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Feb 9, 2009 February 9, 2009

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I’m still alive! 
I don’t really like complaining about my health, since there are people who have so many more problems than I do, and I just have the weird everlasting bug that’s going around.  I was feeling lots better for about eight days, but now it’s back with a vengeance. I’ve been so poorly I haven’t even been playing MapleStory very much.  I’ll leave it at that.
I’ve been harvesting tomatoes!  I actually had enough at one point to make a small pot of spaghetti sauce.  I’ve still got a few ripening on the vine.
In other garden news – my aloe vera plant is sending up bloom shoots!  I’ve never seen an aloe bloom, so it will be interesting.  I’ve got four large spikes coming up.  I can’t wait to see how they look in full bloom.  The plant itself is huge, and I planted it as a small, five spike plant.  Below is one of the spikes.
Let’s see.  The kids and Dea went back home the day Brock left to go back to Afghanistan, but they’ve been back a few times.  They were here over the weekend, mainly so Bryce could babysit while Dea was out until all hours of the morning.  I fear there’s a bit of advantage being taken – but she pays Bryce to watch them, and he wants the money.  I think we are supposed to take care of the kids all weekend long this weekend while she goes to Texas to pick up her dogs.  I’m sure that will be a blast.  Piper must say “I miss my momma” about a million times each hour that her mom isn’t  here, and it’s really very annoying.  We’ve taken to ignoring her when she says that, or “Where’s my Momma?” after we’ve told her several times.  Now we just say “Where did we tell you she was?” or “Where do you think she is?”  She’s old enough to remember what she’s been told, and most times we think she says it just to hear herself whine about something.  Child never stops asking. 
I’ve been going to the dentist to get the much needed work done on my teeth.  Friday I got a blue filling.  The tooth needs a crown, but we just did the build up Friday.  I’ll go in a few weeks for the crown prep.  The blue filling, I take it, is a heavy duty polymer or something.  The decay was really bad and went nearly to my jaw bone.  It never hurt me, and I never even knew it was bad.  A corner had chipped off, so I knew that had to be repaired, but I had no idea it was as bad as it was.  The decay wasn’t even on the back of the tooth, where it had chipped off.  Even the X-ray of it didn’t make it look as bad as it was.  It looked like it would be a simple filling replacement.  So, I guess I can say I got a new Bluetooth on Friday.  Heh.  I slay me.
Just Wondering …
If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about him?


1. Kelly - February 9, 2009

i have something to say that i am goign to say in email…lol…never know who might be reading…lol..


2. Anne - February 9, 2009

good luck watching the kiddo’s. I know what you mean about all of those questions. The question that is never ending is “WHY?” I learned to answer, Why not? (Throws them everytime) Hope you feel better. Good luck on all of the dentistry you’re having done. Once it starts, it seems to just continue. Anne

3. Indigo - February 10, 2009

Can’t wait to see the blooms on the Aloe Vera.

Bryce is going to make a great dad some day, he’s awesome with the kids.

Thankfully most of my dental miseries are behind me, I suffered for months having work done, over a year ago. I couldn’t help smiling over the Bluetooth jab.


4. rosie - February 10, 2009

Are Dee and the kids staying there until Brock comes home or just for a few months?

I giggled at the bluetooth. Hope that the crown is smooth and easy! I need one but I’m chicken lol

5. Joyce - February 11, 2009

So sorry you have been sick…there is something going around our whole state…no one can shake it off. I will keep Brock in prayers…that he is safe. Nice of Bryce to help Dee with the kids..happy he was paid and could use the money. Wow, plants sprouting already there…not here…but a little warmer…have a great midweek…hugs and love,

6. Tressa - February 12, 2009

((((hugs)))) Feel better dear friend! I bet having a bad tooth just makes that virus that much worse.

As far as Jimmy cracking corn….I kinda care, prolly cause I’m hungry!

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