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The Day of the Doctor Visits November 26, 2008

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Yesterday, after the debacle that was trying to get Dee’s power of attorney faxed to me at work from her step-father, (He didn’t bring the signed page with him – what good is a power of attorney with out the page that has the signature, I ask you?  Sabatoge!) I came home and took Dee and the grandchildren out to the base to get their health care transferred.  Turns out they never even asked for the POA (Scandalous!) and we got everything taken care of.  They told Dee to take Gavin right over to the Peds clinic, a doctor might be able to see him today.  Poor little fella has been coughing and tugging at his ears. It was a typical “Hurry up and wait” military situation.  Piper was not on her best behavior (If I could only bottle her energy!!) but we finally made it through the appointment with a diagnosis of a sinus infection.  Poor baby!  No wonder he’s been a bit fussy (But still smiley!) and he headed over to the pharmacy to wait almost an hour and a half for a bottle of anti-biotics for him.  By the time we got home I was worn the hell out! 
Let me tell ya.  That Piper can turn on and off the tears to attempt to get what she wants.  Let me tell her … that crap don’t fly with Meema! 
All I wanted was to hole up in my bedroom and finish the project I am working on for Nicole for Christmas, but alas, someone had to feed the clan! 
After everyone ate and the kitchen was clean I made Pumpkin Pecan Tartlets  (Eh.  Don’t bother.) and then took a nice hot lavender scented bath before climbing into bed and watching “Rehab” and finishing my project.  (Pictures later.)
This morning the cat was infuriated that I wasn’t out of bed at my usual four a.m., and she made sure to get me out of bed by repeatedly stepping on the pattern which was on the floor beside my bed.  Crunch.  Crunch. Meow.  Crunch – MEOWWW!  Good morning, four fifteen! 
I fed the cat, made coffee, and when I let the cat out I went out on the porch swing and read a chapter of “Breaking Dawn” (Stephanie Meyers.  Yes, I’m finally getting around to reading it! I had to remind Blaine to bring it with him when he came over Monday night.) I made my apple pie – it’s baking as I type, and cleaned up that mess.  I’ll leave the pumpkin pie until later this afternoon.
We were at the dentist for much longer than I had anticipated.  I did get my tooth fixed – I was scheduled for a crown and root canal (After the xrays were taken) but ended up only needing a new shiny white filling.  I have three other teeth that need attention.  One needs a crown and maybe a root canal, and the other two are just replacing old cracked fillings.  Bryce?  He didn’t fare as well.  Sewer mouth might be an appropriate name for him.  He has many teeth that need filling.  I’m kicking myself for not continuing to take him to the dentist every six months now.  I think all the work he needs done finally scared him into realizing what I’ve been preaching about flossing and brushing wasn’t just a “Mom thing.”  He had three teeth filled today, and we both go back next Friday.  I’ll have my cleaning and one of the fillings replaced, and he’ll have three more teeth filled.
I had to pick my prescription refills up at the commissary pharmacy since the satellite pharmacy is being renovated.  I knew it might take some time to find a parking place being the day before Thanksgiving – and I was right, though I only had to make one circuit around the parking lot before I found an opening.  The store was packed to the gills – but the check-out lines were empty.   Very odd.  Ran back to the pharmacy, picked up my meds and headed over to the hospital.  I was an hour early for my appointment (I thought it would take me longer to pick up my refills) and I forgot my book in the car, so I sat there reading old NewsWeek magazines (It was either that or GolfDigest or Officer’sWorld or some crud like that.) I got in a little bit early to see the doc, but it felt like an eternity.
My doc is convinced it’s stress that has made my sugars go up so much, and he’s not worried at all.  He said no medicine changes for another three months, and then if they haven’t gone down we’ll talk about other options.  My job has become a major stress point, the Afghanistan story Brock told me shot my stress through the roof, and having company for a week hasn’t added a sense of calm to my life at all.  The weird thing is (There’s always something weird with me, come on, you were expecting it) that my sugars were very low this morning, and again when I ran in after the dentist visit to check my sugars before running out to the base.  The lowest they have been in three months.  Go figure.
I have been conducting a bit of an experiment with Morgan.  I’m almost convinced, but I need a few more trials to be sure.  I think she wakes me up when my sugars are low.  This morning was the fourth time it has happened.  They say animals can sense these things, and I am truly wondering if she can tell when I  am bottoming out, and therefore becomes a pest until I get up.  Every morning (Even when she hasn’t gotten me up) she follows me down the stairs and sits at my feet while I test my blood for sugars.  Maybe she’s a little Diabetes angel.
I never did make that pumpkin pie.  I’ll be up before dawn, as usual, so I’ll have plenty of time to get it in the oven in the morning.  Since I am only cooking three boneless turkey breasts tomorrow, instead of a whole honkin’ turkey, they only have to be in the oven for about 2.5 hours, so the day should be pretty smooth sailing, without having to constantly be in the kitchen from dawn until late afternoon.  The most time consuming part of the meal preparation will be getting two batches of yeast rolls made and risen, and that’s really no work at all, since I mix them and do the first raise in the bread machine.  I think that’s one of the best kitchen appliances I have ever thrown money into.  We love it!
I’m fading fast, so it’s about time for another hot bath and some music.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Quote of the Day:
“I think the reason I understand children is because I’m so barbaric.”  (Hmmm…. Okkkkkkayyyyyy….. Whatever you say, son.)


1. Connie - November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving sweet lady!

2. Sandra - November 27, 2008

I hope Gavin is feeling better now he has antibiotics, bless him. Piper reminds me of Roman, he can certainly turn on the tears to get his own way. It doesn`t work with this nana either…lol!

Love Sandra xxxx

3. Joyce - November 28, 2008

Awww, I do hope Gavin feels better…sounded like such a busy day…and Happy Thanksgiving…many hugs and love,

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