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11-16-08 November 16, 2008

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I got a text last night from Dee saying she and the kids arrived safely in Phoenix.  She said she was surprised because the kids were well behaved on the trip.
For the past half hour or so we’ve been texting.  She said she’s all ready sick of living with her mom.  Dee said her mom tells her when it’s time to feed the kids and bathe the kids.  I told her she needs to gently remind her mom that she’s been a mother for quite some time now, and she knows what she’s doing.  We talked about me  helping her get her license so she can leave when she wants without having to rely on her step-dad for rides.  The conversation then pretty much ended, but 15 minutes or so later she texted and asked “Do you think it’s wrong to tell my mom I can leave the house when I want to?”  This is a tough one – I had to look at it from her Mom’s point of view (Overbearing much?) and I ended up telling her “No, not if you do it in a nice way.  You are an adult and not a child.  Don’t say it when you are angry.”  Sounds to me like her mother is being a jailer, not a mother.  It’s no wonder they don’t get along very well.  Dee is married with children, she shouldn’t have to get permission to leave the house.  She didn’t have to ask me if she could leave the house, though often she would say “Would you mind if I went to the store?”  Telling her mom where she is going and when she’ll be back would be a nice courtesy, but I really think she should be free to go where /when she wants.  I feel sorry for her.  We just don’t have enough space for three more people, and with my paychecks not coming in regularly, I’m not sure I can afford to feed three more people, either.  (I’m owed almost three months in back pay.) 
I’ve managed to make quite a big dent in the baby-proofing in the living room, anyway.  It’s a good thing we have another week before the grand kids come over!  It’s going to take me at least that long, and once they get here I’m sure I’ll realize things I have forgotten!
Bryce went down to Tucson to spend the weekend with a childhood friend who’s suffering a severe bout of depression.  The Hub left to pick him up a bit ago (They meet half-way) and once they get home we’ll be sitting down to an awesome pot of Red Beans and Rice – Cajun style!  I love the cooler months if only because I get to cook big pots of soups and cauldrons of gumbo, chili or RB&Rice.  I’m skipping the cornbread tonight, though.  It’s usually hard to keep it in the house but the last few times we’ve eaten one piece and the rest sits in the pan until I have to throw it away.
Quote of the Day:
When the world says, “Give up,”  Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
        ~Author Unknown


1. Kelly - November 16, 2008

oh yeah thats a tough one…I have had that same issue with my mother tho and it finally took my FATHER saying…umm she is 30….you cant tell her what to do anymore….

Now is Dee staying here or is she going back to Killeen? Cause if she is staying there? She SO needs to tell her momma now and get that right on outta the way….or it will be ugly really quick…and there will be hurt feelings on both sides…

2. Maureen - November 16, 2008

Very enjoyable reading!

3. Sandra - November 17, 2008

I feel sorry for Dee, she shouldn`t have to ask her mother`s permission to leave the house. She must be a very controlling woman.

Love Sandra xxxx

4. Joyce - November 18, 2008

That is so sad Dee is having those issues with her Mom…it should not be that way…
Doing some major catching up with you…hugs and love,

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