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Playing Catch-Up December 5, 2008

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Last month my niece challenged the family to “Bitch in your Blog” and the challenge was to write an entry every day in November.  I found out about it a little too late to join in, so I didn’t participate.  This month my sister in law has challenged us to a family “Holidalies.”  There’s a blog group or site or something that does this every  year, and my sister in law thinks it’s a good idea for the family to do the same thing, without having to sign up at the official web site.  I said I’d try to play along, but I am terrible at writing every day.  It starts today and goes through the sixth of January.  It’s going to be a long month! 
The Hub and I have been pretty sick this week.  Whatever little Gavin had, he generously shared it with us.  I need to teach those kids that it’s okay NOT to share some things!  Now I know how miserable the cutie-patootie was.  The last time I was this sick I had my most of my family over for Thanksgiving.   That was about 14 years ago.  Even pneumonia wasn’t this bad.  So anyway, we’re attempting to “Feel better”  I got us both a Z-pack for “Just in case” as I didn’t want to have to call the boss over the weekend to prescribe something.  I started mine yesterday for reasons I won’t explain in detail here.  I’m sure extolling the virtues of the colors of my snot and sputum wouldn’t be appreciated.
I can, however, extol the virtues of “Nighttime cold/flu medicine.”  I have, thankfully, been able to sleep like a baby rock without coughing jags, or having to keep a tissue under my nose 24/7.  The daylight hours are just the opposite, but I can live through that as long as I have had a good night of rest.  It’s too bad I have to work, because that stuff could get me through this situation if I could take it all day and just sleep the days away.
The cat = weirdness.  I think the cooler weather has gone to her head.  She’s much more playful and rambunctious, and …. weird.  She races around the house like her butt is on fire then just stops.  Like she was sitting there staring at the wall the whole time and all the ruckus was simply our imagination.
The bosses wife stopped by the office to drop his lunch off on Wednesday.  She said she’d be by the next day to take pictures of us for our office Christmas card.  I took extra time with my hair and wardrobe, wanting to wear something “Holiday-ish” instead of my scrubs for the card.  She didn’t sleep well, so didn’t come in the office.  Sigh.  So the boss says “Wear that again tomorrow, we can take the pictures then.”  I had discovered the little camera we have in the office has a self-timer on it, and if I stacked the camera on my post it holder and the stamp pad, it was the perfect height to get us both in the picture without chopping our heads off.  This morning, I didn’t take as much time doing my hair, as I remembered we will be wearing Santa hats, but I still did make an effort there and with my make-up.  We had an extremely busy day today, and the boss came in with two minutes to spare, so no picture before work.  When one patient canceled, he ran out for food.  When two patients were coming in together and didn’t show, he spent the time on the phone outside, doing his secretive whatever he is doing out there stuff.  By the time the last patient was finished, I had to dash out for my dental appointment because the doc ran over-time.  Sigh.  I’m not even going to attempt to dress up next week.  Screw it.
Pregnancy prediction – place your bets now.  Dee asked me a few weeks ago if I’d take her for an appointment to get her some birth control.  She texted me yesterday and asked if I could take her while she is here for Christmas.  I told her the days I could go (I do have to work, after all) and she texted back that she had an appointment for Dec 30th in the afternoon, for the Pap smear only.  I guess they won’t give you birth control until your Pap results come back.  Brock is leaving Afghanistan on January 1st.  It will take him a few days to get home, but I believe Paps take 7-10 days to get results on the base.  Hmmm.  Slight calculating leads me to believe she won’t have her birth control before he comes home.  Wagers?
I only got my teeth cleaned today.  My sinus cavities are in so much pain my upper teeth all hurt.  There was no way I would have been able to have any fillings replaced.  I was in agony the last half of the cleaning from just having my mouth open.  I love having my teeth cleaned, though, so I suffered through it.  I made an appointment for Bryce and The Hub to go in next week.  (Bryce went today, also) but I scheduled my appointment two weeks out to be sure I’d be better by then.  Plus, I can put it on the work schedule so I’ll be sure to get off in time.
Quote of the Day: 
Vegetarian:  Noun.  Old Indian word for BAD HUNTER. 
 Have you checked out Alpha Inventions yet?


1. Nelishia - December 6, 2008

I am sorry about the crud you all have because I’ve had three relapses since September. I’ve had such a hard time getting rid of it and took my third and final Z-Pac pill last night.
My money is on the girl being/getting pregnant before hubby goes to Afghanistan. Getting dressed up for nothing would really make me angry. There is no way that I would even consider getting my teeth filled or whatever with the crud that we’ve had because it hurts so bad. You were sure brave to do it. I’m a wuss I guess. I don’t think I would be able to write everyday either, regarding SIL’s challenge. I do hope you all feel better soon. I’m better than I was after the Z-Pac Dr. called in for me. I’m loving that she did that!

2. Joyce - December 8, 2008

I do hope you and your hubby are feeling better. Wow, you had a dentist appointment too…you can take a lot…truly hope you feel better Kath. I just can’t write daily…I am not that interesting…for the most part. I would lose the chanllege for sure…hugs and love,

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