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Wedding Palooza and Family Reunion November 13, 2012

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So, we flew to Atlanta last Thursday for my neice’s wedding (which in turn created a family reunion) and might I add, who knew Atlanta was so freaking cold in November??  I guess I am truly a Phoenician now.  I froze my hind end off from the moment we debarked the plane.  Sigh.  Does this mean I will have to stay in the sunny southwest for the rest of my life?

Anyhoo – it was so amazing to be with all the brothers and my baby sister.  Yeah, I still think of her as 18, but she’s almost 47.  I felt such love the entire time.  I wanted to cry, also, because we all live so far apart we rarely are able to gather in the same location very often.  It’s been 15 years since we were all able to be together.  T’was a bit strange for my parents, since they’ve been divorced nearly 30 years.    I missed having my kids and grands with us, also.  They would have had a blast.

The wedding was beautiful, but the venue needed my professional savvy … (Bahaha)  I mean, seriously, it’s a wedding venue.  There are guests (AND BRIDES for Pete’s sake) who wear heels.  Have you ever tried walking through 2-3 inch gravel in high heels?  (Let me clarify that … the rocks were 2-3 inches in size, and it was probably 2-3 inches, deep.  Would that make it 2-3 inches, squared?) I was honestly fearing I would break my ankle.  I mentioned to one older gentleman, as he watched me teeter through the rocks “Gosh, it’s hard to walk through rocks with heels on,” to which he replied, “I don’t even wear heels and I can’t walk through it!”  Heh.  The entire estate was paved with the rocks, with the exception of the, uh … back forty (?) behind the barn, which was sod, but, and I am not exaggerating, there were divots and holes and dips and ankle breaking craters all over the place.  I had to have assistance (Where are the Boy Scouts when you need them??) just to change positions for the photo shoots.  My poor mother, who is unsteady on her feet as it is, should have had someone carry her around.  I know she was probably fearing a broken hip.  I think she fears a broken hip every waking moment of every day, but, it was justified at the wedding venue.

The owner of the property, who deemed herself “THE WEDDING PLANNER” after they booked the venue, was, in my opinion, nothing more than the property owner.  She knew we’d be arriving a few hours before the rehearsal to set up the reception area in prep for the wedding.  None of the tables, tablecloths or chairs were in place.  She couldn’t haul the hay bales that were to be the backdrop for the ceremony, because – Hello!  She’s allergic to hay.   Hmmm…. how can you say it’s a provided service then?  One of the groomsmen luckily had a truck and offered to bring it up.  There were three rooms for the reception, and she had the caterers, DJ and bartenders in the wrong rooms.  Too late to change anything, but the bride and her mother just let it roll off their backs (After we all bitched and moaned about it) and a great time was had by all.

My lovely Hub officiated at the wedding.  It’s hard being a minister’s wife when you have a potty mouth like I do.

I’m back home now, still endlessly searching for a job.  I got a call back Saturday evening, during the wedding, so I missed the call.  I have to call them back today.  First actual call back I’ve gotten since I started applying to jobs in late July.  “Medical coders are in such demand!” my recruiter said.  “I will have you working in 10 days.”  Then why can’t I find a job?  I actually have two recruiters from two firms, both saying I have an enviable resume and experience.  I’m not really too stressed about it – I know I will find the perfect job – the stars are just waiting to align or something.  I hope it’s not a “Once in a blue moon when the stars are just so and Haley’s comet passed by the great divide on a Tuesday in January” kind of thing, though.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is nine days away and all I have is a turkey so far.  I think it’s nine days away.  I haven’t even looked at the calendar to see.  We (The minister and I) have decided we are going small this year.  Only one dessert.  Only one side.  Ok, maybe two.  He said I didn’t even have to make my infamous dinner rolls.  I think there’d be a mutiny if I didn’t though, so I will sneak those in.  I should make the dough today and freeze it, that way it will be done.  He’s dead tired of me doing all the work and no one else pitching in.  Except Clone.  He will help with the dishes.  He’s such a good boy!

Speaking of Clone – The youngest son – we went up to bring him Hub’s old cell phone weekend before last since he broke his.  He is so gaunt and pasty white it scares me.  He just got promoted to full time at work, and he is in school full time, so he basically works 8-14 hour shifts at night, sleeps and studies with little time for anything else.  He looks skeletal.  His cheeks are sunken in.  Breaks my tiny little heart, it does.

I am, however, mostly ready for Christmas.  I’ve been wrapping a few presents every week since August, but I took a break for a few weeks because I am bored with it already.  I pretty much have all the gifts bought, with the exception of my father/step mother and I need one more for my mom.  The hub and I are only buying minimally for each other, as our big gift to each other this year is going to be tiling the entire lower floor.  I rarely buy myself much during the year, but during the holiday sales I always find things for myself when I am ordering presents, so I do buy little “You are AWESOME, you deserve this” gifts.  Haha.  I’ve picked up quite a bit of jewelry this season.  And a veggie steamer.  And a chocolate fountain.


This is when we arrived at the venue. Before I had to walk through gravel all night in heels. I was smiling. Two minutes later I was not.