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Friday, January 2, 2009 January 2, 2009

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Yesterday afternoon Dee and Bryce were working on a banner to hang up for Brock when he gets home. I was sitting with Piper and she was talking to me, and all of a sudden she says “Ouch! My leg hurts!” I said “Your leg hurts?” She said “No, that was for attention!” At least she tells the truth!
Speaking of Brock … Still no word other than the one Dee got yesterday, unless he called late last night while we were all sleeping – Dee’s still asleep so I won’t know until she gets up. We’re all on pins and needles waiting for that all important call that will tell us his arrival time. Since he’s moved away and joined the Army, of course I’ve missed him and have looked forward to seeing him. This time it’s much more intense. I can’t even describe how I feel about it without getting all teary eyed. I just can’t wait to have him home, however short his visit may be.

I need to be making a menu/shopping list. We’re going to have to go out to the commissary today if everyone is going to be here tomorrow to open presents. Blaine and Nicole are going to come over when he gets off work after working all night. He’s going to be one tired puppy. He’s happy, though, because he knows I made a new batch of Chex Mix yesterday! That boy loves his Chex Mix! Nicole says she can’t eat it, because it’s like eating fire. I do make an extra spicy mix, but we like it that way. Perhaps I’ll have to make a small batch of the boring old mild mix for those who don’t prefer to eat fire.

Bryce is going to be conducting “An experiment” with Piper. Yesterday she was “Drawing” pictures of Kokopelli. I have quite a few Kokopelli’s around the house, as we have a southwestern theme going on. (She started out calling them “Sea Monsters” but I’ve since taught her the proper name, and she can say it – sometimes even correctly, and she can point them out downstairs.) Anyway, Bryce was pondering if her scribbles would actually look like Kokopelli to another child. He decided to ask Piper to draw a horse, then show her the picture in a few days and ask her what she drew. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m still taking my antibiotic and cough perles, and it hasn’t seemed to make much of a change so far. My nose is still running like a prize athlete … when it’s not clogged up with gunk. It’s one extreme or another. Still coughing – which seems to be a bit worse. That could be good though, as my body is trying to rid itself of the crud. One day, perhaps, I’ll feel human again.

I’m working on a cool scrapbook page. The idea came from an advertisement that came in the mail for a program to put together a book of scrapbooking ideas, but I all ready have that system (I’ve not finished putting all the pages in the notebook, though. I should do that!) and the premise was to put 100 things I like onto a scrapbook page. I love to doodle, so it’s been fun for me – but I am not sure I can come up with 100 things … so it might be titled “Things I like” instead. It’s time spell check learned that “Scrapbook” and “Scrapbooking” are, indeed, words. I’m just saying.

It’s time to get that shopping list done. I’m dreading going, but it must be done.

Quote of the Day:

I’m tired of all the hub-bub – I just wish he’d get home!
        ~Bryce          (Those of you who know us might get the pun in there.) 


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1. Kelly - January 2, 2009

how flippin cute is piper? Kadie used to say things like that…lol…but she would say OH MY ACHING BACK….lol….just like her Nanna….I know you are so excited to have him come home….Send me some chex mix… I still havent made any and I SO need to..I didnt make a SINGLE thing this year..NOTHING….

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