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Total Strangers November 18, 2008

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I just had a horrifying thought!  What if the grandchildren don’t like me??  OMG, I’d be so crushed if they reject me.  In all honesty, we will be total strangers to them, especially Gavin.  We haven’t seen him since he was a few hours old, and he’s over a year now.  Piper talks to us on the phone, but I’m not sure she’s old enough to grasp that Meema and Aki on the phone are – Ta Da – these people in front of her.
Dee called night before last, but I was taking a bath and no one else jumped up and ran to answer the incessantly ringing phone, so we missed the call.  I texted her after I saw it was her on caller ID, and explained what happened.  She said “Bebo (Piper)  just wanted to talk to her Meema before she went to bed.”  Awww.  I missed it!
Dee and the kids will be dropped off here Sunday and will stay until next Saturday.  How much fun will that be?!  We’ve got to run some errands – going out to the base to get her insurance switched over to this base, and she and Gavin both need doctor appointments – plus hopefully I’ll have one, too.  Maybe we can go Christmas shopping one afternoon after I get off work.
Ugh!  I just hope the kids warm up to us quickly.
As much as we hate to admit it, and as much as we said “NO!  It’s NOT going to happen” I have a feeling Dee and the kids will be living here with us before too long.  Things are not going well with her “mother” (I use that term loosely) and as crammed as our house will be I don’t want her to be miserable (Or … MORE miserable, since she’s pretty miserable in the first place with Brock in Afghanistan!) the whole time she’s here in Phoenix.  One side of us says “She’s the one who wanted to move here with her mom!” but the other side does have some sympathy for her situation.
When I finally got in touch with my insurance company on the base, and told him I was supposed to be switched over to my new doctor but hadn’t been, the man with a very Ben Stein voice said “Well, if I wanted to make you work for this I’d say you have to come in and fill out this stack of paperwork before I can make that happen.  Since this is Friday, and I don’t want to look at that stack of paperwork, I’ll do it for you.  If they don’t like it, what are they going to do, fire me?  I retire in June, anyway!”  Ha ha.  He ended the conversation by saying “Unless there’s a bombing or something, you should be in the system by Monday afternoon.”  Yay!  I have to call today and make my appointment.  (Done – appt. for next Wednesday.)
I need my hair cut again all ready.  I had a natural hair disaster this morning, couldn’t do a thing with it.  It’s too heavy to hold a style, even with “Freeze” hairspray, so back to the chopping block for me.  I also need to make Bryce and I dental appointments.  Hopefully I can get those for next week, too, since I have more wiggle room in my work schedule.
Quote of the Day:
When your dreams turn to dust, vacuum. 
        ~Author Unknown


1. Kelly - November 18, 2008

AWWWW they will love you gram… 🙂 you know they will…whats not to love?



2. davidwills - November 19, 2008

Hi Spiggy
I was the lad what offed you offa the Alpha inventions so I hearby introduce you to Barney Bubbles artist in print and life. Check it out.

3. Rosemary - November 19, 2008

They will totally love you! I can’t get over Dee’s mom and how horrible she is. I’m glad she has you and Hub and knows what true love feels like.

I’m catching up here..

4. Kat - November 19, 2008

I can’t help but remember how tense things were between you and Dee back in the beginning. I love reading about how things are with you now. You really have become family.

I’m sure the kids will warm up to you very quickly. Piper will put it all together very quickly and Gavin will take his cues from his mother. My kids rarely saw their grandparents when they were small, but there was never more than a few minutes of hesitation. How could they possibly resist all the love you have to offer??

5. Nelishia - November 21, 2008

They’re going to feel your love and love you back. You have a big heart for them all I can tell and that heals lots of hurts. Ask me sometime how I know. Everybody needs at least one angel in a lifetime. It sounds as if possibly you are going to be blessed with that job.

6. Tom Schuckman - November 22, 2008

You are TOO BUSY! Ha! –good honest, hard working women are a rare, precious commodity now days. Really!
I like your blog.

Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70

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