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Bad News/Good News March 6, 2009

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The bad news:  Doc got a verbal offer yesterday or the day before for the job in another state.  He’s waiting now, before accepting, to see what their “Incentive Bonus Offer” is.  Looks like I’ll be losing my full time job.  He’ll be coming back once a month to see patients on a Saturday, and I will still be working for him then, and on a part time basis doing the bills, scheduling, insurance claims, etc from home. (He’ll provide a phone and wireless internet access for me.)  The doctor down the breezeway is going to take over our office and use it as an admin office.  Doc told him he needs to come up with a plan so that he (My doc) can use one of his rooms to see patients once a month.  In other words “Tell me what you want to trade.”
The good news:  Said Dr … (Dr. Milt, I’ve mentioned him before) said what he REALLY wants “Is for Kathy to come work for me.”  Woohoo!  So it looks like I could be maintaining two part time jobs.  Dr. Milt will only need me on Tuesdays and Thursdays, possibly Wednesdays, unless he wants me/needs me to come in on the days he’s not in the office – I don’t know the details as of yet, because I haven’t spoken to him about it.  He asked Doc if he’d “Put a bug in her ear” and see if I’d be interested.  Heck, yes, I’d be interested! I love working with Dr. Milt – I’ve done so in the past when he’s needed someone.  I’d be doing what I do now – only with more back office work (Which I love, and miss) and I think someone else would handle the scheduling.  He mentioned he needs help with the QuickBooks work load, and I know that system inside out (Which Dr. Milt knows, I helped him with it when he first started his office.) I’m kind of excited about it, simply because now I don’t need to look for a job!  We’ll see if it all pans out.


Last night The Hub and I were commenting how well behaved Piper had been the past few days.  She’d gone to bed all three nights without complaint, and last night she even ate her dinner!  Later when I saw Dee I told her what we had said, and she also agreed, wondering why it had been so.  Piper has just been a handful lately, so we were all well pleased with her behavior.
Lemon Blooms

Lemon Blooms


Today Dee said “We spoke too soon!  Piper has been terrible today!”   I should have kept my mouth closed and not jinxed it. 
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not.  I’m old and feeble brained, I can’t remember everything, now can I?  One day I was collecting all the pieces of slate in the back yard, and I was laying them all down to start a path to the garden in the southeast corner of our yard.  I had them all fitted nicely together, and was proud of myself – but all that “Hard work” made me need a break.
I later came out to find this:
Slate Sun

Slate Sun

It’s undergone a few transformations since it was put down, but that’s how it looks today.
A week or so later, I came home to find this companion:
Slate Moon

Slate Moon

My son … the artist!
Slate Sun and Moon

Slate Sun and Moon

I love them!  We have little sun and moon pavers/wall art hanging along the back fence, so this fits the “Theme” of the back yard (And our downstairs bathroom, may I add?) quite well. 
Just Wondering …
Why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

Charlie! Back up that truckload of stress and dump it right here! March 3, 2009

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Apologies.  I haven’t felt much like writing as of late.  I don’t write because I don’t want to whine, but that’s exactly what I’d be doing, so I haven’t bothered. 


Dee and the kids moved back in with us Friday night.  Her (Non) mother called her a bad mother, and said just because she’s been raising her kids alone for three years doesn’t make her a good mother, and her (Non) step dad agreed with her mom.  How could a mother, who didn’t even raise her own children, even pretend to know what being a good mother is all about?  Dee was pawned off from relative to relative when she was young because her mother “Couldn’t handle” her.  (Her Mom’s words.  Not mine.)  Dee IS a good mother.  Her children are always clean and well fed (When they decide they will eat, that is) and cared for. 

After Dee moved in with us, she went home to pick up the rest of her things, and there was a letter from her mother, telling Dee that she wanted Dee and the kids to stay there, but there would be “Rules.”

  1. No taking the kids out during the day, ever, and certainly never having them out of the house past six p.m.

Do I really need to list any of the other rules?  That right there, that JAIL SENTENCE, would be enough to make me run for the hills and never look back.

It’s all because Dee got her license and a car, and now her mom can’t control her by keeping her locked up at home. 

I am not, and never have been a violent person, let me qualify that.  I would not want to, and certainly hope I never meet that woman.  There’s no telling how much damage I would do with my mouth alone.  (Duh.  Meaning harsh words, not that I would bite her or anything!)

We have some rules, here – like telling us if you aren’t going to be home for dinner so I don’t cook for an Army when only a posse will be showing up.  We’d like to know if you are not going to be spending the night at home.  That’s about it, though.  Common decency is all we demand.  Adults shouldn’t have to live by a child’s rules.  Am I wrong about that?


So other than that – no word as yet if I am losing my job.  The boss went for his interviews in the other state this past weekend.  He hasn’t been offered a job (Yet) but if he is offered one he will take it.  He was in a car accident while there – slipping around on the ice/snow.  Bad omen, I’d say.


Taxes.  Ugh.  It’s not that ours are very difficult normally, but I have come to a road block.  I am unsure how to report the theft of items from the house.  Singlely? As one mass unit with just the total amount listed and “Household items” as the “Stolen object?”  I need to go down and talk to my friend Sheila tomorrow morning and ask her – she’s a tax preparer and will know, or will find out for me.


Haven’t sold the old van yet. 


The community garage sale is in two weeks and we have not begun getting things ready for that.  (Or is it three weeks?)


I planted some peas, jalapenos (Seeds and one plant) and a new tomato plant.  The old tomato plants magically made it through the winter and are still producing, but I don’t know how long that will continue.  The peas have come up – all 38 of them, and the peppers haven’t poled out of the ground yet.  I also planted a lime tree (Bearss limes – as big as lemons!  It’s got some small limes on it already!) The lemon tree is growing in leaps and bounds, and some of the older lemons are now as big as … thinking … kumquats.  We also planted two Shamen Ash trees to replace the two Ficus trees that froze a few winters back.  They are about ten feet tall and doing well so far.  The aloe blooms are getting very tall and I just cannot wait to see those blooming.  Last weekend I pulled almost all the crab grass from the front yard and sprayed the weeds in the rock gardens.  I reckon that’s about it on the gardening front.


I have some cool photos I want to add to this entry, but I haven’t resized them yet, so they will have to wait.


Just wondering ….
Why don’t you ever see the headline “Psychic wins the lottery?”