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Hub on the News, and Tag! I’m IT. November 1, 2008

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The Hub procrastinated long enough that he couldn’t do his early voting by mail – so he went last night to stand in line with the 60 gazillion other people who had the same idea.  There’s been early voting sites open for about a month, but the past week or so they have been inundated with hordes of people trying to avoid the long lines on election day.  I don’t think it worked out very well for them.  One lady said she had been in line for nine and a half hours!  The Hub was in line for four and a half hours.  That’s where the local news channel we watch caught him.  Standing in line and talking to me on the cell phone.  Does that mean I was on the news, too??  I was just about to switch my phone off.  The man was so dependant upon me for entertainment, calling me every ten minutes, like sitting on my big butt playing DS wasn’t important – I had to interrupt my game to chat with him.  Geesh. 
So, I’ve been watching TruTv/the old Court TV since the early part of the summer, and I just love the crime shows!  I was talking to The Hub about video games, and I said “I wish they made crime solving games, I’d love playing those!”  Not ten seconds later a commercial comes on with LivTyler playing a DS – and she’s playing a crime solving game!!  So, I ordered it, and another, with some credits I had burning a hole in my Amazon account.  The Hub said he knows of two more, but he won’t tell me the name of them, because Christmas is fast approaching, dontcha know?
We went out to the enduro bomber race tonight.  58 -70 cars.  150 laps.  No. Rules.  (Other than if you get pushed by a push-truck, you’re out of the race, and no working on cars if the track is under caution.)  The first 75 laps they went around the track counter-clockwise.  That in itself made it more difficult for the drivers, and us spectators.  It was very odd watching them circle the track in the opposite direction.  If a car crashes, it is left on the track, and the driver must stay in the car.  The race won’t be stopped unless a car is on fire, the car is upside down, or a crashed cars driver is sitting next to oncoming traffic with an exposed door.   It was actually a very good race, once you could keep up with who was actually leading the race!   There were only four or five cars that ended up stuck on the track – and it made for some tense moments.  Some of them got hit repeatedly, others never got hit again after the initial wreck.  Fun times.  Racing season is almost over.  Thank heavens we only have to wait three months until they start racing again!  The Hub has a friend who will be racing next year (He’s the one we got many of our free race tickets from – we only paid to go to one race this whole year.  The rest of the tickets were given to the base to share with the troops, and we got them that way.)  Yeah.  Ok, the secret’s out.  I’m a dirt-track lovin’ redneck at heart.
Indigo tagged me, and she says I’m it …. and I have to play along,  and she gave me permission to swear at her in the process.
Six things you may not know about me ….
The Rules …
* Link to the person who tagged you * (Indigo)
* List 6 random things about yourself
* Tag 6 new people
* Let each tagged person know by posting a comment on their blog
* Link to the 6 people you’ve tagged 
* Let the person who tagged you know that you posted. Easy enough….
1.  I’ve always wanted to work for a coroner doing forensics. 
2.  I’m a published poet.  Three times.
3.  I believe in reincarnation.  I know of four of my former lives.  I was a farmers wife in the late 1800’s.  I was a teenager in the 50’s – who died very young.  I was an Asian (Chinese, I think, but not 100% sure on the nationality) boy.  I don’t want to talk about the 4th one.  ‘Nuff said.
4.  I have psychic abilities.  No, I won’t elaborate.  I don’t know you well enough.
5.  I can keep a secret.  I know things I have been told in confidence that have the potential to ruin lives.  I’ve never told, and I never will.
6.  My earliest memory is when I was 16 months old and my mom set me on the countertop and gave me a prune.  Haha!!!
I tag:
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Sandra – Sandra’s Scribbles
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Tressa – Storms Whisper
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1. Indigo - November 2, 2008

Can I pick them or what! I knew your answers would be fascinating. I know what it’s like keeping secrets that can ruin lives…not fun. I wouldn’t have guessed at any of these. Truly fascinating stuff. We should elaborate on the psychic stuff some time. It will be just between us.

Paul once got scared of me when we first got together. I was talking about nature or something or other (don’t recall exactly what) and he got this weird look on his face. He told me I looked in your eyes and I saw you in front of a huge tree, you were timeless and I just knew you were older than you think. Scared the hell out of him. I told him I was an old soul…should of taken me for my word.

Forensics…umm you can keep that hobby. A little too much watching Day of the Living Dead to want to be around any dead people.

Now the Race…when can I come live with you? You guys are always doing fun stuff. Paul does the same thing every day on his lunch break…he’ll text me the entire time he’s off. I told him what are you going to do if I said I was busy and didn’t have the time. All I got from him was a blank stare. So yeah, we do entertain them. (Hugs)Indigo

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