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In Which Piper Tries to Pull a Fast One January 11, 2009

Posted by Rusty in Uncategorized.
Tonight at dinner Brock told Piper she had to finish up her dinner or she was going to go straight to bed.  She only had two or three bites left, but she didn’t have much to start out with, and she’s been a real pain in the patoot about eating lately.  Brock got up from the table, and I had started washing the dishes.  Piper had dropped her napkin and asked me to get it.  I told her my hands were wet, but if she could wait just a minute I’d be over to help her.  Dee was sitting right there, so she got up and got the napkin.  Dee was tending to Gavin or something, but turned back just in time to see Piper dumping her food into her napkin and folding the napkin closed.  Piper didn’t realize Dee had seen her, so she pushed her bowl over to Dee and said “I’m finished, see?”  When Brock came back he asked Piper if she was done eating (Dee had informed him what Piper had done) and she proudly stated she was done.  He reached over and unfolded the napkin and said “What about this?  Are you going to eat that?”  Piper shook her head no, and got sent to her room.
How do kids learn that? 
We all did a whole lot of nothing today. 


1. Kelly - January 11, 2009

yeah and isnt it fun to watch your children have to set ground rules that they thought were SO unreasonable way back then??? I cant wait…I hope Kadie has triplet girls with hormones outta control 🙂

2. Indigo - January 12, 2009

I often wondered that myself, I did it, my daughter did it. It’s almost like some hidden gem of knowledge that comes with I don’t want to eat that food, no matter what, no how. (Hugs)Indigo

3. Joyce - January 12, 2009

Piper must have seen it somewhere…kids do what they see …hope she starts to eat her food…
Hope you have a lovely week…hugs,

4. D - January 12, 2009

Kids are unreal! I cannot believe she did that! Wow!

5. WendyUsuallyWanders - January 12, 2009

I side with the kid! I HATED eggs when I was young. My parents would make me eat them, even if it took hours. It made me gag. I vaguely remember there might have been other foods I wasn’t fond of. I think it’s mean to force someone to eat food. There are plenty of times as an adult I don’t want to eat. The cleaning the plate thing has always been one of my pet peeves. Sorry….I have to agree with Piper….

6. Nelishia - January 13, 2009

They must learn it in utero. My youngest daughter tried almost the identical scenario. I learned LATER that at two and three they are mostly nibblers all through the day and not meal eaters. It’s a phase. Getting them to eat a meal is a major war unless they’re half starved. So with my granddaughter when she was that age, letting her eat snacks all day as long as they were healthy ones was ok with her and the pediatrician. Man, was our house more peaceful. No more KATE-ZILLA if you know what I mean. LOL

7. Rosie - January 21, 2009

LOL well you have to give her A for effort! I hope all is well!

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