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January 3, 2009 – On Guardian Angels January 3, 2009

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Supposedly, Brock is in the air now.  He had a briefing yesterday that his flight would leave at 1400 hours, which would have been 40 minutes ago … if my time calculations are correct.  (I could very well be wrong, though!)  I told Dee last night I am not holding my breath any longer.  I’ll believe he’s home when he calls for a ride home from the airport!
I had a very disturbing dream yesterday afternoon during my nap.  (If the cat would stop waking me at four thirty, I might not need a nap!) It involved one of my guardian angels, and it felt so real.  It still feels like it actually occurred, instead of being locked up inside a dream.  I know there’s some kind of message in the dream, I just haven’t analyzed it fully to figure out the meaning behind it.  I know this seems a bit vague, but I’m not ready to share the details of the dream just yet.  The realness of it gives me shivers and goose bumps to think about it, and I actually had to make myself wake up to stop the dream.  Perhaps I should have let it continue to see what else would have unfolded.  I may have cut the message off mid-stream, which is why I cannot figure it out.
Some may think it’s a bit disturbing for me ( Or … I’m disturbed … either way) to believe in Guardian Angels, but sometimes signs are sent that are hard to ignore.  A month or two ago I was driving home and received a message, and I questioned it.  I actually said aloud, “If this message is really from you, please send me a sign!”  No sooner had I gotten the words out of my mouth, a car sped from behind me to pull in front of me.  The license plate contained two letters – the initials of my deceased friend – one of the beings I believe is one of my Guardian Angels!  See?  A tad hard to ignore that.  So call me a weirdo, but I can’t (Won’t) stop believing I have Guardian Angels.
Quote of the Day:
Pay attention to your dreams – God’s angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep.           
         ~Eileen Elias Freeman


1. WendyUsuallyWanders - January 3, 2009

This morning NCPR only had on the dreaded classical music, so I switched over to a western AM talk radio stream. It turned out to be Coast to Coast AM which I have only heard a couple of times. There was a guy talking about guardian angels. He said most people had quite a few. I think mine work overtime. I KNOW they exist.

Sure will be great when Brock is safe on land! Hang in there….

2. Kelly - January 3, 2009

let us know when you get the message that it is time to pick him up…. 🙂

3. rosie - January 3, 2009

I fully believe in guardian angels. I know who mine are and now my girls have one with their cousin who left us 4 years ago. Huge hugs!

I’ll be glad to hear when Brock makes it home safe! I keep him in my prayers!

4. Nelishia - January 13, 2009

I don’t think you’re weird. I have dreams like that on a regular basis. But the neatest talent I believe God ever let me have is the ability to interpret other peoples dreams and I do it all the time. I wish you’d finished the dream. Keep on believing. MOst people have nothing to believe in.


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