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Running Commentary … November 21, 2008

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…Or … I Need a Break From Cleaning So I’ll Waste a Few Minutes on the Computer
7:01 a.m.
Got up at the usual Oh Dark Thirty this morning, and decided I wasn’t going to go in to work today.  I’ve got too much to do to sit at work and answer the phone should it happen to ring!  The Doc left for his vacation yesterday afternoon, and basically I can work when I want to, and right now I DON’T WANT TO.
Started the self cleaning cycle on the oven at four thirty so it would be done by nine thirty or so, in case I need to run out for supplies – which I do.  Now if I can avoid stopping in to get my hair cut while I’m out, that will be a miracle!  I have to get drain cleaner for Bryce’s tub – he won’t hang the new curtain liner and clean the tub unless the drain isn’t backed up.  He claims it will get the new liner dirty, so why bother until the drain is emptying the tub more to his liking.  Ugh.  I’ve been feeding the drain active enzymes for three days to eat all the hair and soap gunk, but it’s made little improvement, so now I have to resort to nasty chemicals.  Or call a plumber.  I’m not even going there. 
Also on the list is a search for the best tub cleaner, because my gosh, Bryce’s tub looks like he baths in mud and not clean water.  He just cleaned it (So he claimed a few weeks ago, but now I’m thinking I need to check it after he “Cleans” it. )   It’s nasty, I wouldn’t want to shower in there, much less bath two kids!
I also need to pick up some cabinet safety locks, at least for the cabinet under the sink (Chemicals!  Cleaners! Combustibles, Oh My!  Ok, so maybe not the combustibles part, but allow me some poetic liberties here.) and the cabinet I keep my medicines in. 
I’ve boxed up my reachable dolls, pottery and a few other trinkets.  There’s more to pack, yet, as The Hub doesn’t want to risk any damage at all.  He thinks we’ve paid for our sins many times over from the damage our own, older kids caused, so why throw caution to the wind and leave things out to be tempting for the much younger set?  We’re so done with that, we’re trying to keep the nice things … nice.  What little “Nice things” we have, anyway. 
Was on my hands and knees scrubbing the baseboard and floor under a moveable cabinet that we have when I heard my instant messenger ding at me.  I thought I had turned the computer off!  It was my sister in law, so I’d type, then go back to the floor, when I heard the ding I’d rush back and answer, and go back and moved up the wall to the 2″ wooden blinds.  Heard the ding, ran back to computer, answered and tried to take a sip of coffee out of an empty  mug.  Went to make a new pot.  Our RO water system needs a new membrane, so it fills the coffee pot very slowly.  I left the water running into the coffee pot, which sat on the counter, while I returned to the mini blinds.  The water just trickles out …. do you see where this is going??  I forgot about the water until about half an hour later.  I guess that’s one way to get the countertop deep cleaned!  It overflowed, but luckily it was all contained on the counter and hadn’t yet reached the capacity of dripping onto the floor (which needs mopping anyway, so maybe I should have left it a while longer!)
The oven is cooling, I’ve been decluttering, and I’m off to the grocery store for supplies, and yes … a haircut (If Irene is working today.)  I deserve it.  I need it.  The salon is right next door – why waste the trip, right?!  The dental office is right there, too, so I’ll stop in and see about appointments for Bryce and myself. 
I love going to see Irene when no one is waiting in line.  She plays with my hair, and styles it for no additional charge.  We even made plans on what we’ll do next time (More stacked in the back, and some color or highlights.)  She did some teasing on the crown today, to show me how to get some height and “Poof.”   I always tip her very well, because she never rushes and always gives me a good cut, even if there are clients waiting!
I did stop in to make dental appointments.  The gal is going to call me back after she checks my benefits to schedule us in.  I don’t think getting in next week will be a problem.  They only recently opened, I saw the doctor sitting at a desk, and there were no patients in the waiting room.  We might be able to get our cleaning and our lost fillings taken care of in one visit, which will be nice.  (Mine might need a crown, though, we’ll see.)  They do teeth whitening there, I might inquire about that while I’m in there.
Baseboards – cleaned.  I wasn’t planning on doing a deep clean like this, but once you get started, you find things that need doing.  I just wanted to do a basic baby-proofing.  The fact that I’m doing a deep clean just means it needed doing, so why not?  I wanted to place to look nice for Thanksgiving anyway, in case Nicole’s mom comes with her … I don’t want her to know we live like slobs, even though we do.  (I still don’t know if Nicole’s mom is coming – but Blaine said she probably won’t because if she’s not at work, she’s kind of a recluse.)  The house needed a good wallop, though, so I am happy to get it all done.  Have I mentioned I hate, Hate HATE cleaning the 2″ wood blinds?  Gah.  With all the dust in Phoenix, it’s a never ending job, and I don’t clean them as often as I should.  Probably because I HATE cleaning them.  Did I mention that?!  Back to the grindstone.
Why do I feel worked off my feet yet it looks as though I’ve made MORE of a mess rather than less of one? 
Do carpet layers wind up with bad knees?  Just something I was pondering while cleaning.
Desk – as clean as it’s going to get.
Fixin’ to mop the kitchen and foyer.  Oh, Joy! 
Starting to get my grump on.  I’m tired of cleaning.


1. Connie - November 21, 2008

I haven’t watched Oprah in a long time, but I caught the episode where they are cleaning houses…one at a time, and giving advice on how to unclutter your house and your life. I’ve been doing the ten minute de-clutter every day, and I can’t believe how much room I’ve made just by getting rid of stuff I dont really need. It may take me months, but I’m determined.

2. Kelly - November 21, 2008




3. Nelishia - November 21, 2008

You’re doing an awesome job so far. What I’d like to do is get a rental cube truck. Take everything outside and put it in it. Repaint all the walls, shampoo all the carpets and then move back in. I need a new dishwasher too. Did I mention that? We totally need new blinds here. I think the 2″ wooden ones are beautiful but then again I don’t live in Phoenix so they wouldn’t be a hassle down here in Dixie I don’t think. Not sure. Anway, I hope you get that tub clean before you sit down in it. JK


4. Anne Allen - November 21, 2008

Good Lord woman, take a break! You have done way too much. I hope somebody treats you like a quuen, considering all you do for everybody. YOU deserve a break today!

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