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Bad News/Good News March 6, 2009

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The bad news:  Doc got a verbal offer yesterday or the day before for the job in another state.  He’s waiting now, before accepting, to see what their “Incentive Bonus Offer” is.  Looks like I’ll be losing my full time job.  He’ll be coming back once a month to see patients on a Saturday, and I will still be working for him then, and on a part time basis doing the bills, scheduling, insurance claims, etc from home. (He’ll provide a phone and wireless internet access for me.)  The doctor down the breezeway is going to take over our office and use it as an admin office.  Doc told him he needs to come up with a plan so that he (My doc) can use one of his rooms to see patients once a month.  In other words “Tell me what you want to trade.”
The good news:  Said Dr … (Dr. Milt, I’ve mentioned him before) said what he REALLY wants “Is for Kathy to come work for me.”  Woohoo!  So it looks like I could be maintaining two part time jobs.  Dr. Milt will only need me on Tuesdays and Thursdays, possibly Wednesdays, unless he wants me/needs me to come in on the days he’s not in the office – I don’t know the details as of yet, because I haven’t spoken to him about it.  He asked Doc if he’d “Put a bug in her ear” and see if I’d be interested.  Heck, yes, I’d be interested! I love working with Dr. Milt – I’ve done so in the past when he’s needed someone.  I’d be doing what I do now – only with more back office work (Which I love, and miss) and I think someone else would handle the scheduling.  He mentioned he needs help with the QuickBooks work load, and I know that system inside out (Which Dr. Milt knows, I helped him with it when he first started his office.) I’m kind of excited about it, simply because now I don’t need to look for a job!  We’ll see if it all pans out.


Last night The Hub and I were commenting how well behaved Piper had been the past few days.  She’d gone to bed all three nights without complaint, and last night she even ate her dinner!  Later when I saw Dee I told her what we had said, and she also agreed, wondering why it had been so.  Piper has just been a handful lately, so we were all well pleased with her behavior.
Lemon Blooms

Lemon Blooms


Today Dee said “We spoke too soon!  Piper has been terrible today!”   I should have kept my mouth closed and not jinxed it. 
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not.  I’m old and feeble brained, I can’t remember everything, now can I?  One day I was collecting all the pieces of slate in the back yard, and I was laying them all down to start a path to the garden in the southeast corner of our yard.  I had them all fitted nicely together, and was proud of myself – but all that “Hard work” made me need a break.
I later came out to find this:
Slate Sun

Slate Sun

It’s undergone a few transformations since it was put down, but that’s how it looks today.
A week or so later, I came home to find this companion:
Slate Moon

Slate Moon

My son … the artist!
Slate Sun and Moon

Slate Sun and Moon

I love them!  We have little sun and moon pavers/wall art hanging along the back fence, so this fits the “Theme” of the back yard (And our downstairs bathroom, may I add?) quite well. 
Just Wondering …
Why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?


1. Anne - March 6, 2009

I am thrilled for you. So many people are out of a job. YOU are good at what you do and will be such a great asset for Dr. Milt! Congrats. Anne

2. Nelishia - March 6, 2009

I am not surprised that you would get an offer like that at all but congratulations anyway! Make them put it in writing though before you make any decisions. That’s always smart. I read the entry before about Dee’s Non mother and I’m saying I’m glad Dee wasn’t raised by her. Piper is acting her age and my heart goes out to all of you for it. Katie at five still has those moments of angelic and bratty-ish. You’re way ahead of us on the planting. It’s been too cold. Hugs, Nelishia

3. Indigo - March 6, 2009

Great news on the second part time job. I love the Slate Sun and Moon. What a neat idea. Your son is definitely talented. (Hugs)Indigo

4. Connie - March 6, 2009

Oh! The slate sun and moon are gorgeous! A true artist that son of yours is!
I hope everything with the job works out just like you want it to sweetie!!!
Sending good vibes your way!

5. Kelly - March 6, 2009

thats too funny about the sun and moon…lol…tell that boy to get a job.. 🙂 tell piper what a good girl she has been lately and how much you love it when she is a good girl 🙂 that might help!

6. Rebecca - March 7, 2009

Well the good news sounds wonderful! It’s good to have such opportunities.
I enjoyed going through your pictures and love what you did with the rocks to create visual. The Moon was a great compliment~

7. christapaz - March 19, 2009

Hi, Kath. I hope the job situation works out. I always hate to hear this, but sometimes things work out better than they were before. The not knowing is the hard part. Not to mention, that looking for a job is HORRIBLE! Love the sun and moon. You have such a creative family.

love, cp

8. Rosie - March 22, 2009

That is gorgeous! I love that artist of yours!

I hope the two part time jobs work out and that everything goes well!

9. Rosie - April 13, 2009

How are you???

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