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Sign Flippers and Other Nonsense … October 30, 2008

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Quite often on my way home from work there are “Sign Flippers” (For lack of a better title) on the corner where the mega-electronics store is located.  They hold large signs, usually in the shape of an arrow and they flip and spin and toss those bad boys to draw your attention.  Today’s sign read “Free Rent!” and the young man was dancing like he was auditioning for a part on “So You Think You Can Dance?”  It’s really quite amusing, but even more so if they are dressed up as a carrot or a gorilla or a slice of pizza or whatever other costume is available that day.  I’ve seen everything from ducks to panda bears to the aforementioned pizza slice.  I’d never seen a “Sign Flipper” before moving to Phoenix.  I’m wondering if they have ever caused an accident as they are so good at attracting attention to themselves.  Last week at the same corner there were two of them.  Dueling Sign Flippers, if you will.  One would do a “Trick” and the other would repeat it, then challenge the guy on the other corner with a different routine.
The Hub, gem that he is, went into the garage and found two brand new keyboards that we never used when we bought previous computers, so I am hooked up and back to entering data the traditional way instead of that darn point and click on-screen keyboard.  (I always opted to use my ergo- split keys – keyboard when I got a new computer.  I hope I can find another one, but for now this shiny new black one will do just fine.)
Call to pray – MitMarie had to go to the ER early this morning – she thinks it was a gall bladder attack, and promised to keep me posted.  I haven’t heard from her since she sent the email at 2 a.m. her time, and she didn’t answer her text message.  I’m thinking she may have had to have her gall bladder removed, if that’s what was ailing her.  So if you’re the praying kind, an energy sender, or have a higher power you talk to, send up a good word for her, will ya?  (Thanks!)
The “Girls Reunion” is well on the way to getting planned out.  We’re going to meet here at my house and hang around the pool and enjoy the “Phoenix Fall” next year.  I’m beginning to wonder if we’re ever going to have an Autumn this year.  We’re still hovering in the mid-nineties, and quite frankly, it’s time for a cool down!  This is getting ridiculous.  Supposedly (I’m not holding my breath …) we are going to have a “Major cold front” come through early next week.  We’ll have temps in the upper seventies.  It’s about time, but who knows if it will last more than a day or two?  Only time will tell.
I’m thinking of starting to address my Christmas cards this weekend.  I have to write the yearly newsletter, but that shouldn’t be much of a task.  We didn’t have a very eventful year other than the house being broken into.  I’m thinking “Hey.  Uneventful year.  We got robbed.  More next year” would probably suffice, but alas, I will have to break out the embellishments and make it sound like we at least have some sort of interesting news. 
There have been several home invasions in the past few days.  It’s a scary world we live in.  People dressing up like utility workmen and then robbing the homeowners, and across the valley on the east side an elderly couple were sound asleep in bed when three punks broke in, beat them senseless, locked them in their bedroom and then thoroughly pillaged the rest of the house for three hours.  The man, in his seventies, was bleeding profusely from the head during that time.  The woman wasn’t hurt as badly, but they both required medical attention.  Times are tough, I know, but nothing justifies the brutality those burglars used on the homeowners.  What comes around goes around.
It’s time to get dinner started. 
Have a ghoulish Halloween.
Quote of the Day:
May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright
Of soft and golden hue
Pierce through the future’s veil and show
What fate now holds for you.
~Author Unknown



1. Sandra - October 31, 2008

That poor couple being beaten in their own homes, how could anyone live with themselves after doing such a terrible thing. How cowardly that they picked on an elderly couple who couldn`t fight back. The world is becoming more and more dangerous and it makes me worry for the future of my grandchildren.

Love Sandra xxxx

2. tressa - October 31, 2008

Glad to see you got yourself some balls! Now type woman type…you have some catching up to do!

I’ll keep MitMarie in my prayers and I will try to send some of my weather your way….thought today it reached 70 I think….but we still have those middle of the night low temps that I could really do without.

We have those sign flippers here. When I was in High School a friend of mine used to dress up as a twinkie for a supermarket to earn money for college.

Happy All Hallow’s Eve….

3. Kelly - November 1, 2008

how sad is that….my moms neighbor and best friend (until she passed away last year) had a home invasion the year we moved in next door….in 86……Her husband was put in the closet and she was raped and beaten….

Cant wait to see pictures of those babies when they get there!



4. Indigo - November 1, 2008

Kill me later….but check out my journal entry first. By the way your it…(Hugs)Indy

5. Rosemary - November 2, 2008

I played..

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