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On Being Judgemental Feb 19, 2009 February 19, 2009

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I have become much less judgemental in recent years, and I had thought that I wasn’t very judgemental at all.  I’ve come to realize I am still judgemental, but not so much about things that really matter – more about trivial things, and I need to just stop it!  For example – I won’t judge someone on the color of their skin, or a disability, or say, tattoos or hair color, but I have noticed I judge about clothing, or say … what they are eating.  If i read someones blog about what they are making for dinner, and I know a bit of their health history, like … diabetes, or high blood pressure or high cholesterol – then I find myself judging them for what they are eating.  (I’ve long since stopped judging over weight people on what they eat, as I myself am overweight, and just because I see someone eating an ice cream cone doesn’t mean they eat one every day!) I need to stop feeling like a know it all and wishing I could write out menus for people.    As for the issues I have with clothing (i.e. she shouldn’t wear that, her muffin top is showing, or she’s too old for that short skirt, or man, does he ever wash his clothes?) I am not sure I can ever make that go away.  The Hub teases I’m on the Fashion Police Squad.  He can’t gripe about it too much, because I have passed the trait on to him.  He was actually walking away from me in the store the other day and came all the way back to say “Check out Miss Thang in gold.”  Hee hee!!

I had the day off today (I REALLY needed the day off, I wish I could explain why, but I can’t because though it does concern me, it’s not my story to tell) and went out to the base to have my bloodwork done.  I need to make an appointment for my three month check up but so far haven’t been very motivated to do so.  I think it’s because I’m going to be ashamed of my HbA1c results.  I expect them to be on the high side because I’ve been fighting off illness for so long, and I am super stressed out about a few things.  I’m not going to stress about it, though, because I KNOW why they will be high, and I KNOW it’s not because I’ve been going crazy with my diet.  That doesn’t make it suck any less, though.

I might be losing my job.  The boss is interviewing in another state next weekend.  In some ways I feel like it’s a betrayal.  I’ve stuck by him through thick and thin, and not getting paid regularly – and now that the times are really rough, he’s going to bail and leave me without a job. (If he takes the out of state job)  I can understand it from his side – he needs to make money, too, and business hasn’t been that great, but .. geeze.   I let my Xray license lapse because I thought I”d be with him for many more years.  I have no idea what it will entail to get it back, but I suppose I’m going to have to look into that now.  I am thinking of trying to get a job at the base hospital if I have to look for new work.  It’s closer, the traffic headache will be less, and I am certainly capable of doing an MA job or reception job out there.  If I can get my Xray license back, I could try for a position in that clinic, too.  See?   Stress.  Another way to make those blood sugars skyrocket.

I am starting to get over this … cold? Whatever it may be.  I just can’t seem to shake the extreme fatigue. 

Jack Ford.  Yummy.

Just wondering ….
How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

February 15, 2009 Over-reacting February 15, 2009

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We had a fairly busy Saturday … for us.  We did our grocery shopping yesterday, then took the van to have it’s OBD testing so we can renew the registration.  It still needs some work before we can sell it, but the registration expires today, so we needed to get that taken care of so we don’t get ticketed for letting it lapse.  After that we ran out to Wally World to pick up some weed and feed for our lawn.  With all the rain the weeds have come out in full force.  Amazingly, the grass hasn’t greened up with all that rain, but the weeds are certainly thriving. 
I, of course, picked up a tomato plant and a jalapeno plant to get them started.  My other two tomato plants are still producing, but I expect that to end here shortly.
I picked up some citrus fertilizer, as well, because I want all those lemons to actually ripen.  The lemon tree is still setting out new blooms and new shoots, and all those lemon buds from a few weeks ago are starting to turn into little baby lemons.  Most of them are about the size of grapes, and there are tons of new blooms, too, so hopefully we’ll get a lemon or two eventually.
Dee got her license a few weeks ago, did I mention?  This weekend she was heading to Ft Hood to pick up her dogs with her cousin (Who, thankfully, has been driving for a bit longer than Dee.) We were supposed to watch the kids, but her mother ended up taking off the weekend and tomorrow so she could watch the kids.  Just as well, as I am still not feeling any better.  Anyway, she was going to stop by last night at around six for directions on how we drove to Ft. Hood.  She never showed up, and I wondered if perhaps the trip had been called off.  We never heard from her at all to say she wasn’t coming over.
This morning I texted her and asked if she had made it to Ft Hood yet.  She said no, that they were still in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.  I wrote back “Oh, wow!  You took the long way!”  She said they left yesterday at about 4 pm, and had driven all night.  It was nine thirty when I texted, so that was 17.5 hours, and DFW is still about three hours from Ft Hood.  It only takes about 15 hours to drive the way we went, and she asked how they should get back home, because she needed to be home tomorrow.  She also sent me her cousin’s cell number so I could text the directions to her, as Dee’s cell phone was about to be out of juice.  So I start texting the directions (You know what a pain in the patoot that is?  There’s quite a few twists and turns to get back to I-10, so the directions are a bit lengthy.) I get “Ugh! Are these the instructions to go back???”  I text “Yes, do you not want them?”  and I get back “Oh, no, we do!”  I was slightly perturbed because 1. You asked me to send them, and 2. If you had stopped by like you said you were, you could already be on your way home, or at least grabbing a few hours of rest before you head back out and 3. Why are you acting annoyed that I’m sending them when not two minutes ago you asked for them?
I texted that I was sorry the directions were a bit lengthy, but had you stopped by the house like you said you were going to, you’d already have them.  I didn’t hear anything back, and I never finished sending the directions.  Perhaps I’m just over-reacting, but I would think two young ladies going on a thirty hour trip (Well, in their case it may well be over 40 hours, since they went the long way) would have been more well prepared.  Her aunt gave her the directions, but it seems she could have asked her step-dad and/or us, who have all driven there, before taking direction from someone who has not been there before.  Eh.  I’m washing my hands of the whole situation.
I’ve got manicotti in the oven, one of my favorite meals, and I’m nauseated just thinking about eating anything.  Because I’m ill and fighting something off, my sugars are a bit out of whack, which stresses me the hell out, and makes my sugars even more out of whack.  No seriously high or low numbers, but enough off my usual control that it displeases me.
I have to work tomorrow, and everyone else in this house has the day off.  How unfair is that??  I did have Friday off, though, and they didn’t.  I went and got my hair cut, and sat there for two and a half hours because my stylist was the only one working and it was freakishly busy.  She cut my hair a bit too short, so it’s a little hard to blow dry, but in a week or two it should be fine.  I was thinking my trip to the salon would be a quick one, but alas, it was not and my whole day was shot after that.
Just Wondering ….
Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast to a horrible crisp, which no decent human being would eat?

Feb 9, 2009 February 9, 2009

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I’m still alive! 
I don’t really like complaining about my health, since there are people who have so many more problems than I do, and I just have the weird everlasting bug that’s going around.  I was feeling lots better for about eight days, but now it’s back with a vengeance. I’ve been so poorly I haven’t even been playing MapleStory very much.  I’ll leave it at that.
I’ve been harvesting tomatoes!  I actually had enough at one point to make a small pot of spaghetti sauce.  I’ve still got a few ripening on the vine.
In other garden news – my aloe vera plant is sending up bloom shoots!  I’ve never seen an aloe bloom, so it will be interesting.  I’ve got four large spikes coming up.  I can’t wait to see how they look in full bloom.  The plant itself is huge, and I planted it as a small, five spike plant.  Below is one of the spikes.
Let’s see.  The kids and Dea went back home the day Brock left to go back to Afghanistan, but they’ve been back a few times.  They were here over the weekend, mainly so Bryce could babysit while Dea was out until all hours of the morning.  I fear there’s a bit of advantage being taken – but she pays Bryce to watch them, and he wants the money.  I think we are supposed to take care of the kids all weekend long this weekend while she goes to Texas to pick up her dogs.  I’m sure that will be a blast.  Piper must say “I miss my momma” about a million times each hour that her mom isn’t  here, and it’s really very annoying.  We’ve taken to ignoring her when she says that, or “Where’s my Momma?” after we’ve told her several times.  Now we just say “Where did we tell you she was?” or “Where do you think she is?”  She’s old enough to remember what she’s been told, and most times we think she says it just to hear herself whine about something.  Child never stops asking. 
I’ve been going to the dentist to get the much needed work done on my teeth.  Friday I got a blue filling.  The tooth needs a crown, but we just did the build up Friday.  I’ll go in a few weeks for the crown prep.  The blue filling, I take it, is a heavy duty polymer or something.  The decay was really bad and went nearly to my jaw bone.  It never hurt me, and I never even knew it was bad.  A corner had chipped off, so I knew that had to be repaired, but I had no idea it was as bad as it was.  The decay wasn’t even on the back of the tooth, where it had chipped off.  Even the X-ray of it didn’t make it look as bad as it was.  It looked like it would be a simple filling replacement.  So, I guess I can say I got a new Bluetooth on Friday.  Heh.  I slay me.
Just Wondering …
If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about him?