairs of socks entirely of the Mohair – I can’t wait to make a pair just so I can feel that incredible, fluffy softness against my tootsies!

My best deal of the day though had to be the SouthBeachDietBars I picked up.  I love those things – that’s pretty much what I survived on while I was on that murder jury.  They are close to four dollars ($3.78 to be exact) for a box of six, though, so once the trial was over I stopped buying them.  Today they had boxes of twenty four for four dollars!!  I bought two boxes, so they should last a good long time.  I’ll put most of them in the freezer to make sure they stay fresh.

Yesterday I got a box in the mail that included some gag gifts I bought to use as stocking stuffers.  There’s one in particular that is fairly raunchy – and I bought them for my boys to … uh … play with?  I got to giggling so hard about it I was nearly choking on my spit.  I am going to send one over to Brock, because this is just the sort of thing troops have a great deal of fun with.  I’m not going to reveal what the gag gift is, mainly because I don’t want to be thought of as having a very,very sick sense of humor.  But, it’s true.  I do. Ssh.  Don’t tell. It’s from being raised with three older brothers and having three sons myself. So now it’s out.  I’m a sick, twisted, demented puppy.  (Twista cone!)

Quote of the Day:

If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear. 
        ~Winnie the Pooh (Gawd, I love me some Winnie the Pooh!)



1. Indigo - October 17, 2008

I used to be big on BigLots for holiday decorations. These days they don’t have much of anything. Sadly I don’t shop there much at all. I want to start with some of my Christmas shopping soon and get it done with, before the holiday rush. You probably have the same kind of humor I do, it tends to be offputting to some people. Was delighted to see you like Winnie The Pooh too, who wouldn’t! (Hugs)Indigo

2. Joyce - October 17, 2008

It’s always a good feeling to have your desk cleared. I think we all look for good deals and sometimes find them…then sometimes we don’t. You and I have something in common…I love gag gifts and get them often for my hubby…LOL

Hugs and love…enjoy your weekend…

3. tressa - October 17, 2008

I never doubted your wicked sense of humor (in fact I’ve experienced it a time or two). You gotta email me the content of that gag gift….comeon…..I NEED a giggle. I’ve been taking life wayyyyyyyy too seriously!

What the heck do you need mohair socks for in Arizona?!?!?….Mail them to me….its freaking freezing here. There was frost on my car and the pumpkin this mornin!

BTW…me mum is working for Big Lots now….its still pretty cheap here and Mom gets a discount. I can go an hour without fighting with her to take advantage of that!

4. Kelly - October 17, 2008

ok yEAH YOU make me ill that you are already shopping for Christmas! What is wrong with you woman?????

love you anyway you sicko!


5. Anne Allen - October 17, 2008

sick, twisted and demented? I like that in a person. Anne

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