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That $(%(& Sweater – Part Duex November 13, 2008

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I’ve got nine rows left to knit (only 135 total stitches left!!) until that #$(*@ sweater will be ready to sew together.  Hallelujah!!!
I got an unexpected day off today.  Doc wrote me a lab request so I can go in and see my doctor a few weeks early (I’m not due until the 7th of December) because my morning blood sugars have been WAY too high.  It’s stressing me out, which is making my sugars even higher.  Anyway, we only had afternoon patients scheduled today, so we agreed we’d go in to work around noon.  I was going to go have my blood drawn, do a few things around the house or maybe hit some stores to finish up my Christmas shopping.  I had my blood drawn first thing and was watching In Session (The old Court TV) and Doc called.  Our last patient canceled, and since my commute is about 40 minutes, Doc called and said to just stay home.  It wasn’t worth me driving there, seeing a patient for 1/2 an hour, then driving back home. 
So I started my holiday baking.  I’m in the process of making some mock-truffles.  I will freeze them, and put some out at Thanksgiving, the rest at Christmas. 
I tried to make my diabetes appointment, but when I called, I am not listed as a patient of my new doctor.  I have a call in to TriCare to get moved over, but they, of course, didn’t call me back today.  I did leave my work number, too, so hopefully they’ll call in the morning and I can get added to his patient list and make my appointment. 
Tomorrow I have my Diabetic class (Via the phone) but when they called to confirm my appointment, I mentioned that I never got the material I was supposed to look over before this class.  They forwarded me to Margaret, my RN/”Teacher.” I got her voice mail, but she called me back fairly quickly, I talked to her, and we’re still going to have our class tomorrow – though I don’t know what the subject matter will be.
Got the package of Mud Buddies/Puppy Chow sent off today (Thanks Hub) to Brock and his Buds today.  He’ll be thrilled to get it!
Dee and the babies will be here in two days!  I can’t convey how excited I am about that.  We probably won’t be able to see them until Wednesday or Thursday, but that’s OK… It will be so much fun to have them in the house again.  Brock said if he re-enlists he’s going to try to get stationed at Fort Huachuca, which is about 3 hours from here.  How awesome would that be?!?
Quote of the Day:
The difference between perseverance and
obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t. 
        ~Henry Ward Beecher


1. Kelly - November 13, 2008

aww i need to start baking too but yeah i just dont want to yet 😦

we will so need to see pictures of the babies 🙂 I bet Piper is all grown up huh?


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