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TGIF, December 19, 2008 December 19, 2008

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Went to the dentist today.  Mouth hurts.  Must medicate.  Ended up not needing the root canal, thank goodness.  I have some TMJ issues, and when I am forced to keep my mouth open for long periods like that, my jaw gets stuck open.  That’s what’s hurting now, my jaw, from being open for THREE freaking hours.  The tooth hurts some, the gums feel really itchy and irritated – so I’m going a bit crazy.
Can I just say TGIF?!  I thought this week would never end.
We have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  We shop for two weeks at a time, making a menu to go by.  We need 14 meals.  I have only thought of four, and  one of those is Christmas dinner.  It’s hard thinking of things all six of us will eat.  Can’t use any spices because of the kids.  I wish I could say “Screw it” and not cook for the next two weeks.  Sometimes I am just tired of catering to everyone.  The Hub and I are not picky.  We know what we like.  (Hush, Hub.  I AM NOT picky.  Am not.)  We’ve been wanting to do a roast veggie night.  That would mean there would be four unhappy campers.  Sigh. 
Craving bacon.  (We buy turkey bacon, which makes us feel a little less guilty for eating bacon.)
Must get to bed, I can hardly keep my eyes open.
Quote of the day: 
I’ve got to give you a shot in the roof of your mouth.  This one’s going to hurt.  :::Injecting:::  Sorry!  Sorry!  Sorry!  Almost done!


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