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Just Another Day in Paradise February 18, 2014

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Enjoying my new “Hobby” this morning I heard a police officer ask if he could go to channel three.  The dispatcher “10-4’d” his request, and a minute later he went back to channel one and said, in a tearful voice (But obviously “Playing”) “No one is responding on channel three.  (Pause)  :::Sniffle::: I feel so all alone!”   Hahaha!  Every time I think about it, I truly laugh out loud.

So my best buddy here in town gave me a box full of stuff last week when I went to visit.  Knitting books, a flip book calendar with 365 projects, but most fun – polymer clay, clay tools, and a bead drying rack.  I have been looking at all these items on amazon, because I have clay I bought last year, and I’ve been wanting to make my own beads.  There’s a few things I need before I can get started, but I’ve been reading up on it, so I will be prepared.

Ok.  ARGH.  Last Thursday I had planned a trip to WallyWorld to look around and hopefully bring home some strawberry plants.  I was REALLY looking forward to some “ALONE TIME.”  I’m getting ready to go, and my son states “I am going to go with you, I need a few things.”  I say “I am not going to hurry, I was planning on looking around.”  He says “That’s OK, we can hang out.”  Shoulder droop.  Tears welling.  Can I ever get a break?

Soooooo, this morning I am planning on a run to the craft store, to compare prices on things in my shopping cart on amazon, and the few things I need to get started on the bead making.  Yessss!  Alone time at last.

Yeah, right.

My son just told me he is going with me, he wants to run in Target for some things.


I feel rushed when I am not alone.  I feel like I have to hurry through so I don’t inconsiderately make people wait on me.  Even when “Take your time” is stated by the accompanying party.  Blast.  I can’t plan anything without a wrench being thrown in the mix.  I just told him I’d rather run him up to the corner, and explained why, and now he’s kinda pissed.  Says he didn’t want to ruin my plans.  Well, you did!  (Amended – he just huffed out of the house with his backpack, to walk to the store.)

So sick of all of this.  It makes me want to put the house up for sale and move.  I’m afraid he’d come with, though.  Haha.

I can’t remember what I wrote in my last post, but have I dropped the latest bomb yet?

They are expecting.

Sssh.  They haven’t told anyone but me.

I’ve started working in the garden with all this lovely weather we’ve been having.  We trimmed the overly large lantana and it filled the entire bed of the truck.  It was that large!  I’ve planted some morning glory, giant allium and moonflower seeds.  I have a few volunteer sunflower seeds that have sprouted.  I bought my strawberry plants, and need to get them in the vertical planter.  I love spring, simply adore it!  I need to get my patty pan squash, cucumbers, okra and summer squash planted.  My lemon tree is bursting with blossoms.  I still have scads of tomatoes on my plants from the fall.

:::Happy dancing:::  Not much makes me happier than working in the garden!


Obsessions February 1, 2014

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Let’s just throw this out there an get it over with. I have an addictive personality. I find something and obsess ….( kinda like I am currently obsessing about the damn “D” key on this freaking keyboard. I have to nearly pound it through the desk to get it to work.)
Anyway, I digress.

I have been listening to the local police band – and if I don’t have it on, I wonder what’s going on. Is there something near I should be worrying about? Is there an accident on the route I need to take? Is there another man laying in the road the next street over? What’s with all the kids sitting on the curb with suitcases and crying? I hear sirens close by – what’s happening?? I need to know!! So now I want to be a police dispatcher when I grow up! I’ve seriously considered looking into it further. I’ve been learning the lingo, and have my spreadsheets, so if I don’t recognize a code, I can look it up. Yep. Obsessed.

I’m also obsessed with knitting my awesome sweater. It’s been slow going, but I am finally almost done with the short rows on the back – and cable stitches are next. Hooray!! I now know why I never make anything for myself. I need “Quick” projects. I get bored with these big boring panels of gazillions of stitches. Well, I wrote that early this morning before we left to grocery shop, and I am happy to say, I have completed the back of the sweater from the armpits down the top is cabled and knit from cuff to cuff – and I will be starting that in a few minutes. I can’t wait. I had to stop knitting to make dinner. Sometimes The Hub feels hungry and wants to eat. Ha.

So …. Guess who is pregnant????

I’ll let you ponder that until next time. There’s an armed robbery in progress and I need to get the details!