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Quick Trip August 15, 2010

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Fort Tuthill was so awesome. The hotel was nice, with the most comfy bed I’ve ever slept in.   The cabins are nestled in among the trees, and to be quite honest, after living in Phoenix for ~13 years, just the fact that our accommodations were surrounded by those trees was enough to make the trip a success for me.  I so miss greenery!! 

Friday evening they had a barbecue with hamburgers and s’mores for all the guests.  We already had plans (And had eaten a late lunch) so we weren’t able to attend the festivities, but we thought that was a cool gesture.  They built a fire in the community fire pit each night, and DJ and I got to enjoy it Friday night while looking at the meteor shower.  Everyone else had abandoned the pit by then, so it was quiet and cozy and we snuggled on the bench while stargazing.  We did see three “Shooting stars” but after the third one we just had to go get some sleep.  It had been a long day.

While we were there, Gun mentioned that they probably won’t be able to come home for Christmas, because they both have to work Christmas Eve and the 26th.  So I got to thinking – we will just try to arrange to bring Christmas to them!  We are contemplating renting the large A-frame and having everyone meet up there on the 24th.  It sleeps 12, and I am hoping Renee, our daughter in law’s mother will join us, too.  It would be so much fun, and even better if it’s a white Christmas!  We can rent snowboards and such right there from the base.  I can’t snowboard, but I can take pictures!  Are ski slopes open on Christmas day??  (Just sitting here thinking … sometimes the slopes are not even snowy enough to be open by Christmas.  Building snowmen and having good old-fashioned snowball fights would be just as entertaining, in my book, though!)  So. we’ll see.  It’s something to look forward to, (Or just dream about)  anyway.

We did some sight-seeing while the kids were at work.  Traipsed around downtown, browsed the overly expensive stores and went out to the Museum of Northern Arizona.  We ate in some pretty cool establishments while we were there, too.  The Galaxy Diner, Salsa Brava and The Place.  All had extraordinary food and great atmospheres.  We missed the Friday night car show at The Galaxy, but will try to catch it next time we are in town.  There were only three cars left by the time we arrived, but that’s ok … it was getting fairly chilly by the time we got there, anyway.

Speaking of chilly – what a treat to get away from Phoenix and all the heat and humidity we’ve had lately!  We enjoyed moderate days and chilly morning and nights.  It was such a pleasure to leave behind nights when the temps are never below “Hot.”  We seriously scanned the papers to get an idea of the price of homes, that’s how much we love it up there.  We’d really just like to get a cabin in the woods, but I don’t think we could even afford one of those.  The run-down homes were more expensive than the homes in our neighborhood here in Phoenix!  There’s a small house up for auction in the kid’s neighborhood, bids starting at $25,000 – but from the looks of the house it probably needs about 100 grand of work!  It wouldn’t be worth it to put in that much work when the surrounding homes probably need just as much work, but won’t ever see any improvements.  Ya know what I’m saying?

There is a community garden at the apartments the kids live in.  It’s just a small patch, but I was extremely jealous!  There was corn  and squash, pumpkins, peas and tomatoes.  So healthy, and not at all suffering from heat stroke like my plants are!  Oh, to have a decent garden again.  What I wouldn’t give!

Just a thought:
Your own guilt may cause you to accuse others unfairly, without just cause.  If you are guilty of something, you tend to think everyone else is capable of the same indiscretions.  You don’t trust, because you, yourself, are untrustworthy.   Think about it.



1. Anne Allen - August 15, 2010

I am so glad you got away and into the cool of Flag. My neighbor in Scottsdale is Mary Riordan……did you see the Riordan Mansion while you were there. It is such an interesting place. Would love to know more about Flag real estate.

azoasis8 - August 20, 2010

The kids live very close to Riordan Mansion, but we didn’t stop to visit it on this trip. Maybe next time – which I am sure will be in the very near future!

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