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Sunday Summary November 30, 2008

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 The kidlets left yesterday, back to their other Grandma’s house.  It was a relief in a way … It’s hard having babies in the house again.  They were quite good the first few days, but after they’ve gotten to know you a bit, they can act more themselves … and they did.  Gavin being  sick wasn’t much help, he just wasn’t feeling all that well.  Piper gets to the points where she’ll blatantly ignore you.  However, as soon as you pay attention to her brother, she’s right there whining for her own bit of attention.  There was plenty of tantrum throwing by both kids, and histionics when they (Meaning Piper) got into trouble.  Might I add I hate the freaking baby gate at the top of the stairs?  Ugh!  It’s a necessary evil, but I am so uncomfortable standing on the top step and having to maneuver that thing, especially if I’ve got my hands full.  I guess I fear falling down the steps while wrestling with the gate.
They’ll be back December 20th.  I am guessing they’ll be here for a week, though I have no idea.  I’m just along for the ride.
Yesterday we actually went out for a couple of hours to look for some things we need and one gift.  Our pasta was attacked by pantry bugs – again.  Almost everything I put in the pantry goes in some kind of container, but we had a few boxes of pasta that we hadn’t contained … and the bugs got to those.  We were in search of containers for that – but I wasn’t willing to pay upwards of eight dollars for a container.  I’ll visit the dollar stores and BigLots and find some cheap substitutes there. 
We had to run in Kohls to look for something I saw advertised that I wanted to pick up for Brock.  Luckily they had what I was looking for (Only two left, just in the nick of time!) and we browsed around the appliances and dishes.  We walked past this display of the softest throws I have ever felt.  Oh my gosh, it was like touching a piece of heaven.  So soft and fluffy.  I might have to go back and get one of those if they are still there after the holidays.  I could just imagine snuggling under that while sitting on the couch with a good book. 
I’ve got a huge pot of white chili simmering on the stove.  Something made me think of it yesterday, and I just had to make a pot using leftover turkey.  It smells delish!  I’m a bit strange when it comes to homemade soups and stews.  I could care less about all the admittedly good stuff simmering in the pot.  I would be so happy just to eat the broth part of the dish.  I absolutely love the broth from red beans and rice.  Just gimme a bowl of that and I’m happy to leave the sausage, beans and the rice for others to enjoy.  I do enjoy the whole dish, though, if I am making vegetable soup.
Check out this site if you’d like to drive traffic to your blog/journal. Alpha Inventions  I don’t know how my journal ended up on there, but the day it did, I had upwards of 200 hits.  I go there now and post if I’ve put up a new entry, and I’ve found quite a few good reads by clicking on the journals that flash on the screen.
I have wrapped a few presents, and I’m fixin’ to go wrap some more and amend my gift list as I do (I always find things I forgot I bought for people.  That’s what happens when you begin shopping the week after Christmas for next years gifts.)
The Hub and I are coming down with colds – probably from the grandkidlets, so all I want to do it take a nap while the antihistimine I took starts to work.  My throat is raw from post nasal drip and it completely blows.  Ha.  Blows.  I slay me.
There’s a Christmas “Me-Me” below this entry that I did not do a notify for, if you care to read.
Quote of the Day:
Lost in thought:  Please send a search party.


1. gardenax - November 30, 2008

Cool blog, I’m really sorry of bumping you out of the reading cycle.

2. Anne Allen - November 30, 2008

Yep, the baby gates protect the kids and the animals and kill adults. If that doesn’t get you wait till the grandkids give you a cough that turns deadly; or the flu. Yet we still love them and keep coming back for more. I did put my foot down and if any of them have a cough, I will NOT be around them. I can smell your soup now. Anne

3. marcys - December 1, 2008

I just put my blog onto alphainventions but I see how the blogs change so fast, you never really get to read one all the way through. I wonder if this will bring me traffic? Thanks for the tip. (Another Grandma just along for the ride).

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