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Life … and Stuff. July 16, 2013

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I love writing.  I wish I could make my mind form decent enough thoughts to scribble them here from time to time.  Depression?  Maybe.  Apathy?  Perhaps.  Boredom?  Most definitely.

SO the divorce drama continues with Brock and his hateful, self absorbed soon to be ex.  I may not have even updated (??) since we found out she was pregnant.  She delivered a few weeks early (But there was drama the whole pregnancy.  She’s such a friggin’ drama queen!) and ended up back in the hospital (Twice) after the birth because of blood loss.  She ended up having to have an emergency hysterectomy.  There IS a God!  Anyway the point of all this is we went to divorce court on July 8, and the judge denied the divorce because there was no notorized document saying she waived child support.    Ya know, because she decided her children were not important enough to respond to the divorce papers.  Might I add, stupid green attorney.  He should have known that would be required!!  So now we are waiting to hear when the new divorce date is.  We are sure she will sign the waiver, as she wants to get her hooks into the new baby daddy as soon as possible, and they can’t put his name on the birth certificate until the divorce is final.

Blaine and Nicole are doing well.  Who would really believe that the “Baby” will be two in three weeks.  She’s a delight, and a challenge.  She has a horrible temper. A kicking, screaming, throw herself on the floor and bang her head temper.  Oh my.  Her father was such a docile thing, she must have gotten that from her mother.  Haha.  I love Nicole to death, so I’m not jabbing at her here.  Just sayin’ …  You can holler after her “NO, Em!” and she will glance over her shoulder with her eyes downcast, as if she is acknowledging you, yet letting you know she’s going to ignore you.  Little whippersnapper, she is!  All it takes is suggesting she return to the area we are all in, and step aside, someone is going to get hurt.  Either Emi through her temper, or the person doing the chasing, by picking her up and getting kicked, pinched or head butted.  Sometimes she is easily distracted during a tantrum – i have a seed catalog she loves looking through, or my guide to southwestern birds.  Other times, if you speak to her, or even step towards her, the tantrum escalates, the ear piercing screams get even more ear-piercinger, (It is so a word, I just made it one!) and she actually chokes from the stress of screaming.  Sigh.  So ready for the terrible twos to end.  Since they started early, they will end early, right?  RIGHT??

Brock and the kids still live here, as he is still in school.  Pipe will be starting second grade, and Gav kindergarten in a few weeks. 

Clone (The youngest kid, have I called him that before?) moved back home after a…. dispute …. and is currently looking with his girlfriend for an apartment.  His NEW girlfriend.  I like her.  I think we have the same sense of humor.  She’s still pretty new in the “Girlfriend” status, tho they have known each other for quite some time.  I think it’s too soon for a living together situation, but what do I know? 

The hub is as fantastic as ever.  Ever a rock to me and my constant whining about one thing or another.  We need a vacation.  Alone.  Away from Phoenix.

I’m still looking for a job.  Every damn day I job search, I apply, I nearly cry.  I finally decided this week to take a hospital coding class, since I can’t seem to find a job.  The day I decided to take the class, I get a call from a local hospital.  I have an interview (and two hour coding test) tomorrow.  Send out some good vibes and energy if you are reading this.  My class starts August 5th.  I’ll probably have a new job, just to throw a wrench in the mix.  (Not saying I will get the job tomorrow, but I decided to take the class because I am not doing anything else … so just to make my life more difficult, I will probably have a new job – just to make everything a bit more stressful!)  I have signed up with five, yes, FIVE recruiting companies, and every single one says I have an impressive resume, they will find me work in no time.  Heck three or four weeks ago I signed up with the fifth one, and he sent my resume to two companies that day.  Never heard from them, asked him what was up and never heard back from him.  I got this interview tomorrow by applying myself.  Some help the recruiters were.  In the year I have had recruiters I have been on a grand total of, count them … ONE interview set up by a recruiter. 

I find myself in such a state of perplexity most of the time. I’m unsure of what I want to do, or when, or how.  I am bored, so bored, and have all the free time in the world (Most of the time) but I can’t figure out what I can do by myself.  I do visit with my best friend here, Bill, on occasion, or Jen, my former co-worker, but ugh.  I NEED something to DO.  (Like a job, that would be nice, tho the longer I am unemployed, the less I want to go back, I feel I won’t have the skills because I haven’t been working.) 

Being addicted to instagram has been great fun and rewarding, as I have been getting “Features,” which is always nice for the recognition, however, I feel stuck in my photography, not getting any better.  I never feel my pics are as “Worthy” enough, compared to those I see, and despite daily practice, I feel there is no improvement.





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