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Addicted 01-26-09 January 26, 2009

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Hi!  My name is Kath and I’m addicted to an MMPRPG.  When Brock was home he got me signed up on this game he plays – Maple Story.  He gave me a million Meso’s (The money on the game) and bought me a beautiful 4000 meso frock “So you don’t look like a noob.”  He lead me through the first eight levels so I could pick my career (Magician) and then he left for Afghanistan.  Argh.  It’s always “I have to get to the next level so I can ____.”  I think he’d be pretty proud of me, I’m a level 23 now.  OMG.  I can’t believe I’m saying my son would be proud of my achievements in an online game.
Unless you have lots of time on your hands … don’t do it.  I’m serious, you’ll be stuck in your computer chair for all eternity killing tree stumps and blobs of sticky liquid and weird monsters that leave you gifts when you kill them. all to satisfy quests you are performing for administration characters who are “Unable to leave this area.”  (Yet, you see them in every area you go to, with little books over their heads, reminding you that you are supposed to be doing a quest for them.)  It’s great fun.
I can no longer rag The Hub for playing his online game, except for the fact that he pays a monthly fee, and this one is free. (Unless you want to buy more storage space, or goofy adornments for your character, such as the frock Brock bought for me.)
So anyway.
Brock left the day before our 25th anniversary, and two days before my 29th (With 18 years experience) birthday.  We never got around to making Christmas cookies, and to my disappointment, we never took the family Christmas portrait, either.  The days we were all together we were eating or laughing or telling tales on one another and we just never remembered to snap that picture.  I didn’t even take many pictures, really.  It was just wonderful having everyone around, and spending time with Brock.  I’m grateful for that and there will be more opportunities for us to take a picture together.
I’ve got to get going – someone needs 50 red evil eyes or 53 saplings or 999 blue horny mushroom caps!
Just Wondering ….
What disease did cured ham actually have?

In Which Piper Tries to Pull a Fast One January 11, 2009

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Tonight at dinner Brock told Piper she had to finish up her dinner or she was going to go straight to bed.  She only had two or three bites left, but she didn’t have much to start out with, and she’s been a real pain in the patoot about eating lately.  Brock got up from the table, and I had started washing the dishes.  Piper had dropped her napkin and asked me to get it.  I told her my hands were wet, but if she could wait just a minute I’d be over to help her.  Dee was sitting right there, so she got up and got the napkin.  Dee was tending to Gavin or something, but turned back just in time to see Piper dumping her food into her napkin and folding the napkin closed.  Piper didn’t realize Dee had seen her, so she pushed her bowl over to Dee and said “I’m finished, see?”  When Brock came back he asked Piper if she was done eating (Dee had informed him what Piper had done) and she proudly stated she was done.  He reached over and unfolded the napkin and said “What about this?  Are you going to eat that?”  Piper shook her head no, and got sent to her room.
How do kids learn that? 
We all did a whole lot of nothing today. 

The Second Christmas – 01-10-09 January 10, 2009

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Blaine and Nicole came over last night so he and Brock could “Have a few drinks together” – for the first time.  Brock went in to the Army the day after he turned twenty one, so he didn’t even get to have a celebratory drink that night, and Blaine was living in Georgia at the time, anyway.  Blaine and Nic were planning on spending the night – just easier than having to drive across town and have to come back the next morning for our second Christmas.
The guys all stayed up pretty late – I know even The Hub was late getting into bed.  I was up until about two thirty (Way, WAY past my bedtime) but actually managed to sleep in until eight or so.  We had our breakfast rolls and then opened presents.  Afterward we were standing out on the porch telling Nic about how someone used to jump in the pool or get thrown in on Christmas day for quite a few years.  They joked about throwing Bryce in, but I didn’t really think anything about it, other than to say “Not until I get my camera!”  I came in to start the chili, and two seconds later Brock comes in laughing “I threw Bryce in!”  It’s a darn good thing Bryce is such a good sport. 
Ah, yes.  It’s so nice to have all the boys home together!
We all watched a movie together after Bryce got dried off and I got the chili going in the pot.  Everyone was pretty wiped out from staying up so late, so it was nap time after the movie.  I laid on the bed watching FoodNetwork, but never fell asleep.  I wanted to, but I knew if I did I wouldn’t want to get back up.
Made a great pot of chili for dinner, and instead of cornbread, I used the batter to make cornbread waffles, instead.  Everyone seemed to like them, and there weren’t any left, so I guess they were a hit.  The chili was very good (After I added enough hot sauce to my bowl to make it spicy – can’t make it my usual way – the daughters in law and grand babies don’t take to kindly to our level of “Spicy.” ) 
The grand kids have been uber fussy the past few days.  Gav has been throwing tantrums like I have never seen him throw, and Pipe has been goading her brother, acting much younger than her age for attention, and being kind of defiant.  I’m so ready for my life to get back into some routine, I can hardly wait to be the boring lady I usually am!  Though I absolutely love having my son and his family here, I’ve had enough turmoil for a few months.  I am looking forward to some quiet evenings in a few weeks when the house goes back to being a little less occupied!
I’m about to fall asleep where I sit, so I’ll try to get some new pictures posted tomorrow.
MitMarie – answer your phone some time!!

Tuesday 01-06-09 January 6, 2009

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This evening we’re going to check out the car I’ve been eying at one of the local dealers.  Last evening I shampooed the carpet in my van and cleaned all the surfaces, finishing with one of those products that leave a nice shine behind.  The Hub was going to take my van to work, and vacuum the places that didn’t need a shampooing, and wash the outside.  However, I knew I was going to be home before he was today, so I said I’d just drive my van and vacuum and wash it when I got home.
I was SO not meant to wash that van today.  I lugged the hose cart around from the backyard, and I couldn’t get the darn hose to unwind. It’s encased in a shroud, so it’s not like I can just poke and prod it to get it to work. I tugged and pulled and re-hurt my bad shoulder in the process.  I finally get enough to unwind so I can at least get to the far side and the back of the van.  I fill the bucket with water and car wash – start cleaning the one side facing the sun, and it streaks because the surface of the car is so hot.  (The windows were near impossible to get clean, as soon as I’d spread the window cleaner on it would dry!)  Anyway, I get to the back of the van and the bucket I am using cracks from one side to the other on the bottom.  Argh! 
Between the rinsing and the washing, one would turn the water off on the nozzle, right?  Right, except if you’re me, and the nozzle won’t shut off.  It starts spraying backward when I twist it to turn it off, drenching my shirt.  I drop it to the ground, and start toward the spigot to turn it off (The very spigot that’s in my header, in case you were wondering!) The hose starts flopping around like a fish out of water because of the water pressure building up from the nozzle not closing completely and my pants get soaked. Double  argh!
I did finally get the van washed, but seriously, I don’t know why I bothered.  It doesn’t look much better because the clear coat on the paint is foggy from the desert sun beating down on it for 11 years.  Triple argh.
Calgon take me away.
Yesterday the boss and I went out for Vietnamese food for lunch.  We went to our usual haunt – the one that the owner insists we call her Mom.  I don’t know why she likes us as much as she does, but we always get special attention from her.  She doesn’t even take our order anymore, she knows what we want and just brings it out after she doles out our hugs.  Anyway, Mom wasn’t there.  A bit surprising, and I worried something had happened to her.  I hope she’s okay.  We headed to this other place that we like, but stopped going to because Mom’s place is closer.  I forgot how much I absolutely love the dish I always order there.  It’s stir fried egg noodles (Thinner than vermicelli) and veggies with tofu.  I was in pig heaven, even though I ate less than a third of my plate.  I brought it home and ate some for breakfast this morning.  I could eat that every day!
I haven’t even thought about what to make for dinner, so I better go hunt something up before the hungry beasts start stalking me, threatening to pounce unless I feed them “Something good.”  Heh.
Entry featuring Piper tomorrow!

Featuring Gav 01-05-09 January 5, 2009

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More Funny Noises – minus the hand

More Funny Noises - minus the hand


Making Disgusting Noises

Making "Disgusting" Noises


I just LOVE this one!

I just LOVE this one!

My Little Smiley

My Little Smiley



He’s Home! January 4, 2009

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He’s in Dallas! January 4, 2009

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Brock just called Dee.  His flight leaves Dallas at three, but he’s going to try to get on a earlier flight if any seats are available.  If nothing changes, he should be in Phoenix around 4 pm, just in time to get home for the turkey dinner at five.  I’m sure he never imagined it would be such a long trip home – it’s taken him a week to get home from Afghanistan.
Kathleen – alpha inventions is a website that shows blogs that have recently been updated – in real time.  Yours was flashing there on the screen, so I took a look – that’s how I found your blog.  Check it out, you can find all kinds of interesting reads!

Brock is Finally in American Air-Space! 1-4-09 January 4, 2009

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I was washing up some dishes so I could free the sink up to prepare the turkey for brining when Dee came downstairs and said “He’s in Atlanta!  He’ll be getting on the plane in ten minutes – he’ll call from Dallas”  I think she’s in shock – and was still a bit sleepy.   We all probably have the feeling that something else will happen to delay his homecoming, but at least he’s in America!
Woo Hoo!!!
The cat woke me up last night at one o’clock.  I knew immediately something was wrong.  My sugars were very, very low.  I had a hard time finding my feet while walking down the stairs to check my blood glucose.  I drank about a quarter cup of milk and ate half a Christmas cookie, mainly because they were right in front of me and Hello?  I needed some sugar.  About 20 minutes later my sugars were up to 91 so I knew I was OK to go back to bed.  I was a bit surprised they were so low, though.  We had homemade mac and cheese for dinner, and usually when I eat pasta my sugars are on the higher side for a very long time.  Granted, I only ate about half a cup of mac -n- cheese, but still!  I think because the mac -n- cheese had fat in it, my body didn’t absorb as many carbs.  (Did you know that?  If you eat carbs along with a bit of fat, your sugars won’t go as high as they would if you didn’t eat the fat.)  Lesson learned. 
The mac and cheese was very tasty!
I started off with a basic bechamel sauce – melted half a stick of butter, grated in about a tablespoon of onion and two garlic cloves.  I then stirred in about half a cup of flour, a teaspoon of dry mustard, and a sprinkling of smoked paprika,  then whisked in a cup or so of milk.  Once that was well combined I added one cup of mild cheddar cheese, and one cup of sharp cheddar cheese.  I tossed in a pound of cooked pasta and a few tablespoons of crumbled bacon, then poured it all into a 9 x 13 inch pan which I had coated well with cooking spray.  I grated the remaining sharp cheese over the top (about half a cup), then crumbled two handfuls of potato chips over the cheese and popped it in a 350ºF oven for thirty minutes.  It was SO good!  Even the Piper  liked it!  (Shock!)
I’m off to wrap some Christmas presents!
Quote of the Day:
Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. 
        ~John Ed Pearce

My Chex Mix January 3, 2009

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I’ve had several emails asking for my Hot and Spicy Chex Mix.  I’m afraid I can’t be of much help to you, Ladies.  I kind of wing it – but I can give you a general idea, and you can adjust it to your liking.
A little more than 1/2 a box each of Wheat, Rice and Corn Chex
one quarter to one half bag of matchstick pretzels
about two cups of Cheese crackers or goldfish crackers
Nuts – if you want to add them.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t
1 stick of butter or margarine
about half a cup of hot sauce (I use Frank’s- I would not recommend using Tobasco brand sauce in that quantity)
about 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
about 1/4 C of my homemade Cajun seasoning
a generous sprinkling of cayenne pepper
Place all the cereal, pretzels, crackers and nuts in a very large roasting pan.  Melt butter and add remaining ingredients.  Stir well.  Pour over the cereal a little at a time and mix thoroughly to coat all pieces.  You may not have to use the all the butter mixture.  Bake in 300ºF oven for about 1.5 hours, stirring every 15 minutes.  Turn oven off and allow mix to cool with the oven.  Store in an airtight container.

January 3, 2009 – On Guardian Angels January 3, 2009

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Supposedly, Brock is in the air now.  He had a briefing yesterday that his flight would leave at 1400 hours, which would have been 40 minutes ago … if my time calculations are correct.  (I could very well be wrong, though!)  I told Dee last night I am not holding my breath any longer.  I’ll believe he’s home when he calls for a ride home from the airport!
I had a very disturbing dream yesterday afternoon during my nap.  (If the cat would stop waking me at four thirty, I might not need a nap!) It involved one of my guardian angels, and it felt so real.  It still feels like it actually occurred, instead of being locked up inside a dream.  I know there’s some kind of message in the dream, I just haven’t analyzed it fully to figure out the meaning behind it.  I know this seems a bit vague, but I’m not ready to share the details of the dream just yet.  The realness of it gives me shivers and goose bumps to think about it, and I actually had to make myself wake up to stop the dream.  Perhaps I should have let it continue to see what else would have unfolded.  I may have cut the message off mid-stream, which is why I cannot figure it out.
Some may think it’s a bit disturbing for me ( Or … I’m disturbed … either way) to believe in Guardian Angels, but sometimes signs are sent that are hard to ignore.  A month or two ago I was driving home and received a message, and I questioned it.  I actually said aloud, “If this message is really from you, please send me a sign!”  No sooner had I gotten the words out of my mouth, a car sped from behind me to pull in front of me.  The license plate contained two letters – the initials of my deceased friend – one of the beings I believe is one of my Guardian Angels!  See?  A tad hard to ignore that.  So call me a weirdo, but I can’t (Won’t) stop believing I have Guardian Angels.
Quote of the Day:
Pay attention to your dreams – God’s angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep.           
         ~Eileen Elias Freeman