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On Christmas, Patriotism and Cooking November 2, 2008

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I’m really thinking ahead.  I just went to this site – Santa Claus Museum – and signed up to have letters from Santa Claus (From Santa Claus, Indiana) mailed to Piper and Gavin.  You just type in their info and write a brief narrative about the child and they’ll send a letter from old Saint Nick!  I think Piper will be old enough this year to grasp the concept of “Santa Claus,” so it should be great fun spinning tales about Santa and his elves.  I’ve missed that!  Maybe this year I’ll actually decorate the house with more than a tree and a few knick-knacks in the loft.  I used to go all out decorating for Christmas.  My house was transformed.  Then it seemed like it just became way to much work and effort which went unappreciated.  I think the kids couldn’t care less if the house is decorated or not.  Nicole, who is not a lover of all things having to do with the holiday wouldn’t really ooh and awe over it, either.  (Which is odd, in a way, because there are parts of her that are very traditional – she doesn’t like Christmas at all, though.  She said she’d probably never even own a tree.  :::Gasp!:::  What will I do with all those ornaments my mom bought for the kids every year to put up for them??)  Anyway, maybe the babies will get me caught up in the magic of the season.  There’s a wee bit of hope, anyway!  Thank heaven for grandchildren.
I’m thinking of putting up a Recipe Journal over on Blogger.  Good idea, or over done?  There are quite a few cooking journals out there all ready – I’m not sure I could contribute any fresh ideas.  I was documenting with my camera the making of my chili this morning, and was thinking of posting it here, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not.  Lack of confidence.  Another thing Indigo and I have in common!  I’ll ponder it awhile longer.  I’m not sure if I have the drive to start up and maintain another journal.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with one.
I was reading my comment this morning from Indigo, and she said we were always doing fun stuff – but we think just the opposite.  As a matter of fact, my boss was making fun of us on Friday because we lead such a dull existence.  We rarely venture out of the house on the weekends, other than to run errands.  It’s just that lately we’ve managed a few outings, so we sound worldly and well read.  Hahaha – that statement is really hilarious.  Worldly and well read because we went to a haunted farm and a dirt track race?  I must embellish eloquently, though, else we seem like sticks in the mud.  (Which we are.) 
Here’s yet another example of our luck – meaning – free rides.  Next weekend we are going out to Phoenix International Raceway to see the NASCAR race.  The Hub scored free tickets from work.  Being military (Or retired military, anyway) does have it’s advantages.  We’ve done many, many things on the free passes we’ve gotten from the base. 
Speaking of free – Golden Coral is giving away a free meal on Monday, November 19th if you are, were, ever had been in the military.  I don’t think dependants get a freebie, but one meal free is a darn good deal.  I read about this over on Jaycie’s blog, but thought I’d post it as well, as I know quite a few military families.  Seems reasonable, since I grew up military, married military, and now have a son who proudly serves his country.
Segue into pride for your country … Last night at the races, Bryce didn’t place his hand over his heart during the national anthem.  This truly bothers me, and I let him know.  So many children these days talk, text, and carry on during the anthem.  I find it rude and disheartening.  What’s become of honoring the flag, honoring your country?  His brother is serving in a war zone for heaven’s sake, you’d think there’d be some sense of pride on his part.  Why haven’t parents taught their children when the anthem plays you stop what you are doing for three minutes, you place your hand over your heart and you honor your country, your soldiers, and your freedom?  I suppose this, too, comes from being a military brat/wife/mother.  We were taught that there’s nothing so important that you don’t stop what you’re doing (Even driving your car) for the afternoon retreat.  Even one of the presidential candidates doesn’t cover his heart when the anthem plays.  ‘Nuff said.
Mit Marie did end up having surgery, and hopefully will be released from the confines of her hospital room this afternoon.  Thanks for the prayers – it could have been worse than it was.  I’m going to call her this evening, but as I think about it, I wonder if it’s a good idea??  We laugh and cut up so much on the phone, it may be a painful conversation for her since she’s probably sore from the surgery.  Mit Marie – just think of The Hub’s muscular, meaty arms.  That should take your mind of things! HA!
Bryce handed me a large envelope (Or … ceremoniously tossed it on my messy desk.) last night. It’s formidable.  It’s going to be expensive.  It has to do with graduation.  Sigh.
I am not supposed to mention my garden any more, so, I’ll just say this.  I see homemade spaghetti sauce in the near future.  Hallelujah!!!
Quote of the Day:
Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods.
        ~William Allingham


1. Kelly - November 2, 2008

Im here Im here! 🙂 and you should SO start a cooking journal 🙂

2. » On Christmas, Patriotism and Cooking « The Rusty Spigot - November 2, 2008

[…] There are quite a few cooking journals out there all ready – I’m not sure I could contribute any fresh ideas. I was documenting with my camera the making of my chili this morning, and was thinking of posting it here, but I’m not sure if … On Christmas, Patriotism and Cooking « The Rusty Spigot […]

3. ~~Kath~~ - November 2, 2008

* For the record … we DID teach our children to honor the flag, stop for the anthem, etc, that’s why it bothers me so much that Bryce shunned his up-bringing. We talked about it again tonight at dinner – and he said “I’m not ‘dissing the flag or the country or anything, I just don’t put my hand on my heart.” Hub said “Well, really, you are dissing it by not placing your hand on your heart.” I doubt it will make a difference. ~~Kath~~

4. Indigo - November 3, 2008

It’s something I struggle with Skye about sometimes. How she wa brought up and the way she does things…are so far off base. It does feel like they are dissing their upbringing. And your life is still more adventuresome. Paul works 3 jobs (2 are pure enjoyment so calling them jobs is not exactly calling the pot black-guitar teacher and gigs with his band)…so his days off are spent in grumpy consternation and running around doing various errands that can’t be done during the week….Boring…Then again I could learn to drive and make life easier (Why, would I do that?)

I think you should go ahead with the recipe journal. Our confidence is boosted mightly on the computer. After all it’s not like we are interacting with anyone (are we? *winks*).

As for Santa Claus, I still fill stockings and put gifts from Santa under the tree. To me it keeps the magic of Christmas alive. I’m like a kid at that time of the year. I don’t care if anyone else gets it or not, I go all out with the decorating. To me it’s not the gifts. It’s the tree, the lights and ornaments. I collect old world ornaments…have been for years. My daughter is starting to get into it. Finally something I enjoy, rubbed off on her. (Hugs)Indigo

5. ammogirl - November 3, 2008

I want to know how you knew IYAAYAS! Were you or your husband AMMO before retirement? And hi! Thanks for the comment 🙂

6. Rosemary - November 3, 2008

I’d love a recipe blog. I think you are always making such fun foods!

I see that at the games all the time and it drives me crazy. I got on to Chelsea’s friends for talking during the National Anthem and not paying attention. I could blog a whole blog about how the traditions and foundations our country was built on seem to be fading. Its so sad…

I know you did teach them to respect and honor the flag and their country… :0)

7. Joyce - November 4, 2008

Your recipe journal would be a hit for sure…you do make some good things. Teaching our kids about the right way to respect our country is the right thing to do…it does blow me away at how some of the teens and younger generation are acting this day and time. Free is good when you can get it…seeing more and more about that lately. You live far from a boring life…believe me…boring is my life…for sure. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead…many hugs and love to you!!!!

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