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I Hope You Weren’t Eating … November 11, 2008

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Lemon Blosoms

Lemon Blossoms

I’m starting to fall into the “Oh, man!!  I NEED to do a journal update – but I don’t wanna!”  I have plenty to talk about – the NASCAR race on Sunday (We had AWESOME seats) the new cell phones, the awesome homemade pot pies I made last night, oh, I’m sure I could think of quite a few.  I suppose I should just suck it up and get to writing, instead of writing about not wanting to write.
Sunrise 11-9-08

Sunrise 11-9-08

Our two year contract was up on our cell phones, so after we went grocery shopping on Saturday we put the groceries away and ran over to the cell phone store to get new phones and add Bryce to our account.  (The youngest child always gets away withmore than the older children.  We never added them to our plan!)  I had been eyeing a certain phone for about six months, and that’s what I wanted, but not what I thought I’d end up with.  It was kinda expensive, and I’m a no nonsense kinda gal.  Just give me a text capable phone and I’ll be happy.  Well, OK.  A text capable phone with a qwerty keyboard … THEN I’ll be happy.  Don’t care about the camera, don’t care about the Internet capability.  I ended up with the phone I wanted (Flip open qwerty keyboard, thank you very much) and I now have internetaccess.  We aren’t sure if we will keep that feature or not, we’re trying it out free for a month.  I’m thinking we won’t really use it enough to warrant keeping it.  We got a truly awesome deal on the phones, Hub got his free (He also liked the one I had drooled over for months, once he saw it in the store) and mine was not so expensive, either, after the deals/discounts/sales.  I got a free “Kit” to go with mine – phone case, car charger and memory card for free because we’ve been customers for such a long time, and we each got a $50 rebate on the phones.  In the end we’ll pay about a third of what I remember Dee paying for her basic phone/plan, so I am a happy camper!  Text me – after the 17th – then we have unlimited text.  Right now I think Bryce is using all our text messages, despite us warning him he needed to hold back, his unlimited doesn’t start ’til next Monday!  

First Tomato

First Tomato


Sunday we headed out to Phoenix International Raceway (Known as P.I.R. ’round these parts, and from here on out in my journal blog)  fairly early.  It was overcast, and a bit on the chilly side (For Phoenix, anyway) and there was talk of possible rain later in the day.  (Usually that means it won’t rain.)  We had to go pick up a VIP parking pass before heading out to the track. we walked around the exhibits for awhile, going to see the JackDanielsdisplay, and thinking we were signing up to win a truck/boat combo we went to the chewing tobacco display, and instead of being signed up we bothwalked away withsix cans of dip.  The Hub ended up taking those to work for someone, as neither of us rednecks use dip.  We headed to the stands, where we were expecting to be climbing to the top of the stadium, as we had free tickets from the base that Hub had won.  We were so surprised to find our seats were the second row from the track, in the center of the stadium.  We forgot ear protection, but luckily I had remembered to bring some tissues for my sometimes runny nose, so we balled up wads of tissue and stuck them in our ears.  My eardrums were vibrating so hard they were hurting the first few laps, until we shoved the tissue balls in our ears.  Just what you always wanted to know, I’m sure.  All new – the adventures of Kath and the tissue wads!

The race was so much harder to watch in person than following along on TV.  We couldn’t see but the front straightaway and the fourth curve, and if you craned your neck you might could see the first turn.  You couldn’t really see the back straightaway or turns two and three, but fortunately for us they had a jumbotron screen right in front of us so we could catch all the action that was being shown on ESPN, or whichever network was carrying the race.  It was fun day, though, until the race was delayed due to … rain!  We got a little bit wet, but not drenched, but after that the winds seemed to pick up, and I was Fah-reeeeezing!  I wore two shirts, (had taken one off due to it being hot,) but I was shivering after the rain hit.  I was lamenting not wearing shorts in the beginning of the race, but then was wishing I had worn ski pants!  Ha!
My abdominal pain is gone now, but thanks for all the well-wishes.  Y’ all need to get outta the gutter, though.  I think y’all have been injured during kinky sex, but don’t push your guilty feelings onto MY injury.  Ha ha.  If that were the case, I wouldn’t have been so perplexed … it would have all made sense.  I think I’ll stop there before it becomes TMI!
Bryce’s girl broke up with him yesterday, so he’s a little on the moody/sad side.  Yesterday he was hopeful, but today he’s a little more depressed about it.  I’m not going to go into his personal biz here, but I think they’ll eventually get back together.  I hope so, as much as he does, I really like the girl!  They are still texting each other, so that’s a good sign, and neither one of them are “Bitter.”  There’s a glimmer of hope.
(Why is texting not in the dictionary?  Get with the times!)
The oddest thing happened at work today.  Yesterday the boss parked in my spot as a little prank, so this morning I parked in his spot.  This doesn’t seem important, but it is.  Don’t be so impatient!  Anyway, I always back into my spot, because I’m one of the first people to arrive at the building, and if you have to back out of your parking spot it’s a tight squeeze if there’s a couple of cars parked behind you.  So I back in.  Once again, anyway …. When I walked in to work, there was nothing unusual in the parking lot.  Doc arrive about an hour and a half later, and called me out to the parking lot to show me something.  There was a dead pigeon there – which wasn’t a curiosity in itself, it was the state of the carcass.  The wings were splayed, and the meat had been cut away from the breastbone.  It couldn’t have been done by an animal.  My cat rips the wings off and eats all the bones, except the head.  This had been “Skinned” and laid out with it’s wings out.  Had an animal done it, also, the wings would have been folded up.  Even dead, a birds wings are folded.  This was placed there deliberately… who would have done such a thing?  It wasn’t there when I got to work, and the building manager’s receptionist said it wasn’t there when she got there.  It was between her car and mine, behind hers, in front of mine (Since I had backed in) and I would have had to walk right past it on my way into the building.  (There’s the importance of my backing into the bosses spot.  Had I parked in my own spot I wouldn’t have had to walk right beside it.)  So someone put it there between eight and eight thirty (I got there at seven, Sheila at eight, the boss at 8:30.)  How strange is that?
I hope you weren’t eating.
The security cameras were also stolen from the side of the building in the back parking lot (Where we park) recently.  That’s disheartening.  It was a man and woman, and the woman stood on the man’s shoulders to take them off the building.  There’s really no way they can get into the breezeway, as the gates are locked and there are razor sharp points on the top of the gates (Apparently someone broke in by climbing over the gates at one point, squeezing between the ceiling and the top of the gate, so when they were replaced, they had Jerry, the building handyman, put razor sharp points on the gates.)  People will steal anything to make a fast buck.  This is the second time those cameras have been stolen. 
Quote of the Day:
Bittersweet October. The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter.
      ~Carol Bishop Hipps



1. Nelishia - November 11, 2008

Thank you for sending me the alert. It really helps so much. I am sorry for ‘going there’ on the ovarian pain. I do hope you know I was gently teasing and I know that the pain is no joke. I’ve had it before and I wasn’t doing anything to get it either. You write so well and so funny. I’m on Verizon so maybe we can call each other. I can’t wait until it’s time for us to renew soon. Sorry about your son’s breakup too. THat’s hard to take when you’re that young. That thing about the bird was just weird. It sounds like you have an enemy and that was just a warning. Please keep your eyes open for awhile and don’t be so trusting. Go with your gut instinct about people. I’m glad you’re feeling some better now.

2. Indigo - November 12, 2008

Paul and I were way behind in the times, I didn’t do the cell phone thing (when your deaf using a phone is obsolete). Paul only carried one that you charge minutes to for emergencies. Then my daughter asked us why not get phones off her plan. She had a family plan with her husband. She wanted me to try a phone for texting, so it would be easier for us to communicate. We pay the monthly bill, kind of strange it’s in reverse the parents being on the kids plan…

Sorry to hear about Bryce and his glfrd. breaking up. I hope things work out in the end.

Strangeness with the pigeon and the camera’s being stolen. I would be careful in the parking lot and make sure someone escorts you to your car if it’s dark. (Hugs)Indigo

3. Sandra - November 12, 2008

I have internet access on my phone and I never use it. I do use the camera sometimes and I think it`s useful if you have an accident. ie. for taking down registrations. We used to have a bird killing cat and she always ate the head and left the bodies….yuck!

Love Sandra xxxx

4. Anne Allen - November 12, 2008

That dead bird spotting is very strange indeed. Spooky, isn’t it? Our contract is up on our cell phones in a couple of weeks. I’m changing carriers. I detest mine. We live 2 miles from the world headquaters and still can’t get good reception here or in AZ. The CEO’s of the company keep running it dry. I’m going to switch, but don’t know who to switch to. Great pics too. Anne

5. Rosie - November 12, 2008

That was some update lol

I tried to get a cool new texting phone but no luck.. have to wait till next summer lol

I hope Bryce and his girlfriend get back together. It’s so tough at this age..

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