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The Second Christmas – 01-10-09 January 10, 2009

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Blaine and Nicole came over last night so he and Brock could “Have a few drinks together” – for the first time.  Brock went in to the Army the day after he turned twenty one, so he didn’t even get to have a celebratory drink that night, and Blaine was living in Georgia at the time, anyway.  Blaine and Nic were planning on spending the night – just easier than having to drive across town and have to come back the next morning for our second Christmas.
The guys all stayed up pretty late – I know even The Hub was late getting into bed.  I was up until about two thirty (Way, WAY past my bedtime) but actually managed to sleep in until eight or so.  We had our breakfast rolls and then opened presents.  Afterward we were standing out on the porch telling Nic about how someone used to jump in the pool or get thrown in on Christmas day for quite a few years.  They joked about throwing Bryce in, but I didn’t really think anything about it, other than to say “Not until I get my camera!”  I came in to start the chili, and two seconds later Brock comes in laughing “I threw Bryce in!”  It’s a darn good thing Bryce is such a good sport. 
Ah, yes.  It’s so nice to have all the boys home together!
We all watched a movie together after Bryce got dried off and I got the chili going in the pot.  Everyone was pretty wiped out from staying up so late, so it was nap time after the movie.  I laid on the bed watching FoodNetwork, but never fell asleep.  I wanted to, but I knew if I did I wouldn’t want to get back up.
Made a great pot of chili for dinner, and instead of cornbread, I used the batter to make cornbread waffles, instead.  Everyone seemed to like them, and there weren’t any left, so I guess they were a hit.  The chili was very good (After I added enough hot sauce to my bowl to make it spicy – can’t make it my usual way – the daughters in law and grand babies don’t take to kindly to our level of “Spicy.” ) 
The grand kids have been uber fussy the past few days.  Gav has been throwing tantrums like I have never seen him throw, and Pipe has been goading her brother, acting much younger than her age for attention, and being kind of defiant.  I’m so ready for my life to get back into some routine, I can hardly wait to be the boring lady I usually am!  Though I absolutely love having my son and his family here, I’ve had enough turmoil for a few months.  I am looking forward to some quiet evenings in a few weeks when the house goes back to being a little less occupied!
I’m about to fall asleep where I sit, so I’ll try to get some new pictures posted tomorrow.
MitMarie – answer your phone some time!!


1. Indigo - January 10, 2009

Sounds like a plea for peace and quiet. I got a taste tonight, my daughter stayed over because of the snowstorm after dinner. Between Paul and her the hysterics and laughter go well into the night. I love her, but it’s nice knowing she goes home to her own apt. I’m way too accustomed to my small home with just Paul and I. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Would of loved to see them toss Bryce, but like the typical guy, they couldn’t wait. (Hugs)Indigo

2. Anne - January 11, 2009

I do understand the joy of having family all together. I also know that a person can only take so much JOY………it is good to get back to the quiet, isn’t it? Anne

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