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Tuesday 01-06-09 January 6, 2009

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This evening we’re going to check out the car I’ve been eying at one of the local dealers.  Last evening I shampooed the carpet in my van and cleaned all the surfaces, finishing with one of those products that leave a nice shine behind.  The Hub was going to take my van to work, and vacuum the places that didn’t need a shampooing, and wash the outside.  However, I knew I was going to be home before he was today, so I said I’d just drive my van and vacuum and wash it when I got home.
I was SO not meant to wash that van today.  I lugged the hose cart around from the backyard, and I couldn’t get the darn hose to unwind. It’s encased in a shroud, so it’s not like I can just poke and prod it to get it to work. I tugged and pulled and re-hurt my bad shoulder in the process.  I finally get enough to unwind so I can at least get to the far side and the back of the van.  I fill the bucket with water and car wash – start cleaning the one side facing the sun, and it streaks because the surface of the car is so hot.  (The windows were near impossible to get clean, as soon as I’d spread the window cleaner on it would dry!)  Anyway, I get to the back of the van and the bucket I am using cracks from one side to the other on the bottom.  Argh! 
Between the rinsing and the washing, one would turn the water off on the nozzle, right?  Right, except if you’re me, and the nozzle won’t shut off.  It starts spraying backward when I twist it to turn it off, drenching my shirt.  I drop it to the ground, and start toward the spigot to turn it off (The very spigot that’s in my header, in case you were wondering!) The hose starts flopping around like a fish out of water because of the water pressure building up from the nozzle not closing completely and my pants get soaked. Double  argh!
I did finally get the van washed, but seriously, I don’t know why I bothered.  It doesn’t look much better because the clear coat on the paint is foggy from the desert sun beating down on it for 11 years.  Triple argh.
Calgon take me away.
Yesterday the boss and I went out for Vietnamese food for lunch.  We went to our usual haunt – the one that the owner insists we call her Mom.  I don’t know why she likes us as much as she does, but we always get special attention from her.  She doesn’t even take our order anymore, she knows what we want and just brings it out after she doles out our hugs.  Anyway, Mom wasn’t there.  A bit surprising, and I worried something had happened to her.  I hope she’s okay.  We headed to this other place that we like, but stopped going to because Mom’s place is closer.  I forgot how much I absolutely love the dish I always order there.  It’s stir fried egg noodles (Thinner than vermicelli) and veggies with tofu.  I was in pig heaven, even though I ate less than a third of my plate.  I brought it home and ate some for breakfast this morning.  I could eat that every day!
I haven’t even thought about what to make for dinner, so I better go hunt something up before the hungry beasts start stalking me, threatening to pounce unless I feed them “Something good.”  Heh.
Entry featuring Piper tomorrow!


1. Kelly - January 7, 2009

We love Thai food…not real big on vietamese food…ehh its ok…but i prefer Thai….is there a HUGE? difference??


2. Joyce - January 8, 2009

Hope it works out you get the car.
I wish we could hook up our outdoors hose..toooooooooo cold here…got to wait til Spring. I am in the same mood as you..need one of those Calgon moments and I will take one this evening…LOL
Hugs and love….

3. Audrey - January 8, 2009

Well? Did you get a new car?

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