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Sunday, December 28, 2008 December 28, 2008

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Got this from my friend Kristen.

End of year meme…..Take the first sentence of the first (unfiltered) entry you made in a given month and post it in order to sum up your year.

January:  Motivation …. Or lack thereof.

February:  Those are the socks I made for my Granny Dot.
March:  It’s grocery shopping day! 
April:  Thanks for all the prayers for my Mom. 
May:  Haven’t been reading many journals, haven’t been online much to read them.
June:  Please send up a little prayer for Dot, the newest Angel in heaven, my Granny.
July:  The trial ended last week, I just needed this whole time to regain control of my brain.
August:  The boss asked me to stay home today, as I had a fever yesterday, and he can’t afford to be sick.
September:  I got up at my usual “Oh Dark Thirty” because my internal clock is too stubborn to change in it’s old age. 
October:  1 1/4 Cups “Quick” rolled oats
November:  The Hub procrastinated long enough that he couldn’t do his early voting by mail – so he went last night to stand in line with the 60 gazillion other people who had the same idea.
December:Last month my niece challenged the family to “Bitch in your Blog” and the challenge was to write an entry every day in November. 


1. Kelly - December 28, 2008

i am SO about to do this one…..lol….No telling what will come up 🙂


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