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Misty Water Colored Memories ….. January 10, 2014

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Something jogged my memory, and I was thinking about when the boys were little.  I remember teaching them to play baseball.  How I love baseball!  I grew up watching my own brothers play, summer after summer spent at the ball parks.  I never threw a fit about having to go watch another game, I was the first one in the car, wishing everyone else would hurry up!  I made friends at the ball park.  I got crushes, and was crushed on.  I had my favorite players – I’m still prone to catchers!  I used to get those gigantic pickles for a nickel.  Oh man, I wish I could relive those summers.  But I digress.   I was talking about my boys and got sidetracked, there.  I wish the boys had continued to play ball after we left North Carolina, because I surely missed watching them play!

I was remembering things like “Dad’s not home, let’s have popcorn for dinner!”  and walking down the street to go fishing with Blaine.  We used chicken parts or corn for the most part, because I didn’t have the stomach for hooking a live worm or cricket.  He would do it though, on the rare occasion we had live bait.  The other two boys weren’t much into the fishing like Blaine and I were.  Sometimes they’d come along, but they got bored quickly.  I can’t ever recall The Hub going fishing with us.

The fishing got me to thinking (Yeah, I was thinking for quite some time – roll with it) about things my boys and I have in common.  I have always thought they followed more after their Dad, The Hub, but the older they get, the more I see “Me” coming out in them.

All three don’t mind cooking.  (Not that The Hub can’t wield a spatula, he has a few specialties!)  I have to say, Blaine makes a pretty awesome gumbo!  Bryce just cooked up a pot of chili.  Brock, well, he’s not quite as adventurous in the kitchen, but he cooks every night for the kids.  I have often said “A recipe is a mere suggestion to me,” because I will change it up to suit my taste.  Bryce does the same.  All five of us have the “Larsen Secret Salsa” recipe, and all of us make it slightly differently.  Brock prefers to use a red onion.  Bryce makes his “Greener” than the rest of us.  I make the hottest salsa.  So, yeah, they got my love for experimentation in the kitchen.

Blaine, Brock and I love photography.  Blaine often gives me tips he comes across.  Brock and I catch the sunsets together often to take pictures.  Brock gave me great tips from his photography class last semester.

We all love the weather.  You’ll catch us outdoors during torrential downpours, because it’s just freaking awesome.  Besides, we are usually trying to take pictures!  Ha!  Hail?  Dust storms or haboobs? Inclimate weather of any kind?  Blaine and I will be texting about it for sure!

I don’t know the reason for this post, or where it’s going.  I’m just writing.

Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a mother.  I wanted daughters.  I wanted hair bows and patent leather shoes and dressy dresses with “Fancy pants.”  I was delivered three amazing sons, though, and really, it’s a good thing.  I don’t know how I would have ever survived having daughters.  I don’t remember screeching and carrying on like the girls do these days.  It drives me insane.  The powers above must have been looking out for me to have blessed me with three boys.

I wouldn’t trade them in for anything.



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