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It’s NOT a WIG!! November 5, 2008

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Is there a sale on silver PTCruisers?  I saw seven of them on my way home from work. 
OK – I am thinking if people think you are wearing a wig, you might need a hairstyle change.  Four people have asked me “Is that your REAL hair, or a wig?”  I guess because it’s so thick they don’t think it looks real.  I reckon they might just have to deal with it, though, I don’t feel like getting another haircut again so soon.
We have been getting all kinds of free subscriptions to magazines at work lately – and we’ve been getting two diabetes mags.  Today I was looking through one and they were talking about the medical alert bracelets that all diabetics should wear 24/7.  They showed some ugly as sin bracelets and a couple of necklaces.  I really do need to get a bracelet or something.  I had a link I was going to post here, for a free diabetic necklace with 2.95 S&H, but I just checked it out and you have to sign up for some payflow system or something.  Nu-uh.  I don’t trust that, so I nixed the operation.  They had some good brochures I wanted to look at, too.  
After 11 tries, I finally have a pattern for the center of that &$#(@ sweater I’ve been knitting.  I didn’t like the center pattern that’s actually written in the pattern I am following, so by trial and error …. lots of error … I have finally found something that looks nice and I’m happy at last.  Maybe now I can actually finish it!  I ordered some wool to make a present for … well … someone -and I am making my first felted project.  It calls for a size “N” crochet hook (i.e. Gargantuan!) and I don’t have one that big.  I do, however, have knitting needles that may fit the bill, so I may knit it instead of crocheting it.    Should be fun, but I have to finish this @#(*@+ sweater before I start any thing else.  Along with the wool came a new sock pattern book, and it’s got some really cute patterns in there, so I must finish this #$)@#_+ sweater so I can start some other things.  (Along with the second sweater that’s on needles and probably won’t be finished in time to gift this year.) 
Angel, Joyce W, I haven’t forgotten that I am sending you each a package, I just need to get off my lazy rear end and get them in the mail. 
I’ve got some boneless skinless chicken tenders soaking in some marinade right now.  I think I’ll end up stir frying them with some cauliflower and serving it with some rice for The Hub and Bryce. 
Speaking of stir frying … I am seriously craving some tofu.  I might have to make a visit to see “Mom” at the Vietnamese place very soon.  Tofu Pho and some spring rolls.  Mmm.  Heaven.  Did I ever mention I made tofu jerky once, and Bryce just loves the stuff.  It was pretty salty, so I’d change the recipe a bit, but it was actually very tasty.
Quote of the Day:
Sympathy: What one girl offers in exchange for the details.
        ~Aubrey B.


1. Anne Allen - November 5, 2008

Oh honey, You just “ain’t right” with the tofu thing. But hey, I know I’ve been wrong before. (keeping my lips closed!) Anne

2. Kelly - November 5, 2008

hey i want some tofu jerky! and you have YET to knit me something woman.. 🙂

love you!


3. Martha - November 8, 2008

Be very cautious – I had the same symptoms on and off for about a year, and then my appendix suddenly exploded!

4. Joyce - November 10, 2008

Sounds good on the diabetic magazines…good reading for sure.
That stirfry meal sounds yummy! I bet it was…
Have a great week!

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