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Sick of Being Sick 12-29-08 December 29, 2008

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I got the best news ever today!  Brock will probably be home Wednesday.  As in day after tomorrow!  Hooray!  I know how excited I am, I can only imagine how excited Dee is! 
The Good Doctor put me on a stronger anti-biotic today, plus some cough perles, and some Mucinex.  Maybe I can finally get over whatever it is that’s dragging me down. 
When I got to work this morning I was greeted by two big piles of sopping wet mail under the mail slot.  Our office had flooded sometime between Christmas Eve and this morning.  The dental office had flooded, too.  Ours was just in front of the windows and the door, while the dentist’s office was in front of one window, the bathroom and the storage room.  Apparently it rained so hard that the breezeway flooded and it came in under our doors.  It was only a few feet into the office, not the whole office, thank goodness.
I’ve only got a half day of work tomorrow, but a very busy half day.  We have no plans for New Year’s Eve.  Dee was going to go out with some friends and had asked Bryce to watch the kids, but now that Brock is coming home I don’t know if they’ll still be going out.  He might be pretty tired from cross-the-world traveling.  I might spring for a bottle of cheap champagne, but other than that …. no plans.


1. Kat - December 29, 2008

Oh wow!! What wonderful news! I know you’re thrilled and I’m sure Dee is too. Having Brock home will be a perfect way to celebrate the new year.

2. Kelly - December 29, 2008

YEAH!!!! I know you all are so excited! We are going no where…Its funny how once the kids start to have a social life…we dont anymore…lol….


3. Joyce - December 30, 2008

What GREAT news about Brock coming home!!!! I know all will be so happy to see him, as he will to see his entire family. Oh do I know what you mean of sick of being sick! Hope you all have a great New Years Day…and a very healthy and happy 2009!
Hugs and love,

4. Sandra - December 30, 2008

How lovely that brock is coming home, you must be so excited. This awful virus is working it`s way around Britain and I`ve avoided it so far though I know so many people who have succumbed that I think its only a matter of time before I join them. I hope you feel much better soon.

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