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Monday 12-08-08 December 8, 2008

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Tonights sunset

Tonight's sunset

Today is my last day on antibiotics, though Doc thinks I should go ahead and get the refill and take those, too.  He caught something, and now has pneumonia.  He did come in to work today, but we only had two patients, and one came from Kansas City to see him, so he felt obliged to come in.  Tomorrow we don’t have any patients, so he’ll have another day to recover.

Another View

Another View

It’s been overcast the past two days, therefore a bit on the cool side for Phoenix.  It’s been kind of nice, but my feet have been cold!  We did get a bit of rain last night, but nothing to write home about. 

Yet Another ....

Yet Another ....

I was playing around with my phone this afternoon, since we are getting ready to terminate the “Web” feature.  We’ve had the phones nearly a month, and I’ve hit the web maybe three or four times, and The Hub has played with it once or twice.  (Though  today I did look up the name of an extract I was looking for in the store and couldn’t remember the name while I was in the vitamin aisle.  The store didn’t have it, but it was nice to be able to look it up real quick!) ANYWAY, I was messing around with the web features and I discovered I can watch “Pop-Up Videos” from Vh1.  I used to love watching those!  That was cool, but not worth paying the extra price of having the web on the phones.

My Favorite Shot of the Night

My Favorite Shot of the Night

I have no motivation to do anything.  I just want to sleep.  I must have been a bear in a former life. 
I took this picture the other evening, and it’s not a black and white shot, it just turned out this way.  I love it!

Sunset 12-06-08

Sunset 12-06-08

 Quote of the Day:
The sun’s rim dips; the stars rush out:
At one stride comes the dark.
           S. T. Coleridge


1. Nelishia - December 8, 2008

That picture of the sunset is so beautiful. So sad to hear about Doc’s pneumonia. I don’t have internet phone because we can’t afford it right now but I’ve always been curious about it and have wanted to play on it and try it. I absolutely loved Pop Up videos. Not worth paying for though I agree.


2. Joyce - December 9, 2008

I would love to see a sunset like that in person…loved all the photo’s Kath. Hope, if you take the extra antibiotics…it will make you feel better…not good for your Doc to work so sick…glad it was only two patients. We cut our web feature on our phone too…never used it myself. Cheaper now. Hope you have a good Tuesday…hugs and love,

3. Rosie - December 9, 2008

That last photo.. stunning! You should submit it for a contest because it’s so thought and emotion provoking.

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