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Saturday Stuffing November 15, 2008

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Never go to bed thinking about what a mess your house is, and how in less than two weeks there will be babies roaming around … and all you have to do to get it baby proofed.  I was up all night worrying about everything that needs to be put out of reach.  Like …
    º My Indian doll collection
    º The unsteady shelving unit that holds our DVDs
    º My knitting supplies downstairs in the living room
    º The guitars
    º Everything below thigh level
    º The grand kids have ruined several computers … should I worry about finding a way to put the towers/keyboards in a higher position?  We can’t afford to replace three computers.  Ditto the DVD players, the game systems, the stereo.
    º The cat is probably going to freak out – Dee and the kids will be in HER room on HER bed. Have I mentioned we call her “La Princessa?”  She fits the profile.
    º My living room/bedroom/craft room are chock-full of boxes right now, containing Christmas gifts.  I need to get them sorted and wrapped and stashed neatly in either my bedroom or the craft room.
    º I need to get off my a§§ and read the magazines I haven’t read and get rid of them.  I get no less than 8 catalogs every stinkin’ day in my mail.  I toss the ones I don’t want into recycling, but I need to go through the remainder and get rid of them, too.  I get a lot of ideas for gifts I can make from catalogs, so I hate to toss them before I go through them.
    º I need to clean off my desk and shred all these old bill stubs.  I can put the shredded bills in my compost pile – that’s a plus.

There’s just so much to do, I get overwhelmed about where I should start, so I end up not doing anything.  I absolutely, positively need to get in gear this weekend and get started so that I am not shoving things in bags and boxes and stashing them in the garage or a closet Thanksgiving eve before Dee and the kids come over.  It never fails – the boxes and bags shoved full of crap never get gone through until years later. 

That @#*&$ Sweater
That @#*&$ Sweater




I finished the #$*)@ sweater … it still needs to be blocked, but at least I can move on to the next project.

I did talk to my “Diabetic Educator” yesterday, and she agrees, I do need a medicine change.  This new med (For me) Januvia is not helping me at all.  My HbA1c has gone UP instead of down, and my fasting glucose was outrageously high (For me) which just makes me stress even more about the whole situation.  It’s a known fact stressors can raise your sugars as much as eating a whole boatload of carbs.  I can’t stand this, and it makes me feel like my whole life is out of control.

I suppose it’s time to get down to the business of cleaning.  More later, perhaps.

Quote of the Day:  To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed – That can make life a garden.



1. David - November 15, 2008

I was reading through some of your blogs and they are very interesting. I guess I have a new blog in the rotation. I look forward to reading more writings…


2. Kelly - November 15, 2008

there is no way I can even think about Christmas yet even tho i have been ….good grief you know it is only like 38 days away….I have some cleaning to do myself so I am off…



3. Sandra - November 16, 2008

You are going to be so busy getting the house child-proof, mind you I think children are so resourceful. Although you try your hardest they always find some trouble to get into…at least Roman always does….lol! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

4. Joyce - November 18, 2008

Oh do I know the baby proofing of the house thing..don’t envy you on that front. Hope you get some rest after it is all done…you sound so tired…hugs and love,

5. Indigo - November 18, 2008

Stop channeling me Kath…I don’t have little grandkids coming but I’ve got that sense of panic to get the house together for the holidays. Planning food for Pauls family get together and just trying to figure out how the hell I’m going to feed, sit and entertain 24 people in my little house…did I say I have a small house.

Worse comes to worse you can do like my daughter grandmother used to do and follow the kids all over making sure they don’t get hurt , put something in their mouth, etc. *winks* I know, I know I’m not helping . If we lived closer I would be able to help put things up (wait a minute, I’m only 5’1 that wouldn’t work) Hmmm you could test things on me to see if they were out of reach…

I’m sure it will all come together sweetie, breathe, relax…now I just need to take my own advice. (Hugs)Indigo

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