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He’s Dying July 9, 2010

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Doc K texted me yesterday and told me that the patient I mentioned in my last post was dying, and it was time for me to pray.  Well, I ALWAYS pray for him, and had been praying especially hard since I visited with him on Wednesday.  Now I am left to wonder if I should pray for survival or a peaceful passing?  He hasn’t wanted to live since his wife died a few years ago.  There’s nothing he looks forward to.  He has no children.  I think he’s ready to die, and really, he’s been ready for quite some time. 

I believe that I will pray that he comes back to me in his next life, so we can be friends once again.  It’s so sad, and I have to keep myself from crying about him every time he crosses my mind.   He wouldn’t want me to cry, though.  He’d just want me to go on with my life and forget all about him. 

I won’t ever forget him, though.

Today is a big day in our household.  My husband won civilian of the quarter out at his job on the base, and won a ride in an F-16!  Today is the big day!  I’m going to go out and take pictures of him (In his sexy flight suit!!) with the plane, and in the cockpit before they take off.  He’s like a school kid on his first day of summer vacation.  He’ll be grinning from ear to ear.  I get butterflies for him when I think about it!

I have started my second round of HCG for weight loss.  The first time I took it for 43 days and only lost 20 pounds (Well, thirty if you count the ten pounds in water weight I lost, too) and I was a little dissapointed that was all I lost.  I lost it all in the first 2.5 weeks, then … nothing.  I had read somewhere that the HCG program might not work as well for people who are on insulin (Hey, that’s me!) so I was not expecting to lose as much weight as the patients in our practice have lost.  (We have one patient who has lost 100 pounds in 4 rounds!)  This time, however, I’m doing stellar!  I started the diet on Monday and I have lost 8 pounds so far!  Yay!  I’m really excited about losing the weight, and I didn’t gain any weight back in the interim between the two courses, either.  I have to eat low carb for my diabetes, so it’s not like I have a huge caloric intake on a daily basis, anyway.  (As a matter of fact, I’ve been told I don’t eat ENOUGH.) 

This time, though, I am only doing a 23 day course, then taking a two week break, then continuing with the rest of the round.  If I continue to lose at this rate (And I am not going to bank on that, though it would be wonderful should that happen) I will be at or below my goal weight.  Right now I weigh  less than I did in high school, though childbirth and “Older age” have totally changed the shape of my body.  I think I looked better back then, of course, but if I get to my goal weight I should be pretty happy with the resulting body.  I’m really psyched!

I’ve been exercising daily in the pool using a form of resistance (A rubber ball) for my arms, and doing many, many leg kicks.  I tread water for a time, which is one of the best calorie burning exercises you can do.  The exercising really makes me ache while I am doing it, but I never hurt the next day.  I’m not sure if that means it’s not doing me any good, or if “Water aerobics” is just a kinder, gentler means of excercise.      As soon as I garner up a few milk jugs I will be using those in the pool as “Weights,” to help with my arm toning.  Hints, tips, ideas for water exercise are welcome.  C ‘mon, don’t be shy!

Gun is home for the weekend, and since Bub has moved their bed into his room, he’s grounded to sleeping on the couch.  Poor thing.  The grandkids were up at five thirty this morning, totally voiding out my (and Gun’s) morning “Quiet time.”  I tend to get up extra early just for that quiet time.  Didn’t get any of that this morning.  Sigh.

I forgot to mention I am trying phentermine for the first week or so that I’m on the diet.  I was so paranoid about taking it, I waited until I got to work yesterday before I swallowed my first pill.  (You know, just in case I was going to have any major problems with it, I’d be at work … with a DOCTOR!  Haha!)  Oh.  My.  Heavens.  I am loving this stuff.  I could hardly sit down all afternoon, got a lot done around the house, even though I should have been laying/sitting down with my foot elevated.  (More on that in a minute.) 

Yeah, I am usually so anal about my medical appointments, I think about them for days before, to ensure I don’t forget to go to the appointment.  I was thinking my podiatrist appointment was next Wednesday.  So I am sitting at work, and my phone alerts me of an appointment.  I had ten minutes to get across town to my appointment.  Impossible in Phoenix to get down the block in ten minutes, much less across town!  I managed to get there in 15 minutes, though – someone was watching over me and gave me all green lights on the way) and ended up sitting in the waiting room (How appropriately that area is named) for a good 15 mnutes before my appointment.  I was only supposed to pick up my new orthotics for my shoes (Talk about feeling OLD) because I have a fallen bone in one foot, and plantar fibromytosis in the other, the inserts will help with the pain, and keeping a callous from forming under the fallen bone.  He actually cut out the callous again this visit – no anesthesia – because it had grown so much in the past three weks that it was painful to walk again.  Last time I didn’t feel any pain when he cut it out, but this time?   Ouch!  He dug a little deeper and my foot bled for a few hours afterward.  I think I left the top of my head n the ceiling of the exam room.  Ah, well, I probably wasn’t using that portion of my brain anyway!

I am wanting to finish the job of shampooing the carpets that I started yesterday (Because I was cleaning the new bbq grill grates and dropped one on the carpet, leaving several black, greasy spots … they came out, thank goodness) but Gun is still asleep on the couch, so that option is null and void.  I suppose it’s going to have to wait until after the F-16 flight, now.