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Pretty New Hair January 3, 2012

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Brock and I did go and get our hair cut today.  I was expecting “Tsks” and “Oooh, girl, your hair is nastay!” but the girl cutting my hair kept saying how beautiful, thick and bouncy it was.  She cut off about 8 inches, so all the old perm is now gone, and my own curls are mysteriously gorgeous.  I got the perm because my hair lost it’s curl in this arid desert I live in.  My hair was 3 inches long when I got the perm (See Bryce’s graduation pictures – that was my perm.) but that was almost three years ago.  My hair grew out, and it was curly all the way to the roots.  I figured the perm kinda “Helped it along,” but it’s still curly and the perm is completely gone.  It does look so much better with all those dead ends gone.  She cut in long layers.  I can’t wait to blow it out and see how that looks.

I ended up working the majority of the day, despite my trip to get my hair cut.  I finally logged off my work computer at 5:38.  It was supposed to be my last day off, and I had said I wouldn’t work all day, but I did.  Tomorrow I will have tons of insurance billing to do, as Doc filled my inbox with charts that needed coding.  I printed off two weeks (+) of charts to bill, so that’s what will fill my day tomorrow, IF I don’t have to go in to the actual office.  I have a feeling I’ll get called in. 

Karma.  We’ve all heard the saying “Karma is a bitch.”  Quite frankly, I SO believe in karma.  It always comes back to you, and those who you pray “What goes around comes around,” eventually get their dues paid by karma. 

Case in point:  Since the day I found out my (hopefully soon to be EX) daughter in law was cheating on our son while we babysat for her, I have not seen her eye to eye or spoken a direct word towards her.  I fear if I ever see her karma will be paying me back in an unkind way, because I’m not exactly sure what I would say or do.  I’ve gone over it time and time again, but in the end, I always remind myself that I would be no better than she is if I were to “Go off” on her.  Anyhoo – Since she moved out, things have not been very good for her.  She lost her apartment when Brock didn’t go to summer school and had no stipend from the Army.  She has lived several places, getting kicked out or leaving each place.  She has no contact (Well, no GOOD contact) with her mother and step-father, her aunt or her best friend (her cousin) because of the stupid family customs wreaking havoc in their lives  they are all insane.  At any rate, she eventually ended up at her step-grandmother’s home.  Yesterday her step father went over to his Mother’s and told her she must make Dee move out.  I’m not sure how he convinced her, but now Dee has nowhere to live.  She spends every dime she makes, lost her vehicle for non-payment, has collection agencies calling, and now she’ll be homeless.  She burns her bridges thoroughly, making enemies along the way, so she’s in a real bind now.  I am waiting for Brock to tell me she asked him to get an apartment together, again.  She did this a few months ago, saying she wanted to “Work things out” and Brock flat-out told her he was not interested at all.  She said it was “For the kids.”  She sure wasn’t thinking about the kids while she was out whoring herself all over town. 

Karma.  Yeah.  It’s a bitch.  (A lovely bitch.)




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