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Not So Scary October 25, 2008

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We went out to FearFarm last night.  I’m sure it’s pretty frightening if you are between the ages of 2-10.  We found it very amusing, except the times when the characters screamed at the top of their lungs into your ears.  Bryce actually knew a few of the people who were working there as, uhm … scary characters.  There were four “Events” you could visit, and my friend “K” gave us “Fast Track” passes, so we could bypass the long, winding lines and go straight to the front of the lines.  People were not too pleased to see us cutting in line, but hey!  They could have bought fast track passes and done the same thing.

The Hub and I liked the “Asylum” event the best.  There was all kinds of old medical equipment which had been ceremoniously spattered with fake blood.  Hmmm. K works on a farm, maybe it was real animal blood??  Anyway, the characters in there were, all, well, insane, and quite entertaining.  There was one girl there who kept asking if we wanted to play, and Bryce said “I shouldn’t have taken that acid!” I thought he had said to her “You shouldn’t have taken that acid” so it was pretty funny.

In one of the corn mazes there was a …. Zombie, maybe?  He was beating on an old mobile home with a chain or a bat or something, and Bryce says “Now why do you want to hurt the trailer, what has it ever done to you?”  The zombie says back “It doesn’t keep me dry!  It doesn’t keep me warm!  There are all kinds of bugs …” 

We were walking over a bridge covered in fog when another character pops up along the side of the bridge, cackling at us.   He was wearing a suit, and Bryce says “OH! Niiiiice suit!  Did you get that at The Men’s Wearhouse?”  I had to comment that the color looked good on him, as it was purple!  Ha!

There were three characters chasing people with chainsaws, and some of the girls ran away screaming – it was very comical.  We were behind a group of high school girls in the first event we went through, and they were silly and giggly and made me happy I never had any daughters.  They were telling all the characters that they were “Rude.”  Quite frankly, I thought they were the rude ones.  One guy told them “It’s what I get paid to do.”  At one point they walked into a shed where a girl had been hanging out the window from her waist up and when the high school girls went in one of them made some snide remark about the character’s skirt.  The character then followed the rude girl and was hitting her or the ground near her, or maybe both, I couldn’t tell, it was dark in there, with a nerf bat or something.  When she turned back around to face us, she rolled her eyes at me and gave a long “Grrr.”  I wish she could have hit them harder, and I’m sure she was wishing the same thing!

Bryce made the whole thing more fun than it would have been because of all his comments to the people working there.  There was one point where two of the zombies were screaming at a girl.  One was saying “Go,”  the other was screaming “Stay.”  Bryce starting singing “Should I go or should I stay?” (The Clash) and the zombie that was screaming “Stay” starting singing along with Bryce.  Hilarious.

This morning I got an email from K telling me she was accosted in her driveway when she got home from FearFarm!  The guy was waving a gun in her face, and she said she kept pushing the gun away.  She said “News Flash – 67 year old woman chases off armed assailant.”  How she can keep a sense of humor is beyond me!  She said she wasn’t hurt, but his feelings probably were because an “Old Granny” chased him off.  She thinks in retrospect the gun may have been a toy, because it didn’t feel like it was made out of metal.  He was wearing a mask, and she said at first she thought it was someone from the farm trying to scare her.  She’s been working out there among the masked all month, so she said being around someone wearing a mask is more normal for her than being around someone who is not wearing a mask.  Bless her heart, she later told me she was “Getting back on the horse” tonight and was going to go out and work at the farm.  I wrote back and told her I was proud of her for getting back on the horse so quickly after such a terrible fall.  I did ask if she wants to come in for an appointment on Monday, she’s pretty out of whack from fighting him off. 

We’ve decided to stray from the norm this Thanksgiving (No segues here, obviously!) and instead of buying a huge turkey we’re going to buy two or three boneless turkey breasts instead.  I made one a few weeks ago and brined it before hand.  It was so delicious!  We hate picking the meat off the bone after every one is done eating, so this will solve that problem.  The brining made it so moist and juicy, I don’t think I will ever make another turkey without soaking it in brine first. 

Bryce wants apple pie and a pumpkin roll, but I think it’s just not Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie, so I’ll make one of those as well.  We won’t be doing a huge blow-out this year.  Turkey, homemade rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, a very small amount of yams, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce and a relish tray.  Truth be told, as long as there was turkey and the homemade rolls no one would complain.  Well.  They might say something about the missing deviled eggs, but the rest is, as they say … gravy.

I’m 80% done with the Christmas shopping.  Yay!  I need to get a few toys for the babies, pick up a gift for Blaine, and The Hub and I have to decide what we are buying for each other.  We just buy a combined gift we can both use and a few other smaller gifts/stocking stuffers.  I do still need to buy The Hub his birthday gifts, though. 

Quote of the Day:
A house is never still in darkness to those who listen intently; there is a whispering in distant chambers, an unearthly hand presses the snib of the window, the latch rises.  Ghosts were created when the first man awoke in the night. 
       ~J.M. Barrie



1. Indigo - October 26, 2008

Paul doesn’t do the haunted thing….(frowns) Me? I’m a huge fan of being scared. I would of loved going to the FearFarm with your family it sounds like it was a blast with Bryce and hubby add libbing. Kaye is something else, glad she’s ok. What a horrible incident.

I take Apple Juice and cut up apples, oranges, onions..spice all the ingredients up and seal that concuction in the cavity of the Turkey. It take an hour longer to cook, but The juice and fruit are a guaranteed moist and delicious Turkey.

80% done with Christmas shopping already? What the? I’m jealous! Wow! I need to get my butt in gear. (Hugs)Indigo

2. Sandra - October 26, 2008

It probably would have scared me…lol!

Love Sandra xxxx

3. Rosemary - October 26, 2008

I can’t go to those kinds of things lol I’m such a fraidy cat! Sounds like a fun time

and WOW about your friend K and her experience! Glad she’s ok!

I’ll have to remember to tell P’s son about that area for him to explore before he finishes college out there in 2010

4. Joyce - October 27, 2008

I’ve never been to a place like that…sounded like fun! Bryce really had a blast..LOL
Hugs and love,

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