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What Day is it, Anyway? January 3, 2012

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Since being on “Vacation,” I use the term loosely, as I have worked quite a bit from home during my “Time off,” I have lost track of the days several times.  If I didn’t have a pill-box for my daily medications, I’d never know what day it was!  I am ready to return to a normal schedule!

I need a hair cut.  It’s been three years since I had anything done to it, and the ends are fried and breaking off.  I’m not sure if I will go really short again, or let it grow for a another year or so before getting it all cut off again.  It’s down to the middle of my back right now.  Maybe just a trim with some long layers cut in.  Such decisions.  (Haha!)

I’m preparing to start a Medical Coding and Billing class.  Seems ironic since I have been doing coding for over 8 years, and billing for three.  Nothing like putting the cart before the horse.   There’s still plenty to learn, since I learned all I know on my own – and this way I can take my certification tests.  I’m looking forward to it,  actually.  I need to order my books today and I will be good to go for the Feb 1st start date.  I should be certified by the end of May.

Here at home we’ve been in the “We need to get this taken care of” stage.  Yesterday Hub fixed my broken couch (All the screws came out of one end of the hide-a-bed, so the seating was unsupported.  It’s no wonder, they used flimsy 1 inch  dry-wall type screws to support the bed and the weight of whom ever is sitting on it!  Hub replaced them (On both ends) with much thicker and stronger screws, and we are once again able to practice couch potatery in comfort.  

We also trimmed up the Lantana and natal plum bushes, pulled out a dead bush morning glory, and weeded the rock gardens.  We wish we could re-landscape the front rock beds, however that would mean getting HOA approval, and eh.  Who needs the hassle?  I swept the leaves from the Chinese Elm into a pile – it’s impossible to rake in the rocks, and the broom actually worked quite well.  I’m sure the spying neighbors thought I was nuts, but I don’t own a decent leaf blower/vacuum.  I think I’ll put that at the top of the “Buy this soon” list.  We need to plan out how we are going to finish the patio extension, and buy a few tons of gravel to finish off the xeri-scaping of the back yard.  Fun stuff.  I haven’t mentioned to the Hub yet that I also want the extension to have a path back to the raised bed planter, and the eventual bench between the ash trees, but I can work that in rather easily, I think.  I hope.  I want.  Heh.

My little Zippy (My beloved Escape) had to go in for servicing of the emissions system on Thursday.  It’s the first time I’ve had to have anything worked on – and heavens to Betsy, it was dear to my wallet!  Hub couldn’t fix the problem as he would have had to pull the entire engine out to reach the problem area.  We just aren’t set up for that any more.  Speaking of which (i.e. working on things in the garage … ) once the eldest son gets moved into his new house we are going to ask if he can please remove his items from a.) the garage, b.) my craft room, c.) the loft, and while he’s at it, take your little brother’s stuff and store it in your garage so Hub can once again work on his motorcycle to get it road worthy.  Ugh!  We are so tired of our home being over-run with our adult children’s belongings.  It’s already old that the middle son and his children live here, and all their belongings fill the two spare rooms, my craft room and half the garage and the entire loft.  The other bits and pieces from the other two boys is just growing old now.  Get your stuff or we get rid of it.

What happened to being empty nesters?  Does it even exist any more?  It looks like we’ll be having “house guests” for the next several years, and quite frankly, it’s not something we are looking forward to.  Sure I love having the grandchildren in close proximity, but across the street would be even better!   With the exception of about 18 months, the oldest grandchild has lived with us her entire life.  Perhaps if we had a family compound living arrangement this would have worked out fine, but we built our house thinking the older two had moved out for good, and the youngest only had a few years left in school.  The house isn’t big enough for three adults and two growing children.  I guess we just have to make due with the situation that we’ve been handed.  That cabin in the woods is looking better and better.  Oh, to dream!

I’ve got to log on to my work computer and get busy.  Sigh.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to REALLY have a vacation from work.






1. Kat - January 3, 2012

Our oldest graduated from college a year and a half ago and has lived with us since then. She works, but doesn’t begin to make what it would take for her to live on her own in this area. I don’t know how these kids are supposed to get launched. I think for many, the idea of an empty nest is easier said than done.

2. azoasis8 - January 8, 2012

I hear you, Kat. Blaine graduated almost two years ago and still doesn’t have a job in his career field. He needs more experience, but can’t get it because no one will hire him. Viscious circle!

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