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It’s Too Damn Hot to Walk … June 24, 2014

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…but I did anyway.  Ninety six degrees at seven a.m.  Yesterday was just as steamy, but I actually increased my distance and decreased my time by more than two minutes!  I had a coffee date with my BBF (Best boy [that’s a] friend) and I got a later start than I had planned on (Procrastination much?) so I pushed myself fairly hard.  I felt pretty good afterwards, and really good after my cool shower.  Today I only did a little over two miles, instead of nearly 3,5 miles.  I was having trouble breathing (Allergies) and my hips were hurting.

The “Coffee date” was fun.  I brought over a low carb coconut cake (That is FABULOUS, btw) for them to enjoy later. (They live the low carb lifestyle, too.  I wasn’t forcing low carb goodies on them.)   We caught up on all the gossip, moaned and complained about other things, and laughed.  I so love to laugh!  I miss having girls that are friends to laugh with.

I went over to visit with my daughter in law in the evening.  What an eye opener.  We discussed my current adult female housemate (Clearing throat) and the not-so-nice things she has said about me.  One for instance:  Very shortly after she moved into our home AFTER WE INSISTED SHE COULD NOT LIVE HERE, she began throwing things away.  Cleaning the kids’ room – and tossing everything in sight.  My mother happens to buy the girl children very expensive, beautiful clothing, and has asked that they be passed down to the other girl children in the family, because they really are quite lovely and worthy of being passed on.  Well, I got upset when I saw some of those clothes in her “Give to charity” bags.  I voiced my opinion.  You don’t come uninvited into someone’s home and start chucking things out, and I don’t care if you are the Queen of England, it’s NOT RIGHT.  She told my DIL “She gets so upset about things, and I don’t know why.  She only cares about the clothes that she bought – They were old clothes, and USED” (With disgust in her voice.) – which did not sit well with my DIL, because she buys the majority of her daughter’s clothes used, from thrift stores.  Some of them still have the price tag on them, so what’s wrong with that, I ask??  This is a complete and utter mistruth, as it was not the (Ahem, NEW) clothes *I* bought for my granddaughter I was worried about, it was the clothes my mother bought.  Get your facts straight before you start a-bitchin’!!    Argh.  I’m not so sure I even like her, but this, and other info I got, is the icing on the cake.  Have fun buying your new infant clothing, because I certainly won’t be helping you with that. Neither will my mother, after she heard the above story, she also stated she would no longer be buying clothes for the children.  (I told my mom what happened soon after it occurred – I did not call her last night and tattle the story.)  There were other things said, too, that leads me to believe she is a rather deceptive person, and is fond of blowing smoke up people’s asses for entertainment.  We’ll see how far that gets you, princess.  Blow all the smoke you want, I now have my anti-smoke blower in place.  Heh.

Four days until (Maybe three if they leave on Friday – I am not privy to the information, I only get bits and pieces) we get our house back, cause they are moving on out.   We are so excited.  We’ll whisper to each other “__Number of__ days” and have giggle fits.  It’s going to be like a honeymoon for us.  After 30+ years of marriage we’ll finally be living alone!  It’s a damn good thing we get along.  Hahaha!  I asked The Hub if he had been asked to help move them out, and he said he hadn’t.  I haven’t either, and said I wasn’t so sure I would volunteer my time.  The Hub said “I will, if it gets them out of here faster.”  Please don’t misunderstand.  We love our children, with all our hearts and souls, we just don’t want to live with them any longer.  We feel very taken advantage of in this particular situation.  Moving a stranger into our home is not easy, especially a female stranger.  I’m not such ball of fun when forced to do something I am averse to.   I also don’t play well with others in my kitchen.  I acknowledge, and own, that I have not made things easy for this houseguest.  I didn’t want her to be here.  Yep, I have been a bitch at times.  My DIL said last night that my kitchen is the heart of our home, and that I spend many hours there doing what I love to do – cooking, trying new low carb recipes, even my crafting involves use of the kitchen.  To be unable to utilize my own home due to someone else being in my kitchen for literally hours on end has not been a pleasant experience.  I am so very, very ready to start this next, new phase of our lives.  Heaven forbid they can’t make it out on their own.  They won’t be welcome back, sad to say.

I’m still on that ugly plateau of weight loss.  I literally cannot eat any less, as I don’t eat a whole lot as it is.  I eat my required number of carbs per day (One carb serving per meal, one before bed) along with as much protein as I can manage to stuff down my gullet.  I drink well over 64 ounces of water per day.  I only have a diet soda once or twice a month.  I am pushing myself in the exercise department, too.  Why this never-ending plateau??  I’m tired of being stuck.  I’m not giving up, I’m just frustrated.  Any suggestions??  Could I not be eating enough?

Rant O’ the Day:
I don’t think one should spend hours on end declaring someone “Ugly” and “Fat,” especially if the declaring is being done to someone who is obese and, in my case, not so lovely to look at, either.  Saying “Not fat like you, you have curves” is not an acceptable qualifier.  I’m FAT.  I know it, I don’t try to deny it, and I am MUCH heavier than the person you are calling fat!!  Like … one of me is equal to two of her.  Look, if you “Don’t want to talk about her” because “It upsets me too much,” then don’t bring up the subject.  Really, you have no right to speak about her, anyway.  She was before your time.  She’s never “Done” anything to you.  You’ve never even met her.  You didn’t live the life – we all did, when she was in our lives.  When those around you are trying to change the subject, and do so successfully, don’t return to the subject time and time again.  Your insecurities are showing.  In all their nakedness, they are showing.  It’s not very flattering.  Yes, NONE of us like her.  None of us like to talk about her.  STOP TALKING ABOUT HER!!   Until the time that we become perfect, let’s not talk about those who are imperfect.  Thank you.  That is all.




Disappointed, and I Must Rant August 8, 2010

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In the previous entry I mentioned that we had an old friend coming to visit, and we (Mostly ME) were looking forward to taking some vacation time.  He was first scheduled to be here in Phoenix on June 23rd.  We bought food, made plans, I took some vacation days.  The 23rd came and went, no phone call, no email, no text messages.  First, you worry.  He was supposed to be driving down here – did something happen?  (Typical I’m a mom worry – “Is he dead in a ditch on the side of the road??”) Then I thought maybe he was just spending some quality time with his daughter first, showing her the city, etc.  After two days I called.  He sputtered about plans had changed, there was this & that getting in the way, but!  “I have plane tickets for July 28th.  We will get in after 11pm, so I will call you first thing in the morning on the 29th.”

July 29th.  No word.  I called on July 31st.  He says “I told you I’d call when I got in town!  I’m still in Georgia, my son-in-law had to stay on the base a few days longer, he couldn’t leave.  I will be there on Tuesday.”  I told him I wished he had called me with the change of plans, as I had taken vacation days!  No “I’m sorry”” only “You did?”  Well, duh!  I told you I was taking vacation the first time you told me you were coming to town!  So, we are at two food bills, and two wasted vacation days.  I went back to work. 

“Tuesday” came and went.   Nothing.  Not a peep.  So I checked out his daughter’s FB page to see if she had posted anything like “Man, Fenix is awesome”   She had posted some updates, which told me that A.) He had never been stuck in Georgia, and B.) Just about everything he did say about these proposed trips were a bundle of bald-faced lies.  By this time, though, I wasn’t really expecting him to show, so I wasn’t too disappointed.  I did not call.  I will not call.  He’ll be lucky if we ever speak again, to be honest.  What kind of person does that shit?  If you make plans to go visit someone, is it not common courtesy to call and let them know your plans have changed?  It that too old-school? 

I would have much rather been disappointed by a phone call (Or, hell, even an impersonal email) that told me he just couldn’t make it here at this time, than to find out by not receiving an expected phone call.  Things happen, life gets in the way, I can so understand that.  I cannot, however, understand blatant silence. 

We have (Had??) plans for a huge weekend in November, to go with him and the co-owner of the Delco NASCAR team and sit with them in the suites at the race here.  I’m not even going to count on that happening.  That’s probably all a lie, too.  Maybe it will come into fruition, and if so, I will eat crow and apologize here.


In other frustrating situations, I have about had it with my daughter in law.  She acts like this is her private hotel, staffed with maids, babysitters and laundry facilities.  She treats my son like a virtual slave – and I am not exaggerating!  This is the fourth (YES, FOURTH) weekend in a row that she has been gone the entire weekend, leaving my son to take up the slack.  Now, this weekend, I must admit, she did take her son, but not her daughter (!) to a pool party.  (Gee, favoritism much?) so at least he got to spend a bit of time with her.  Those poor kids.  They never know when she leaves when she will get back.  Could be days (Which has been the case each weekend for the past month.)  She was gone all night (Which is not such a rare occurence around here, even during the week) but did just text my son and tell him to get the kids and get outside – she was waiting on them.  Ugh!  Get the kids ready yourself!  Get off your rear end and act like a mother/wife!!  My son asked me the other day how much a divorce would cost.

The real clincher, I suppose, is that my son tolerates it because he just doesn’t care.  He doesn’t want her to nag him, so he does nothing.  He needs to grow a pair and tell her if she wants to stay married, she needs to start acting like she’s married.  What would you think if your daughter in law was out all night, numerous times per week?  Affair?  Yep, that’s where my thinking is headed.  Why would I not think that?  There have been times she will get a phone call and leave in the middle of the night because someone “Needs help.”  Oh, right. 

I am about at the end of my rope, and I want to tell her that if she wants to act like a single woman, move back in with your mother and see how long you can get away with that behavior. 

On to a happier note – We are looking forward to our trip to Flagstaff next weekend.  We did try to rent a cabin, but they had all been rented out. There is a hotel on the same site as the cabins (It’s a recreation area that is owned by the Air Force base here.  This is why I love being military, even though we are retired.  Perks!) and we got a room there for the weekend.  The cabin would have been loads more fun, but we’ll know better next time and book well in advance.  I am actually thinking of renting a cabin for next summer while we are there this weekend.  Get it for a week and take the day trips they offer to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and the other local touristy attractions, and then just chill for the rest of the week.  I am so excited to just be getting away from Phoenix for the weekend, and the bonus is we get to see our Flagstaff kids!

Speaking of the Flagstaff kids, they both finally got jobs this past week at K0hl’s.  Yay!  When we go to visit next weekend, though, Kristen  has to work Friday and Gun has to work Saturday.  That’s OK.  We’ll find plenty to keep us amused.  Gun is still trying for the job at S@m’s which has better hours/better pay.  He had to reschedule an interview, though, and left a message for the interviewer, who hasn’t called back yet.  I really wish they had a car, though.  I worry about them riding their bikes at night, especially Kristen.

My co-worker was in a fairly bad accident two weekends ago up in Flagstaff, and she’s been out of work for two weeks.  I am giving her most of my overtime hours so she will still get a paycheck, as is the other girl in the office.  Friday she was going back up to Flag to consult w/a doctor to see if she has to have surgery on her elbow.  I hope she’s just slow in healing, but her elbow was dislocated, and now she gets pins and needles/numbness if she so much as wiggles her fingers.  Poor thing.  She’s been battling her ex-husband over custody issues, too, so the girl is just a wreck at the moment.  I wish there was more I could do to help her out.  She had a court hearing last Thursday and it didn’t go well for her.  She was trying to get the girls in a school mid-way between her house and her ex’s house, so the commute wouldn’t be as bad on either of them, but the judge sided with her ex.  The school the girls currently attend is right across the street from his house, but it’s a 50 minute commute for her.  He refuses to meet in the middle to drop them off, or bring them to her house on her days, so it ends up that she has to do all the driving/commuting to see her girls.  On occasion he would bring the girls to our place of work and drop them off, but those occasions had been few and far between.  Divorce is such a messy issue.  She told me Friday she no longer believes in karma.  How sad is that?  I still believe, and I also believe that karma will come back to bite her ex in the behind – hard.  It might take a while, but what goes around always comes around.  He’ll get his just dues.  He refuses to take any responsibility for their daughter’s near drowning (She was dead for several minutes!!) too, and for that , alone, karma will take him down.  I will rejoice the day it does, too.  He’s a mean, wicked, conniving excuse of a human being.

My former boss is preparing for his move to another state, and in his preparation, he has been working on old medical claims he had yet to file on his patients.  His wife texted me that he was getting a ton submitted to insurance, and she was hoping to be able to catch up on ALL my back pay in a few weeks.  All of it?  Wow!  That’s like 16 or 17 paychecks!  We can get our new floors installed!  Finish up the landscaping and get the new patio poured!  Get our new kitchen sink … maybe even the countertops we have talked about replacing.  Yes!  I am looking forward to a large deposit, but I am not actually counting the chickens before they hatch.  I’ll believe it when I see it. 

Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy – the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.
~Eric Hoffer