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Unemployed, But Not Uninspired August 12, 2012

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I really should start writing more often.  When I take an extended hiatus, I never know where to start.

I’m unemployed.  Grrr.  There’s a long back-story – here goes.

Doc runs a drug rehab program as one of his “moneymakers,” and we had a woman (the wife if another doctor my boss had worked with) who approached him to start a new in office drug urine testing program.  We were the first Arizona office to be included, as it was a program out of California.  It would make us a lot of money.  We signed on.  We didn’t make a lot f money, so we called (And called, and called) this woman until she finally came in to get things straightened out.  Par for the course, the Doc moaned about his financial woes, and this woman said she could help him “Restructure” the office, and look into the troubles we were having getting reimbursed for the drug tests.

One day she shows up and says to me “I need the checkbook and all the bank statements.”  I was like “Woah!  I am not comfortable handing those over to you.”  We bantered for a moment and she snaps back “Then perhaps it’s time for you to look for a new job.”  Wait.  Who the hell are you to tell me to look for a new job??  You are a volunteer trying to take over the office!  This upset me greatly, so I woke doc from his afternoon snooze, and told him what she said to me.  He was appalled, said he didn’t give her permission to take over the books, or anything else for that matter.  In the end, the bulldog (Her own self-proclaimed title) did end up getting the books, and the other 75% of MY job.  I was to do coding and billing ONLY, AND, I was to do it at home, with only half my hours.

Does it make sense to you that  a woman who managed her husbands office into bankruptcy should now be managing our office?  No?  Doesn’t make sense to me either.  When I had control of the finances, the bills and payroll were getting paid.  The promise of having more ready cash thrown into his pocket, though, was mighty appealing to him.  He’s terribly afraid of her.  (Why??  Does she have goods on him or something?  Why be fearful?)  At any rate, she and I clashed, because I told her straight up that first confrontation that I wasn’t comfortable with her taking over my job.  “But it’s only temporary,” she continually said.  Right.  So temporary that she got me fired because there is NO MONEY to keep me on staff, and “Outsourcing” is going to be cheaper.  Uh-huh.

There is no money.  What?  How did it go from me getting everything paid on time, to there being NO money?  Yeah, that’s some fine and dandy “Restructuring” there.   His malpractice was canceled for non-payment.  The rent wasn’t getting paid.  The personal loans he took from patients weren’t getting repaid.  What the hell?

Needless to say, the day I found out I had passed my medical coding and billing certification test, I got fired.

The urine drug testing troubles have not even been looked into.  The bulldog not only took over my job, but the office manager (My very dear friend) position, as well.   She not only rules the office with an iron fist, but the doctor and his wife, as well.  She has opened bank accounts that they have no idea how to access.  Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.  Good luck to the lot of you.

So I am looking for a job, and it totally bites.

I should draw unemployment just for spite.

In other news, our precious little (Youngest)  granddaughter turned a year old this week.  Blaine brought her over on her birthday as a surprise, and we ended up throwing an impromptu family dinner/birthday party.  Last night was the regularly scheduled family dinner, and little Em tripped and smacked her face on her favorite  toy (My old butter churn) and had her first “Bloody disaster.”  She split her lip open.  Oh, the wailing.  The crocodile tears.  Poor baby!  She’s an incredible little thing – started walking at not quite ten months.  She’s very curious, and has always had very good hand to eye coordination.  She loves anything electronic, opening and closing things, and playing with large cooking utensils.  She is just the joy of my existence!

The oldest granddaughter is starting first grade Monday.  She’s excited, but confused because her teacher has the same last name as her kindergarten teacher, but “This Miss Williams is brown.”

The grandson still has another year before he can start kindergarten due to a September birthday.  It’s probably a good thing since he has no patience for learning to write his name, or learn his alphabet or numbers.   He’s going to be a challenge once he does start school.  It’s so infuriating to me!  All he wants to do is play video games.  More than once I have thought about just taking the tv out of the loft so they are forced to do something besides veg in front of it or play games.   I have limited their amount of time they can have the TV on, but somehow that damn thing is always on.  I know they think I am the Wicked Witch of the West, but dammit, the TV is NOT a babysitter!  My son needs to spend more time with them, TEACH them things, DO things with them.  Yes, Yes, I COULD do them myself, but I have already raised my kids.  I want to be a grandmother, not a parent.

Selfishly, I am ashamed to admit, I want them to move out into their own place.  I no longer enjoy having them living here.  It’s never quiet, they don’t listen, or understand when you give instruction.  Well, at least the grandson doesn’t.  You have to repeat everything two or three times, make sure he is looking at you when you speak, and then have him repeat what you have said.  For example,  if you say “Would you please put the blanket in the bedroom” He will dejectedly turn off the television, mope, pick up his blanket, walk slowly to his bedroom and cry.”  Uh… we asked you to put the blanket away, not go to your room.  He just doesn’t listen!  Once I told him it was easier if he picked up two or three things to put away, than it was to pick up one tiny Lego at a time, and when I asked him “What did I say?” he replied  “Uhm.  Uhm…… don’t throw paper on the floor??”  Exasperating.  I am seriously wondering if he has some kind of learning disability or something.

I want my grandparent life back.  I am tired of being a parent to these kids.

Brock finally has a new girlfriend.  A girl he went to school with.  She’s a lovely young lady who fits right into the family.  His wife has finally decided she wants a divorce (She has been asking him to get back together since she moved out, basically) because she has finally found someone else to dig her whoring nails into.  Oh yeah, she has him wrapped around her finger, and to be frank, I am overjoyed, as it means Brock can finally get his divorce without her threatening to commit suicide.  She is still petty and controlling, trying to make Brock’s life miserable every chance she gets.  I don’t understand why he won’t stand up to her.  Last night she came to get the kids.  He had told her come AFTER dinner, as it’s family dinner night.  She shows up as I am pulling dinner out of the oven.  Why didn’t he tell her she’d have to come back, that the kids hadn’t eaten yet?  Instead he just lets her take them.  He was mad, yeah, but why not just say “Look, I am doing you a favor letting you  pick them up tonight, since it’s not your day until tomorrow.  Come back later, like I asked you to in the first place.”  He infuriates me too, sometimes!!

Bryce is doing well in Flagstaff.  I miss him terribly.  He’s taking online college classes, he has a new class every four weeks.  It keeps him quite busy, as the homework load is tremendous.  He is doing well, though, and enjoys his courses.  He’s still with Netty, and they have a high energy dog they are “Raising” together.  Heh.  We haven’t been going up to see them as regularly as we used to, for reasons I can’t discuss here, but I would go every weekend if I could.  The hub just doesn’t agree.  Sigh.

So there you have it, life in a nutshell.  So much I didn’t say, will save it for another day.